We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USA

We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USA

For about a week, this web site has been warning folks of a Polar Vortex traveling down into the USA from the North Pole.  Now, it's happening. Wind Driven Snow has shut electricity in Montana, five FEET of snow has fallen in South Dakota, wind chills in Wyoming hit -70° F, and winds are gusting to 60 MPH.

As this story is written at 7:28 AM eastern US time on Thursday, 22 December 2022, the video below was published by a Wyoming State Trooper, from his police car, near Cheyenne/  This is what it's like out there right now:

This is a "White Out."   Snow is falling so heavily, and wind is blowing it so fiercely, he cannot even see the road in front of his own car! ! ! 

In Montana, one homeowner was able to send this video before electric finally went out up there:

In South Dakota, once the ferocious storm has wound down, five feet of snow was left for people in that state:

The rest of us in the United States are heading into SIMILAR brutal storm conditions and deadly cold temperatures as seen on this 15 second weather graphic:

Readers in the rest of the United States, have precious little time to make certain you have food, water, medicine, fuel for a generator and plenty of warm clothes and blankets.   The Polar Vortex is already in the country and moving to the southeast.  Hour-by-hour temperatures will plummet.

Here at my second home in northeastern Pennsylvania, weather forecasters are telling us the High temperature today will be about 42.   Tomorrow, I will awaken to forty eight degrees, BUT BY MIDNIGHT THE TEMPERATURE HERE WILL BE ONLY SEVEN (7°F).   Yes, you read that correctly.  Temperatures here in northeastern Pennsylvania will drop from 48 to 7 in one day.

The kind of wind necessary to achieve that level of temperature drop, is enormous.  Power lines will likely be taken out by falling trees.  And while we here in PA will initially get rain, it will change to snow at some point.  Accumulation amounts are just not known.

Prepare right now.  You're out of time.



# RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USAbleedingblue 2022-12-24 03:23
Was 46 here and 12 hrs later -4 with -25.7 windchill and 4 inches of blowing snow. Froze my butt off trying to get my truck started. Dangerous cold
-2 # Arkansas OzarksItsMePD 2022-12-23 02:07
I'm in north Arkansas, technically still "the South", and right now it's-3 degrees with a windchill of -21 degrees. Oh, and we have 3 inches of snow on the ground. We are having raging winds, and a wind chill warning. I got up about 9am Thursday morning and it was almost 40 degrees. By 1pm it was -1. Praise God we have an alternative heat source if we loose power, but there are many who don't. God is our only hope as the darkness rises and evil becomes increasingly emboldened. God protect Your people. As Your Word says, may we be found worthy to escape all that is about to come up on the earth (Just for the record, In do NOT believe in a pre tribe rapture. But I do believe our god is powerful enough to protect us somehow....just as the children of Israel had lights in Goshen when the Egyptians experienced darkness so fierce they could feel it.

Stay strong saints. Our redemption draws near.
-3 # PROPHECY: The Punishment Of My Enemies Who Took The ShotSpyGuy 2022-12-22 23:54
PROPHECY: The Punishment Of My Enemies Who Took The Shot

"I'M going to kill off My humanity.  Only a few will survive.  They haven't taken the shots.  Those I will preserve.  The rest are damned forever.  They will go to Hell, even the Lake of Fire forever, My son.  They will not repent.  They want the world, the things of the world.  Those I will punish, with flaming fire those who don't obey My Gospel for their lives.  They won't obey Me.  Those I must punish.  There will be no relent or let up for all eternity while they are boiling in liquid fire of My design.  The devils are there, those fallen angels fallen from My grace.  They have no life in them.  They are damned forever.  Satan too.  He fell from My grace.  He has no life in him.  He tricked humanity to take the shot that damned them.  They have no life in them, they are damned forever.  All My people who took the shot will be burnt alive in liquid fire forever, the price for following Satan's devices.  They will be burnt.  Burned forever in the Lake of Fire.  Oh the suffering they will have to endure forever, boiling in the liquid flames of My wrath!  Burnt forever!  It is the Second Death.  All My people who took the shot will be damned forever.  It erased their DNA, and put My enemy's image in it, encoded in the DNA of his design.  Oh the pain and suffering for taking a false god which warped them forever!  They will never be the same.  All who took the shot will face My wrath for eternity.  Away, My enemies, into the Lake of Fire, where you will be punished forever and ever!  Oh the pain they will have to endure, the agony, the suffering forever!  That's what you get, O workers of sin and iniquity, serving Satan, My enemy.  Oh the pain they will endure, and it will be agonizing forever.  Oh the torture, the agony forever!  It would have been better that they had not been born!  Satan tricked them, they trusted in medicine to save them, not Me.  Oh My wrath endures forever, away O wicked ones to your doom forever!  Oh be punished, My wrath lives forever, even forever and ever against My wicked ones.  They have forsaken Me for the world.  They will be punished forever.  The LORD has spoken.  Amen and amen forever and ever!"
+1 # 48 to 7shirley5520 2022-12-22 17:36
I live in East Texas, and it was in the mid-forties today but will drop to 8 tonight.
# The attack of the Bitter Downvoters!!JFY 2022-12-22 17:29
The bitter downvoters are at it yet again.

To all of them, whoever they may be, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

(P.S. The Grinch doesn't like competition).
# RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USAMaid4theLamb64 2022-12-22 15:23
I remember the Christmas of 83 here in Southern Virginia. Almost identical kind of weather... it rained, then the wind came. On Christmas Eve night it was a bone chilling -3 F. Our forecast is saying it will be 10 on Christmas Eve night, but I personally believe it will get down in the single digits. It's been almost 40 years since this country has experienced such cold.

There are books written in the 1800s, telling what it was like to be out west, establishing a farm and a home. The old timers talked about the awful snowstorms that would blow down from up North. They would have to tie a rope from the house to the barn, to take care of their livestock, or they would get lost in the blizzards. Watching the video from that state trooper reminded me of those stories. That's what it must've looked like and sounded like. The roar of that wind is deafening!!
# Donald Trump Yesterday-- "OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER INVASION!!!"SpyGuy 2022-12-22 15:11
Donald Trump Yesterday-- "OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER INVASION!!!"
# Donald Trump Yesterday-- "OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER INVASION!!!"SpyGuy 2022-12-22 15:11
Donald Trump Yesterday-- "OUR COUNTRY IS UNDER INVASION!!!"
+2 # Our Wise Leaders are to be commendedalmachius 2022-12-22 13:54
They got together to draw up measures to save the planet from the ravages of Global Warming. We here in Ireland were made to pay carbon tax on fuels and coal.

And voila! It worked! Global Warming is no more! Two weeks of freezing temperatures here up to last Sunday.

Now that Global Warming is no more, may our Wise Leaders address the other problems that plague the world. And remove the tax.
-1 # RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USABeetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:30
Katie bar the door & tape it too. Then keep your cold feet off me.
+1 # WTFForrest Mosby 2022-12-22 13:10
Would you try to drive in that shit?
-1 # RE: WTFBeetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:31
Have you been married yet? He had to get out away from it. Define "it! ?" It is the yapper.
+2 # chem trailsjanetu54 2022-12-22 13:05
I'm in CO and for the last 2 days I have seen more chem trails than I have ever seen before! The entire sky in all directions was like a patchwork of criss-crossing trails :( I'm keeping warm and had purchased a lot of warm clothing as well as sleeping bags for below zero weather. Our wind chill was at -27 this morning, but nothing compared to Montana!
+1 # RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USABeenThere 2022-12-22 13:01
All those "Northern" states that are to get rain on top of the snow already there will cause flooding then immediately after the temp will fall to freezing and with the winds, trees and/or branches will SNAP and out goes the power! Plan for (in some areas) weeks without power!

God bless all........
+3 # RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USARockyMountainBeerMan 2022-12-22 12:32
Form the wimin and children into a circle and make sure your power's dry!
-2 # RE: We Warned You; Now It's Happening: -70° F Wind Chills Hit Wyoming - Moving into USAJFY 2022-12-22 15:06
Badaboom! Hahaha!
-3 # TOO MANY PIKER PREPPERS?!Plowboy 2022-12-22 12:29
Informed Truths have known for years that the fundamental determining factor of the direction of climate change are known cycles of orbital mechanics.

We have entered a solar minimum, very probably a Grand Solar Minimum. For the implications of what that may entail research the Maunder Minimum.

All of you "preppers" living above 40 degrees north latitude can chew on that!
+1 # the sun controls climaterugerwild 2022-12-22 14:00
12000 year cycle upon us poles moving magnetic field at 50 percent by 2030 - 2040 complete reversal Noha event
-1 # eyes open no fearrugerwild 2022-12-22 13:56
ben davidson learn the truth
-1 # RE: eyes open no fearJFY 2022-12-22 15:03
Absolutely. For anyone who's interested, here's the link to his daily 3 to 4 minute updates.

Once there, it's also easy to get to his playlists so that anyone who isn't up to speed can find out what he's talking about. It's crucial information.
+1 # TIME FOR ANOTHER PIVOT?!Plowboy 2022-12-22 12:20
Maybe all of the "Climate Change" alarmists are meeting because they have figured out that it isn't warming and we need to return to the onset of a new ice age narrative again (e.g. 1970s)?

Perhaps we need to massively increase our combustion of so-called "fossil fuels" to keep from freezing to death?
# Great vidJ Grayman 2022-12-22 12:07
Reality about the winter storm...
"it's winter, this happens"!

Pinball Preparedness
+4 # Back in the day, 1971Jessiebeaner 2022-12-22 12:05
When I was in my freshman year of collage in western Mn…..Moorhead, mn, we had -60 degree windchill. It was butt freezing cold. Back then we did not have the Uber warm styles of clothing and fabrics available today….at least not most of us. We had ski jackets etc, but not clothing that was designed to get you thru this weather alive.
It was Thursday night, party night at that college.
I volunteered to walk to the liquor store and get what people on our dorm floor wanted….of course there were limits to how much I could carry.
I borrowed a military parka from someone, put on 2 or 3 layers of leg covering, including some pajama bottoms that were Uber warm, under my blue jeans, I borrowed a pair of fleece lined chopper mittens, and a heavy wool stocking hat with full face covering, and off I went……
A full 2 mile walk.
Upon arrival at the liquor store the person working was shit faced gob smacked that I had walked there from the college, but hey, what are you gonna do when it is party night????

I made it back to the dorm with all parts warm and safe……

I think I might have had a guardian angel walking with me that night.
It was so windy and cold that day that it was painful to walk from the dorms to a classroom….really, really painful.
+1 # Cool story!tslinger 2022-12-22 12:27
Yeah, that's way colder than I've ever experienced. But you did it and you lived! My experience goes down to about -20 in NE Indiana in 2016 or 17...and I ran us out of propane that night like a dumbass.

But yeah- makes for cool stories- like our elders always told us!
+2 # SoDak - 5 feetunixguru24 2022-12-22 11:55
of good old global warming to plow..
# I dunno...tslinger 2022-12-22 11:48
Looks like winter to me...
Coldest temp recorded in AZ was -40F in 1971 (1/7/71)...
I'll bet a few folks from the upper Midwest to the Northeast at least remember the blizzard of '78...
Seems to me what we suffer from is short memories and pussification, primarily. Not that this isn't a cold one, weather does that- it runs in cycles.
But I'm sure I'm wrong...we're not weaker, we're not dumber, we don't lack those good ol' life skills that technological dependence and addiction have removed...nah.
# I recall that butt freezing weather then. See above….Jessiebeaner 2022-12-22 12:08
My stupid escapade to the liquor store from my dorm…… least a 2 mile walk.
# true storyBeetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:41
The Blizzard of 78 in Ohio, the very next day I was getting the 17-18 year old cabin fever and wanted to party, see the girl, so bye. I took off walking. Snow as high as telephone poles, the tall ones on highways back then. I walked a total of 18 miles, mostly in fields where the wind blew most of the snow into the roads, funny how that is. I made it 2 miles from West Liberty, got a snow mobile ride to there, stopped at the fire station. Mulled around 20 minutes took off for Urbana. When I got 3-4 miles from there my feet ( in tennis shoes were very cold ) so i tried to knock on one door, no one answered. I trudged on, made it to the edge of town, a Policeman got me and drove me to the little College there, now closed, So I showed up, here I am honey. I did not get the fanfare I thought I'd get. I think she was planning something else. Well finally it all worked out and the bed made creaking sounds all night and the downstairs never liked it. Jealous. That's what you call thinking with your head. Your 18 year old head. The little one.
# Yes- but...tslinger 2022-12-22 12:25
You survived and have a story to tell!
I was on a deer hunt back when I was 18- not this cold mind you, but below zero overnight and camping in tents. Long johns and/or flannel pj's under sweats, under our mil-surp pants and then 3-4 layers on top. Tents were warmed with sterno for a good 15-30 minutes before going in to sleep. Getting up in that cold to take a leak- not pleasant, and damn if you had to drop traw!!! But again...good stories. It was all we knew or had back then.
+4 # RE: Yes- but...BeenThere 2022-12-22 13:07
I was in Yugoslavia (during their times of trouble) and the winters there SUCKED (no power, no running water, no NOTHING). But here I am today! So yes, it's winter and people who take a common sense approach to it will be fine, others that don't - well....Good Luck!

Look out after your neighbor's (especially the elderly, love each other, take care of each other!
-2 # "Prepare right now, you're out of time"Mr. Fister 2022-12-22 11:47
That's the silliest comment of the year.

If people are out of time, they can't prepare. Preparing is in advance, days, months, years.. You call people that last minute prep "masses that are asses" and now you're telling those same people to prepare when they are out of time? Hahaha
+4 # Holiday weather, anyone? Geoengineered winter at its finest.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-12-22 11:30
A geoengineered record deep freeze is scheduled to hammer the Eastern US, just in time for the holidays. Increasing warmth and drought through the first of the year is what the weather makers have planned for the US West.

The airline industry has finally acknowledged that "contrails" are a major environmental problem, but the deeper truth on this issue continues to be denied and omitted. NATO has just held it's first round table on "climate change and security", was climate engineering the primary discussion behind closed doors? Are they preparing for climate collapse? Is that a part of the plan? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

Just another front in the war against US Citizens.
+2 # You are correct.Jessiebeaner 2022-12-22 12:10
These storms are virtually all weather warfare today…..and perhaps many were warfare back in the day also. We have had this technology available for practically my entire lifetime. So, who can now say which weather was natural and which was warfare????
-3 # RE: Holiday weather, anyone? Geoengineered winter at its finest.SeymourInSedona 2022-12-22 11:57
do you mean they are done with chemtrails ?
# BEGGZINSKI also promises the money is being used in the most responsible way.White Lightning aka Raptor 2022-12-22 11:24
CLOWN CENTRAL: Zelensky gets a STANDING OVATION from US congress as he says US money is NOT charity, while also thanking them in ADVANCE for money they might want to send him in the near future.

Ukraine targets Dmitry Rogozin (ex-Roscosmos General Director, Russian Space Agency) who was celebrating his birthday at this Donetsk, West Russia, cafe today. Rogozin suffers wounds to his back, two people are confirmed dead and six hospitalized.
# RE: BEGGZINSKI also promises the money is being used in the most responsible way.Beetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:48
He probably played the piano for them all privately too. There he and they all had a STANDING ovation.
+5 # I WANT MY GLOBAL WARMING!Charlie Bravo 2022-12-22 11:22
Anyone favorable to sueing Al Gore for FAILURE TO DELIVER?
# RE: I WANT MY GLOBAL WARMING!Beetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:45
nope, just want to tie him to a chair and pull his teeth out.
# It's almost like winter.Getsum 2022-12-22 10:54
Seems like this happens about the same every year. Cold, yes. Snow, yes. Windchill, yes. All part of winter, yes. At least running around with your hair on fire will keep you warm.
-1 # Semi-related: New, easier method of making inexpensive biodiesel.JFY 2022-12-22 10:42
Now that diesel is so expensive and in the near future will even be hard to come by, this short how-to video demonstrates a new, super easy method of making biodiesel. It also includes a very innovative method of cleaning the used oil to prepare it for the final process.

It includes the British patent (or "paytent" as they pronounce it) number for anyone who might want to view that as well.

The man who developed this method tried it out in his Peugeot diesel for over 1,000 miles without a problem, apparently.

It also works as fuel for a heater.
-5 # That was already tried here...Getsum 2022-12-22 11:21
We already passed the end of the USA prediction posted here. I believe by the middle of December we were supposed to run out...right? Here diesel is now less than four bucks and dropping.

Stow the drama.

EDIT: Downvotes for the amusing...and truly telling of the intellect of those voting.
# RE: That was already tried here...JFY 2022-12-22 14:40
What drama?? Retard. If you can't see what's coming, that's your problem.

If the method isn't of interest to you, just skip it. Others will find it either useful or interesting.
-2 # While interesting, Not RealisticGetsum 2022-12-22 21:26
My diesel truck holds about 30 gallons and gets about 15-20 MPG depending on load and conditions.

First off I have to find a source for this that can keep up with that demand.

Second off, if you watched the video, you'll find that there are supplies you have to purchase as well.

Third, the amount of time that this would take to produce one tank of gas is absurd.

And lastly, if the dealer finds out that you put this in your vehicle, your engine warranty is GONE. Not to mention your CP3 or CP4 pump would not pump this at the same rate due to consistency and viscosity...a failed pump starts at $4,000 up to $10,000 to repair as it requires the replacement of almost every component in the fuel system to include the very expensive injectors.

I do this for a living so yeah, I might know a little something about it. But if calling ME the retard makes you feel better, go for it...I know the difference and could really care less what your poor informed mind thinks.

Prepare the best you can, have faith in God and steel your nerves. All the worry in the world never provided one moments peace.
# RE: While interesting, Not RealisticJFY 2022-12-23 12:17
You're apparently so self-centered that if it doesn't work for YOUR vehicle, it doesn't work, or in the best of cases it's just a bad idea.

The presenter of this video mentioned that the developer of the method used it in his car for close to 2,000 miles without a problem.

Most people who don't have a ridiculously finicky diesel vehicle like the one you seem to have, might find this useful for emergencies or for when the Dollar finally kicks the bucket.
Second off, if you watched the video, you'll find that there are supplies you have to purchase as well.
Yes, of course there are supplies to buy as well; it's not magic. Those supplies could probably be less expensive than buying normal diesel depending on how the situation unfolds and on what use they intend for the biodiesel. People will have to make a cost/benefit on that.

Regarding the warranty, again, yours is a particular case that not everyone may care about. Regarding the pump, it was clear in the video that you control the viscosity by varying the components. Furthermore practically no one has a common vehicle with a pump that costs the insane amount of $4,000 to $10,000 Dollars. That's an insane cost that one would see only in a more or less special purpose vehicle.

More to the point, the presenter emphasized the use of this biodiesel for heating, which he then proceeded to demonstrate.

So in short, I don't have a "poor informed mind" as you state, I'm just not a totally self-centered individual like you clearly are and I posted this for the general public, not just for your deep all-encompassing analysis.
-2 # Only if you could readGetsum 2022-12-23 14:38
As I stated quite clearly above...I do this for a living...your comments CLEARLY show that you do not.

My truck is not at all "finicky" it is a standard 6.7 Powerstroke diesel and the one before that was a 6.7 Cummins that was tuned producing around 600HP. Besides that, my shops work on ALL makes and models gas and diesel vehicles. Most people, including you based on your very uninformed post above, have no idea how a diesel motor works nor have zero clue how expensive they are to repair...especially the high pressure fuel systems on which the timing and ignition are based. These ARE NOT special purpose vehicle components but instead are found in most all domestic/imported diesel trucks.

Diesel owners that have a warranty had better care a WHOLE LOT about how this will void their warranty because they will end up paying for these repairs out of pocket. I never said the pumps were that much either, I clearly stated the fuel system would have to be gone through which is very expensive.

And lastly I did not state this would not work, as this technology has been around for 20 plus years, clearly it does. I was stating it is not very realistic to the average person who actually works and uses their truck. Time, supplies and quantity needed are what keep this from being viable for the average diesel consumer.

Not sure why you have chosen to get so defensive like I was somehow attacking you. I was not, but instead, was offering the flip side to the technology coming from one who works in this industry. It was not "self centered" based but instead based on facts and years of experience.
# RE: Only if you could readJFY 2022-12-23 18:10
Quoting Getsum:
Not sure why you have chosen to get so defensive like I was somehow attacking you.

Maybe it was because of your somewhat snarky post punctuated by:
Stow the drama.
But hey, whatever. Others will have found the video useful.
+2 # Use your head Getsum...paulattahoe 2022-12-22 12:25
The economy has all but stopped. Most of the construction industry has shut down, and trucking is not what it was. Volume on diesel fuel is down 30% or more in some areas. Don't you get it?
-2 # No, no it hasn't.Getsum 2022-12-22 20:43
The economy has not all but stopped...a little slower...sure. I just choose to be a person who does not go Chicken Little at EVERY story that comes out...and they are ALL negative too. Have a little faith guys. If you claim to be Christians and walk around in a toxic slump reacting to every story that shows a lack of faith. I'm not asleep, just am not a schoolgirl drama student trying out for a screaming part in the next school play.
+1 # Grow up and quit insulting the Christians here Getsum!paulattahoe 2022-12-22 23:53
You sound like a know-everything truck driver Getsum. Owning a fleet of trucks and construction equipment I fire guys like you all the time. Grow up and quit insulting people here and maybe they won't insult you.
-1 # What?Getsum 2022-12-23 11:20
I insulted no one...especially Christians. I said to stop being so mealy mouthed and to be strong in your faith. We were not meant to be this weak powerless whiney people.

Not an uneducated truck driver either. After serving 25 years in the military, 22.5 overseas, finishing my MBA then starting two businesses from scratch...I deal with firing people too. The difference being is I seldom fire people as they are the most important asset to my businesses. I hire, train and maintain the people that work with us; it sounds as though you take some perverted joy in firing people "all of the time".

My problem here is the doom and gloomers who react like end of the world is happening daily. It must suck to go through life with this dismal outlook so I try to input a bit of reality into the forum. The typical downvoters are like some doom club that drives away any intelligent conversation where others can share their points of view...quite a few very good posters have been driven away from this site and seem to be replaced with like minded groupthink posters who seem to be actually cheering for mayhem, anarchy and the worst possible outcome of each story.

Choose to find the good in every situation, have strong faith in God and remember that we are the example for those without hope have to follow. That's not an's the truth.
+3 # RE: That was already tried here...HuskerMike 2022-12-22 12:08
Quoting Getsum:
We already passed the end of the USA prediction posted here. I believe by the middle of December we were supposed to run out...right? Here diesel is now less than four bucks and dropping.

Stow the drama.

Propane exchange tanks are running out in Denver front range of CO, so stow that! Go back to sleep!
-2 # Another Strawman ArgumentGetsum 2022-12-22 21:13
To combat this I bought a much larger tank and have it filled every 2-3 years. No more exchange searching, wasting fuel to do so and I can purchase at a much better rate than by cylinder.

See how easy that was? There are better ways than panicking and attacking others because they do not follow your unpreparedness. Why don't you wake up to the idea that others may have better answers and not being so butt-hurt when you find out. To be a good leader, you first have to learn to be a good follower. So yes, stow the drama, man up, and better have no one to blame if you fail to do so because most are getting pretty sick of the pathetic whining.
+3 # We Warned You.......LassieLou 2022-12-22 10:38
minus 44 here at my place this morning,in the great state of wind yet....can't wait for it!!! NOT! Stay safe out there,everyone!
-1 # RE: We Warned You.......Beetlepumpr 2022-12-22 13:49
I feel sorry for the witches tit.
Frostbit tit.
What happened Witch, did ya get a mastectomy?
No I was flying on my broom when it was 40 below.
So I guess she will never know that joy again.
+8 # Looks like a white Christmas ahead.Dutch 2022-12-22 10:04
Any minute now Biden is going to blame this on Santa Claus for causing climate change by handing out so much coal to all the Democrats.....

Stay safe everyone.
+3 # Chilled in MontanaCRS 2022-12-22 09:47
Right now it's -44 degrees, wind chill is -54 degrees...not much snow. Fog is thick! Here's our weather report:

The combination of air temperatures –20 to –50 below zero and wind 10 to 30 mph will produce wind chills –50 to –60 below zero. This means frostbite and hypothermia can occur within 30 minutes.
# Damn, that is ass freezing coldJessiebeaner 2022-12-22 15:12
Do not envy you
+5 # Not 30 minutesMaveric 2022-12-22 10:15
Whoever told you that you have 30 minutes before frostbite was misinformed. You have about 5 minutes in that temp before exposed skin get frostbite and starts dying. Cover up if you have to go outside and wear layers of clothes. Do not go out if you don’t have to.
+4 # In North Central WashingtonAvanarts 2022-12-22 09:45
We're not getting the brunt of the storm, but I woke up to -20 and a forecast high of 1 today. Only tiny amount of snow in the forecast but it's already knee deep from what we got in unusually early snow falls.

The strange thing is that after Christmas we have a string of unusually warm days with rain that will turn the packed snow on the road into a sheet of ice.

Fortunately, I live off grid with a large wood pile to heat the house and solar power. Of course, I also have a small generator to keep the battery charged.

I've been practicing "this stuff" for a while. :)
+8 # Not making light...Stanley Rothenstein 2022-12-22 08:42
but in SE South Dakota it's -18 air temp and wind chill of -48. I just shoveled a drift so my wife could get her car out to go to work. This is a normal winter day for us. You just deal with it.
-1 # Not hereGetsum 2022-12-22 11:18
Here, everything is a calamity that will cause the end of the earth each day at 3:00...if a end of the world date is missed, worry not, a new one will soon replace it!
# RE: Not making light...dranderson007 2022-12-22 09:30
Stay safe. Its still colder than a witches boob in a brass bra


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