When the system comes apart, people will be in shock

When the system comes apart, people will be in shock

I saw this online and thought it worth sharing.   

When the system comes apart, the least thing that people will worry about though - is other people's shock.

SHOCK #1: When the system comes apart, people will be shocked.  They won't understand what's happening or why everything is not working.  Why the banks are shut.  Why the credit/debit cards won't work.   Why stores are EMPTY of food.

They won't understand why the phones, internet and TV are all off.  They won't understand why no one is coming to help; and no one will be coming . . . ever.

Wait until the famine.. the disease, the lack of medicine starts... Shock #2.

How to prepare.... say this to God:

- God... You know what is coming. Please prepare my heart, so that I'm ready when it does.

- God.. if I'm not Your child... then please change my heart so that I am one.

- God.. show me Your Essence. I want to know You in a personal way.... not just from my head... but from my heart as well.

- This is to the Most High God... Like this: Any prayers I pray now - are addressed to the Most High God.

- Ask sincerely / humbly... like you are the creation, and He is the Eternal Creator.... (not the other way around)...


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