White House Corona Virus task force says don't use your masks now, because you won't have any left later when you need them.

White House Corona Virus task force says don't use your masks now, because you won't have any left later when you need them.

A STUNNING and candid comment from the White House Corona Virus Task Force:  "Don't use your masks now, because you won't have any left later when you need them."

The remark was made during a public press conference in the White House Briefing Room, and was televised live by mass-media.

This is a very different piece of advice than folks have been hearing elsewhere for weeks.   

Strangely, the general public who have been inquiring about buying filter masks such a N-95 (HERE) and N-100 (HERE) or P-100 (HERE), were actually being told by some folks such masks "do not work because the virus is so small it gets right through the mask."

Now, we hear from the White House Coronavirus Task Force, WAIT to use them because if you use them now, you may not have them later when you need them."

This is tacit admission that YOU'RE GOING TO NEED THEM!

Of course, sources to now obtain such masks are running very low on supplies.   N-95 Masks are allegedly SOLD OUT at most sources.  N-100 and P-100 are still available.   How long that will be is not known.

This coronavirus can also spread through EYES.   If a person walks through the air where an infected person has sneezed or coughed, the tiny virus particles can linger in the air and get onto your eye as you walk.  You can't even feel it.   

The virus can then get blinked into your tear duct and infect you.  So person seeking protection should also wear splash-proof eye protection (HERE) such as swimmer goggles.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    BoldlyReady · 3 months ago
    CDC......what a joke .......these guys are part of the problem .....is THIS , these guy, the best we got. This is a TOTAL set up to implement martial law...........these guys have already got their vaccine,, the GOOD one. Why would the be so slack in their actions. Just set up ,hurry ,hurry , get your vaccine, we only put a full DNA remake for your system, you won't be a human any more.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brad Bolz · 3 months ago
    The answer to where the most likely quarantine bases are is in the below article as presented by the Pentagon. This seems like it just got real.
  • This commment is unpublished.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brad Bolz · 3 months ago
    So do we have a way of estimating when quarantine might come to the USA? Do we have a way to guess which cities might be quarantined? How air tight do we need to make our homes? If we have someone sick in our home, how do we give them medical care? Do you treat for normal flu symptoms? Does it require antibiotics to rein in the peripheral effects of the virus? Will vitamin C and colloidal silver have a significant preventative effect for everyone else in the home?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      C D · 3 months ago
      Brad Bolz Hal’s people are saying Lock downs could be between 16-20.

      Personal I think 24-29

      Cities: I would look at popular areas where Chinese people go for vacation such as Orlando/Los Angels for Disney, New York/Chicago/Minneapolis for shopping, Seeing family in San Francisco/Honolulu and so on

      But also remember people have been spreading it for about a week+ so we should see things popping up all over the US soon.

      Am sure the media will keep it on the DL until they can’t anymore and I dont think people will have more then 12-24 hour warning before the city/area is locked down.

      Medical treatment: I am Not a medical profession so I can only tell you what we’re doing. D-3, K-2, C, Multivitamin, folic acid to raise white blood count, Silver, every day!

      If someone gets sick, hit the body hard with D-3, C, Folic acid, silver and keep hydrated with electrolytes, with something to keep fever down.

      I believe the bio-weapon is design in a special way that just keeps trying to kill its host until the person is dead.

      How it works I think:

      - It first infects you as a flu/cold to delivery what’s called a envelope or package of the bio-weapon

      - AIDS arm 4 and 9 (I think) are added so it can over come the body with pneumonia (which most people with AIDS died from)

      - Next Part is the envelope it has deathstalker scorpion poison which can ONLY kill someone if immune system is low (referred to step one)

      - Last part of the package is if the first 2 don’t kill you, the last part you can have the virus and be 100% fine with no signs of being sick and at one moment fall over dead, this part is mixed in mamba snake venom Hal has been talking about

      If non of that kills you then when it Mutates tries again and again
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jill Hart · 3 months ago
    There are a lot of videos about how to make these. They are then recyclable. Make them in white and bleach between uses
  • This commment is unpublished.
    jw williams · 3 months ago
    Is this actually meaning the white house wants everyone to get sick or is it the white house's way of telling everyone that they know its going to get apocalyptic days or months from now.