WHOA! Forty-One Percent of Physical Gold PULLED from Chicago Mercantile Exchange Kilo Vaults in ONE day!

WHOA!  Forty-One Percent of Physical Gold PULLED from Chicago Mercantile Exchange Kilo Vaults in ONE day!

The uber-wealthy have withdrawn forty-one percent (41%) of the physical Gold Bullion from the Kilo vaults of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), in ONE DAY!

The chart above shows the staggering withdrawals from the CME Kilo Vault totaling 174,612.081 Troy Ounces

What's most interesting about this is the withdrawal was NOT the typical 400 ounce Gold Bars; it was Kilos.  Billions of dollars worth.

Sovereigns do not generally buy or hold Kilos of Gold.  So this is likely the smaller - but still very wealthy - pulling the gold out.

What is now taking place that the uber-wealthy, and "connected" individuals, have so suddenly decided to take physical possession of Gold?

What is coming that the wealthy want to physically have their gold rather than trust someone else to hold it?

Withdrawals of this magnitude do not happen very often . . . at all.

Clearly, the very wealthy think (or know) some calamity is coming, and they want their gold in their own hands before whatever is coming, hits.

To put this in perspective, the Comex 50-day average rate of gold withdrawal just hit a new high of 131,293. Think about what this means for a moment... On average, 131,293 ounces of gold (~$233M) have been withdrawn from the Comex EVERY DAY for the past 50 days.

Now, 174,612.081 Troy Ounces has been pulled out.  Something wicked this way comes.



 Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

I believe the withdrawals of bullion from Comex inventory is functioning the same as a bank run.

Individuals that hold their bullion at these warehouses have decided that it is no longer safe from fraud or confiscation and they are acting independently to find other venues for their bullion.

At some point, like we see in previous bank runs, there will be some sort of restrictions imposed to prevent bullion leaving the vaults. That is when this fraud breaks wide open.

It should not be a mystery . . . when Germany requested to repatriate some of the bullion in the custody of the Federal Reserve and were told to go pound sand. That gold is no longer there and the parasites had to find other gold from elsewhere to eventually deliver to them.

I would put the odds at zero that the Money Changers are playing by the rules with custodial bullion at Comex. Zero!

For sure some or all of that metal has been stolen and resold to multiple owners and as the inventory declines the scam will be revealed.

Same with Silver.   Long before the last ounce of silver is cleared out, the scheme will collapse. The only reason it has not done so already is because hundreds of millions of 'ounces' of silver have been delivered through EFPs and quietly settled in cash. Even that is getting long in the tooth and at some point people will just demand their silver - which is not there to deliver.

The smart guys are getting their bullion out of the warehouse now while they still can.


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