WOW! All The Riots, Looting . . . "" Redirects to Biden-Harris Donation Page!

WOW! All The Riots, Looting . . . "" Redirects to Biden-Harris Donation Page!

It may interest Americans of all political persuasions that all the RIOTS, the LOOTING, the ARSON, going on for months in DEMOCRAT cities, involving ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter . . . . that the web site redirects to the Biden-Harris Campaign DONATE page!

Maybe it's no coincidence that historic rioting and looting, seems to now be directly connected with one of America's national political movements.

This comes after revelations by this web site, that all donations going to BLACK LIVES MATTER, were routed through SHAREBLUE, which only seemed to donate to DEMOCRATS (Story HERE).  

Isn't it interesting that, here we are just two months later, and the other group involved in all the Rioting, Looting and Arson, ANTIFA, is now also linked to the Democrats?

It is starting to appear that all the troubles this nation has had over the past few months, have been politically-driven . . . by the DEMOCRATS!

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