11 Minutes of Unvarnished Truth - The Most Blistering Assessment of the USA Ever Aired on Radio

As most Americans remain blissfully unaware that nuclear war is likely just weeks away, The Hal Turner Radio Show aired the most blistering assessment of the situation ever spoken on radio.  It is eleven minutes of absolute radio gold.  Truth for the ages.

"The USA has become a woke cesspool of 3rd world slums, meth/herion junkies, rabid feminists, and neutered femboys.

Am I really supposed to care if 90% of it is annihilated in a nuclear fire?

But, people say, but "muh freedums . . . 'mercia, fuck yeah!"

Well, that place has been dead a long time. Maybe it's time its rotting carcass be put on a funeral pyre."

There's more . . . much more.  

Here is the most ferocious, brutally honest, political/social/cultural assessment ever spoken on radio:


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