12:00 Noon Eastern US Time - It is now May 9 in some Russia Time Zones - "Victory Day"

As of 12:00 Noon here on the US east coast Sunday, it is now May 9 in some of the time zones inside Russia.  May 9 is "Victory Day" in that country; the day they remember and celebrate Russia's victory of German Nazis during World War 2.

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin is expected to make a very key speech today, given the ongoing military action in Ukraine. Among his remarks, the Kremlin has let it be known that Putin will remind Russians  “Today, our soldiers, as their ancestors, are fighting side by side to liberate their native land from the Nazi filth, with the confidence that, as in 1945, victory will be ours.”

It is widely understood that since at least 2014, when the US, and EU funded, fomented, and facilitated the violent overthrow of Ukraine's government, that Ukraine has welcomed actual NAZIS into their government, into their police, and into their military.  One example is the Azov Battalion which uses Nazi SS patches on the official uniforms, and has Black Swastikas painted on their official military helmets.

In addition, the Swastika flag has been seen flying over foxholes on numerous battlefields inside Ukraine, since February 24 when Russia began its Special Military Operation to de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.

It is worth noting that Russia lost literally millions of people fighting the Nazis in World War 2, and as such, they are particularly sensitive (and enraged) that Ukraine's government so brazenly welcomed that ideology in a country at Russia's front porch.

The Russians tried every peaceful means to resolve the issues, and even appealed to the world -- TWICE (Once in December and again in January) to secure iron clad, legally enforceable security guarantees to protect Russia.  Those Diplomatic efforts were first scoffed-at, then ultimately rejected by the US, EU, and NATO as a whole.  

It was only after Diplomacy failed, that Russia embarked on the present military operations.

The fact that the Kremlin has released the particular sentence above from Putin's pending speech, shows the world this effort by Russia is directly tied to the deadly battles Russia was forced to endure to protect itself from Nazis around 1945.  It seems to most rational observers that the Russians cannot and will not stop, until they purge the Nazi threat - now supported by NATO -- from their front porch.


Twenty seven permanent EU representatives at a meeting on Sunday failed to reach an agreement on sanctions against Russia. 

There are deep and well-founded divisions among countries within the European Union, about continuing to go after Russia in an effort to "punish" them over the Ukraine situation.

Economic sanctions levied upon Russia by many countries around the world, seem to be only backfiring upon those countries.   

Prices for goods like gasoline, diesel fuel, heating oil and natural gas, have skyrocketed around the world, and are wrecking economies in the countries where those sanctions were instituted.

Global shortages of raw materials, parts, oil and gas, are happening because of those sanctions and are smashing industries everywhere.

Worse, global fertilizer supplies are seeing shortages and outright outages, impacting this Spring planting season.   This will inevitably lead to global food shortages within months.

Stunningly, there is now often and frequent talk of actual nuclear war.

This seems to many people to be shear madness, yet these efforts continue, unabated.


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

What is so shocking to many around the world, is the propaganda effort being spewed from the West, completely covers-up that the West is openly arming and supporting actual Nazis in Ukraine!

The West seems to be very much on the wrong side in this affair, and as such, western countries are now at actual risk of entering open warfare with Russia itself.

If that takes place, Russia has made clear "It will be a war that no one will win."   The only type of war that "no one will win" is a nuclear war.

THAT is what we in the West are now facing.

If the West continues to provide military arms and intelligence to kill Russians, it is only a matter of time before Russia declares that the US and NATO are, in FACT at war with Russia, and begins firing upon us.

Why our elected public servants are putting us at such risk is unknown and unimaginable.  Yet, the risk is there.  It is real; and many people now fully expect nuclear weapons will begin being used very, very, soon.

God help us all.






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