164 Dead, 230 Injured (and Rising) in Overnight Bombing of Rafah by Israel

164 Dead, 230 Injured (and Rising) in Overnight Bombing of Rafah by Israel

At least 164 Palestinians were killed in Gaza in the past 24 hours from Israeli bombing of Rafah according to the Gaza Health Ministry. The Death toll of Palestinians from Israeli strikes in Gaza Strip has now reached 28,340 since October 7, 2023.

Last night, a teenager who was in one of the structures that was hit by Israeli bombs, suffered both legs being blown off below the knees, as the body was hurled through rubble.  As seen in the image above, the body was found hanging from a piece of steel rebar protruding from a collapsed wall.

Among the targets hit last night by Israel, was a Mosque; shown below blown up.

At the start of Israel's so-called "self-defense" for the attacks of October 7, Israel began bombing the northern Gaza Strip.   They distributed via air-drop, tens of thousands of leaflets telling residents to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip.   About 1.4 Million people evacuated once the bombing started.

Those people fled to the south, toward Rafah.

As the Israeli military action continued, it moved southward in Gaza and now that almost all the 2.3 Million residents of Gaza are trapped in the south, Israel has begun bombing the south.

The people there have no way out.

They cannot go into Egypt via the Rafah border crossing because Egypt will not allow a mass refugee exodus, which would achieve Israel's goal of forced relocation, which is a war crime and a crime against humanity pursuant to the Geneva Conventions.  The Palestinians also cannot go into Israel because Israel has closed all crossing from Gaza.  So they are trapped.

With no way out, and Israel now engaged in air strikes, dropping 500 pound bombs on them, the Palestinian death toll is rising at a staggering rate.  Yet for some reason, it appears the world is doing nothing to halt this slaughter.


Israel's behavior has only worsened since the International Court of Justice told them to report back in a month in the case accusing Israel of Genocide, brought by South Africa.. 

It seems to me Israel has no regard for the UN charter or the Geneva conventions.  Neither does their major sponsor, the USA.

if someone does not do something to stop this slaughter soon, then all international law and convention is a joke and the only law is "might has right" -- the law of the jungle.




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