UPDATED: Horrifying VIDEO 2000+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers in Overnight War Fighting -

UPDATED: Horrifying VIDEO 2000+ Dead Ukrainian Soldiers in Overnight War Fighting -

During last night, between 11:00 PM and 8:00 AM eastern US time today, Monday, 5 June 2023,  slightly more than two thousand (2,000) Ukrainian Soldiers were killed as they attempted a Counter-Offensive against Russian troops. Above, pictured, a Ukraine Soldier with his jaw ripped out - STILL ALIVE!

Overnight, losses of Ukraine in the Zaporozhye Direction and Southern Donetsk Region amounted to nearly 17 APCS, 11 IFVS, 9 Tanks, and beyond 900+ personnel. The advance of Ukraine was only 700 meters near Velkya Novoselika; the Ukrainians attempted to go on the offensive in Avdeevka however suffered significant losses and retreated.

In the Ugledarisky and Pobjeda (Marinskoye Tactical Region); the Armed Forces Ukraine (AFU) attempted to probe the villages around Pobjeda; suffered losses amounting to nearly 250 personnel and 8 vehicles and retreated.

On the Ugledarisky Tactical Region, the AFU attempted to probe the villages of Myliske and Pavlovka, however, suffered losses amounting to 13 vehicles (5 SMVs and 8 IFVs and APCs) and around 5 tanks.

In total, losses are nearing 2,000 personnel and almost 45 destroyed vehicles from one night of attack.

Battles continue today, as the AFU is attempting another large-scale probing attack. Western vehicles are involved.


Utterly HORRIFYING, gut-wrenching, video has come out of the battlefield showing the absolutely HIDEOUS injuries sustained by Ukrainian troops.  The video, taken by Russian soldiers after a TOS-1A multiple launch rocket system hit an area of Ukraine troops shows almost unspeakable horror.  

One Ukrainian soldier, still alive and conscious, with his jaw ripped out of his face, screaming in pain -  albeit with no tongue or functioning mouth.  

Another Ukraine soldier with his leg ripped open all along his thigh, shattered arms, who bled-out for so long, his face is ghastly ghost-white.  In Ukrainian, he is telling the Russians "just kill me now."

The Russians render first-aid by applying torniquets, but it is doubtful that saving this person was possible. 

WARNING: This video contains horrifying, graphic, battlefield injury footage, which YOU CANNOT UN-SEE if you view it.


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