~3,000 Turn Out in Sydney AGAINST NATO - Pro-Russia

~3,000 Turn Out in Sydney AGAINST NATO - Pro-Russia

Video below shows about three thousand Australians turning-out in Sydney today, to protest NATO and show their support for Russia!  The large group was peaceful and determined to let their country know their position: NATO is wrong, Russia is right, and the war in Ukraine must stop.

Here's brief video:


Do you see how peaceful, calm, and orderly this is?   THIS is what should be taking place here in the United States and over in Europe.   Every day.

Here's why:

What our governments are doing with the Ukraine situation is slow-walking ALL OF US into literal nuclear war with Russia.

The Russians are right; they have been provoked for years by more and more NATO bases, in country after country, surrounding Russia, and pointing missiles at Russia.  They were also provoked when the West funded, incited, and facilitated the forcible, violent overthrow of Ukraine's democratically-elected President, Viktor Yanukovich back in the year 2014.

Yanukovich had been previously contacted by the US and by the European Union (EU) about moving out of Russia's sphere of influence, and becoming part of Europe.  Yanukovich thought about it. He consulted his government, his top business leaders, and his people.   

When the time came for Yanukovich to decide yes or no to the US/EU offer, he politely told them "Thanks, but no thanks. Ukraine will remain with Russia."

That was an answer the US/EU was NOT going to accept.

They began funding and facilitating protests and riots in Ukraine.  They paid almost a million dollars a day out of the US Embassy in Kiev, to keep the trouble going.

As the problems got worse and worse, there were shootings. Government buildings were being attacked and burned down.  It got completely out of hand.

Yanukovich had to flee the country, and Ukraine's government collapsed.  When that happened, the US/EU was right there to fund a new, puppet government, favorable to the West.

When the new Kiev regime took over, Crimea, which had previously been part of Russia for over 300 years, but which had been "given" to Ukraine, by then-Soviet Union General Secretary Nikita Krushchev about fifty years ago, decided to have a referendum to secede from Ukraine and return to Russia.  They held that referendum and the vote was overwhelming; Crimea wanted to go home to Russia.

Of course, Russia, which had a naval base on Crimea, supported this effort, and was lambasted by the West for "illegally annexing" Crimea.   It was no annexation, Crimea voted!

When two other predominantly Russian oblasts (states) -- Luhansk and Donetsk -- wanted to also vote to secede, Ukraine sent its army to the border of those states and started lobbing artillery shells and mortars into the civilian areas to put down the move to secede.

Luhansk and Donetsk formed militias to fight-off the Ukrainians.  But they needed help.  Suddenly, "Little Green Men" started appearing in Luhansk and Donetsk.  Fully kitted-out soldiers, in green military uniforms, but with no patches.  No flags.  They were, of course, Russian troops.  They were clearly sent by Russia, to support Luhansk and Donetsk, whose people were being bombed by the Ukrainian army.

All this trouble, which really kicked-off from 2012, stopped dead in its tracks when Donald Trump won the US Presidency.   There was relative peace in Luhansk and Donetsk for four years, until Biden stole the US Presidency.

Within literally days of Biden taking office in January 2021, all the trouble in Luhansk and Donetsk started again.

By December, 2021, Ukraine had massed about 80,000 troops, over 1,000 tanks, multiple launch rocket systems, fighter jets and the like, all along the borders of Luhansk and Donetsk.   Ukraine was going to enter Luhansk and Donetsk and slaughter the civilians who wanted to secede.

Russia had no choice.  They HAD to protect the civilians in Luhansk and Donetsk.  In fact, under the United Nations (UN) Charter, Russia had a DUTY to protect!

The LIE Which Caused this Whole Thing

All this trouble and all this NATO effort with Ukraine is being done despite the fact that then-US Secretary of State, James Baker, assured then Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and then-Foreign Minister Eduard Shevrednadze that if Russia allowed East and West Germany to re-unite, "NATO will not move one inch eastward."

Of course, NATO did not honor that promise, and began expanding eastward, right up to Russia's border.

Country after country joined NATO, and got NATO missiles to aim at Russia. Many countries established NATO bases to rotate NATO troops in and out . . . . all with their eye on Russia.

When the same began with Ukraine, Russia made very clear to the west, Ukraine joining NATO is a red line for Russia.  They also explained why:

From Ukraine, NATO missiles, would have about a five minute flight time to Moscow.  They would also have a seven to ten minute flight time to Russia's strategic nuclear missile silos.

While NATO claims these missiles are "defensive" with conventional warheads, missile technology has progressed so much that the warheads on these missiles can be "swapped-out."  They can be changed from "defensive" (conventional) warheads, to OFFENSIVE, NUCLEAR warheads.  The swap takes about an hour.

So Russia would really have no way of knowing if the missiles being aimed at them were defensive or offensive.

And with a five minute flight time, Russia would have almost no viable defense.  They would never know peace or security.  This was completely unacceptable to them.

Russia tried to use Diplomacy, offering a Treaty to NATO which would provide Iron-Clad, legally enforceable, security guarantees to Russia.  They offered this in December of 2021.  NATO laughed at it; basically throwing the proposal in the trash.

About a week later, in January, 2022, Russia submitted the Treaty proposal again, only this time, they sent it via Diplomatic Courier, to the leaders of all NATO countries at their official residences (White House, #10 Downing Street, The Elysee Palace in France, and so on) 

In this re-submitted proposal, Russia made clear, IN WRITING, if they cannot obtain iron-clad, legally enforceable security guarantees via Diplomatic means, they will obtain them by military or military-technical means.

So they TOLD EVERYONE this was going to become a military conflict!

NATO sat on this proposal for about two weeks, then rejected it again.

On February 23, 2022, Russia contacted Ukraine and gave them an Ultimatum: You have five hours to agree to not join NATO and that Crimea, which had seceded, was now permanently part of Russia, or Russia would take action.   

Ukraine President Zelensky called the British Foreign Office and the US State Department.  Both told him to "ignore the ultimatum" which he did.

After the five hours expired, Russia waited another two hours and with no movement by Ukraine, they sent the Russian Army across the Ukraine Border.

We Were ALL Warned

Russia had previously told everyone -- the whole world -- that this situation was going to become military.   The world laughed. 

They aren't laughing now.

 You see, when Russia speaks, they say what they mean, and they actually mean what they say.  

It isn't that way in the West.   Here in the West, we are caught in this phony "virtue signaling" where we say things that sound oh so good and nice, but we never actually DO.

Russia doesn't operate that way.  If they say it, they mean it.

Which brings me back to the protests in Sydney, Australia, at the top of this story.

As the conflict with Ukraine has gotten uglier, NATO has been shipping billions of dollars worth of military gear to Ukraine.  More and more gear.  Better and better gear.

Along the way, Russia has REPEATEDLY warned they will use nuclear weapons to defend Russia.

As should be clear to even the most childlike intellect right now, when Russia says something, they mean it.  They have proven this over and over again!

Despite Russia's warnings, the West continues to up-the-ante and, as you read this right this minute, the West had given a green light to providing Ukraine with fourth generation F-16 fighter jets.

Russia announced publicly THIS MORNING, they will shoot down any F-16's they find in Ukrainian air space.

They also publicly accused the United States of trying to escalate the Ukraine conflict into a world war.   In this regard, it seems to me personally, Russia hit the nail right on the head.  The US __is__ trying to start World War 3, and it is our American government, and its'; NATO vassals, that are slow-walking you and me to our death via nuclear Armageddon.

Unless people in Europe and the United States, take to the streets PEACEFULLY, RESPECTFULLY, and in a DIGNIFIED MANNER, I personally believe we are going to get nuked. I say, this war in Ukraine must be halted NOW.   Right now.  Before it goes any farther.  

If we fail to step-up and make known that this war must stop, then I believe we will be nuked. Soon.



# "The Mickey Mouse Club Is Looking For New Actors" 2023-05-22 03:49
You heard right... And the "PAY IS FANTASTIC!"

Come join "THE TEAM."

Seeking Actors "GLOBALLY."
+3 # The western leaders are FRAUDS!Smiley1984*! 2023-05-21 16:31
The western leaders are all FRAUDS: all show and no ethical or moral substance to their actions.

Did you see the solemn ceremony at Hiroshima with the G7 leaders apparently showing their respect for those that died and suffered from the NUCLEAR bomb blast in 1945.

These are the same leaders that are taking us inexorably towards NUCLEAR WAR with Russia that will cause MASSIVE DEATH and suffering!

Are they completely disconnected with the real world, utter hypocrisy is not strong enough to describe this duality of action.

Psychopaths and FRAUDS is nearer. They need to be locked up as they obviously have a mental condition that is putting all of us in EXTREME DANGER!
# I gets worse.DaveE 2023-05-21 16:30
Once Nuland and its Jewish / neocon mafia took down Yanukovich, it installed, in succession, three JEWISH prime ministers in Ukraine. Yatsenyuk, then Poroshenko, then Zelensky. (Ukraine has always been Israel-North, but that's another story.) As if to tell (Orthodox Christian) Russia, "We Jews are in charge now. Bend over and take it...."

The Jew is running out of ways to make its megalomaniac power-trip of World Control come to fruition. Shlomo tried HARD to start WWIII (mutual Gentile-annihilation) in the Middle east, first with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran (assassination of the General) and Syria. We (dissidents) held 'em off, so far. We exposed them, so they backed off - for now anyway.

Trump did a pretty good job of keeping (((them))) at bay, too - so that's why (((they))) had to get rid of him.

So now The Jew has moved on to Russia to FINALLY make its (Satanic) "dreams come true." I'll bet my last dollar (((they))) blew up Nordstream - giving Russia one more reason to blow us to bits.

I sure hope Jesus makes good on his (apparent) promise to deliver justice to The Chosenites.

HE's our only hope - IMHO.
+4 # Russia wants christens?acturner067 2023-05-21 13:36
I hear that Russia planning to build homes (north of Moscow) for christens that want to escape from the USA and Europe.
+6 # RE: ~3,000 Turn Out in Sydney AGAINST NATO - Pro-RussiaAvanarts 2023-05-21 12:52
If people in this country tried to have a protest like that, the Demonrats would send out their Brownshirts, ie Antifa, to attack the protestors. There is no way it could remain peaceful.
+14 # Hal, I gotta hand it to youMikeAvram 2023-05-21 12:47
Hal, in the last 2 years I've been a listener, I have noticed one big thing. Your reporting of the news and covert intel very closely lines up with scripture. Especialy America getting nuked by Russia, in 1 hour. Jeremiah 50&51, Revelation 18 and Isaiah 47. Whenever it happens "and I fully beleive the rapture will happen when Putin pushes the button" its been an honor and an exciting time listening to you connect the dots and lay it all out. Folks can say what they want about the rapture, read Luke chapter 17. Hal I also noticed your huge effort to clean up your language and tell people to get right with God. Hal, I beleive you will hear our Lord say "well done good and faithfull servant, enter into my Fathers kingdom. What a joyous day that will be. God bless you all, and tell somebody today that Jesus is coming soon!!
+6 # Suicide of the west, Hal.gravedigergary 2023-05-21 12:39
You tell the truth on this, no one else, but maybe Michael Savage, and Colonel McGregor, and Redacted tell. America is Israel, but at some point the prophesied destruction is coming suddenly. Thanks to the Marxists inside.And the stupidity of most Americans.
+9 # RE: ~3,000 Turn Out in Sydney AGAINST NATO - Pro-RussiaTheBudda1968 2023-05-21 12:22
Hal - NATO wants this war - NATO NEEDS this war- and they are going to do everything humanly possible to get it at all costs and it's GOING to happen - like it or not the USA and Russia have to destroy each other for the NWO to be ushered in - it's just that simple
+3 # If I was there Id be with ThemMax S Stofle 2023-05-21 11:45
I pray enough people stand up and Protest to Stop this Massacre of Ukrainians ,But I fear its gonna get a whole lot worse ,
+4 # Great synopsis Halunixguru24 2023-05-21 11:44
This is perfect for sharing with people who don't understand why all of these things are happening.
+8 # Protest?Gulfcaptain 2023-05-21 11:35
Peaceful protests are fine for public awareness dispute the MSM ignoring them. However, the most effective protest is resignation of our support.

We know entities like Facebook / Meta are sold out spying and first amendment destroying globalist corporate oppressors. How many of us STILL use Facebook? How many STILL use Bank of America or Chase? How many of us STILL support the companies and systems that are integral to the problem?

Until we vote with our pocket book and remove our consent, nothing will change. This is the ONLY vote we have left. The pocketbook is the last tool we have. It's the only thing they understand and fear.
# Add the sole source of income to the federal government.supporttheblue 2023-05-21 16:39
The IRS.
+6 # Agree! Stay as locally sourced as possibleLilBirdie 2023-05-21 13:33
This is the closest thing I have to social media.
I bank with my local credit union. I shop with my local suppliers. The feed for my animals is grown a few miles away. Our work boots are made/repaired by our local cobbler. My blankets are quilts made by an older woman on SS. I bring her old clothes and such. She refuses them.
There are ways. It takes effort.
Keep as much of your money as you can, out of their hands!
+3 # Gulfcaptain - I Could Not have said it better!Laurie 2023-05-21 11:54
Your last paragraph....

"Until we vote with our pocket book and remove our consent, nothing will change. This is the ONLY vote we have left. The pocketbook is the last tool we have. It's the only thing they understand and fear."
+5 # Absolutelyunixguru24 2023-05-21 11:43
The pocket book is the best tool also. Money talks and that's all most of these companies care about. Even if you have free FB accounts - close them. If everyone who is tired of this crap deletes their accounts, FB, etc. would lose advertising $$$ and the ability to censor. Last week a guy posted 'Jesus died so you don't have to'.. I'm paraphrasing, but it got taken down as 'hate speech'. If you're saved by the blood, FB is the ENEMY. That's just one example.
+9 # Whole heartedly agree with you Hal!LilBirdie 2023-05-21 11:26
When you are being poked, prodded, pushed and provoked by a big bully you don't wait around for him to swing at you when you know you would be destroyed by only one hit.
You wait, find your opportunity, and throw the hardest sucker punch you can muster! Then follow through with everything you have. Just hoping your bully doesn't get up.
If you hit him hard enough, he learns his lesson and stops being a bully. So, how hard has Russia decided they need to hit the US? Has Putin figured out the US has a glass jaw?
All this sparing has done is wasted our weapons and lowered our readiness and educated our adversary on our techniques and hardware. Allowing them to test their response and fine tune their weapons.
+12 # Thank you Hal for this Article!Laurie 2023-05-21 11:22
You have explained everything so well as to the intertwining history of Ukraine, NATO, The United States, and Russia.


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