435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"

435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"

There’s a new peer-reviewed research paper out regarding the COVID Vax.  It’s bad. How bad? I’ve shown it to two physicians so far. One said he “had a seizure” reading it. The other said something worse.

Long story short: 436 BILLION copies of spike protein are found circulating freely in blood plasma, a month after the COVID (Gene therapy) vaccine. 

In kids.

Their hearts, screeching in pain with Myocarditis, will never fully recover.

You knew that, didn't you? But there is more than that . . . The graphic below, from this new study, shows the medical and scientific evidence:

Below is the damning part of the graphic. The vertical scale is a log scale. The line at about 15pg/ml is the limit of detection, which is why the blue dots are there. There are still up to 100 billion molecules of spike in those patients - 20 days later.


But in some of these cases the concentration of spike is RISING 20 days after vaccination (see the red lines going up), so we have no idea how much is actually circulating. Spike is toxic, particularly to the heart. If it's not toxic why do we need a "vaccine" against it?


The authors of this new peer-reviewed study claim that the mean serum level of free spike protein in the patients with myocarditis was 34pg/ml. (There was less in the non-affected patients, but there was still a lot) How many molecules is that? Well there is about 3000ml of plasma in a 70kg male...

And the molecular weight of a spike protein monomer is 141kDa. That's 2.34 e-19 grams. So 34pg/ml x 3000ml is a total of 102ng (102e-9) of spike. Divide by 2.34e-19 gives you... 435,897,435,897 molecules. Of a toxic protein. Circulating in a young adult.

It's worth noting also that the blue dots in the graphic don't indicate "no spike" - they are the lower limits of detection at 15pg/ml. That's a lot of spike.

BUT... There are two other things that have come out of this paper.

The first is that the amount of spike protein circulating in the PLASMA (when we were told it didn't leave the arm, remember) weeks after the injection is shocking. So this . . . 

was a lie:

 Yes, what you see above . . .  what we were all TOLD . . .  was a  L I E.

The whole article in from their "Researcher" @vasssssso was in fact a lie, so we've archived it. The claims in that article made by the authors have likely resulted in deaths of young adults. Look at the "partners" for the article - including RMIT again.

In fact @ConversationEDU has been pushing propaganda regarding COVID for at least two years.

Remember this doozy?


But the worst thing about this new peer-reviewed myocarditis study is this - and you might not have realized. The study showed, beyond a shadow of doubt, that the COVID "vaccine" was causing myocarditis, with elevated troponin (confirming heart damage). 

Troponin is an enzyme given off by cardiac cells when they are injured or dying.  That's how Doctors can tell if a person is having a heart attack over a panic attack.  If its an actual heart attack, there will be measurable Troponin in the blood.  In cases of myocarditis, Troponin also occurs as heart cells are severely damaged -or dying - by the Spike Proteins.

You know, sometimes people have to do something BAD, to achieve something good.   And this is no exception.   You see, when the people doing this new peer-reviewed study saw the first few cases of Myocarditis, they should have STOPPED the study and sounded the alarm right away.   You see, that was their duty.  It was a duty as medical officers and as research officers. But to our knowledge they said nothing and kept recruiting for the study!

What mattered (to them) was finishing the study so they could publish. Of course, from the home of the #surgisphere authors, what else would you expect?

This is the environment they operate in:

For those who want to read the ORIGINAL, full, complete, unedited peer-reviewed study, you can get it HERE

I have copied and inserted that original below:


First, this study was done and submitted for "peer-review" on May 26, 2022.    It was ACCEPTED for publication (after peer-review) on November 23, 2022.    So the world has known, as a matter of scientific research, these details, since May of last year.  Yet no one . called for Vaccines to be HALTED.

They had scientific proof the vaccines were causing heart damage . . . myocarditis . . . which, incidentally, has a FIFTY PERCENT mortality rate within five years, and they said . . .  nothing.

Want to know why?  MONEY.

They can't admit it's potentially harmful and deadly.

They can't suddenly stop the shots; To do so would be an admission of guilt.

So they'll continue, pretending everything's fine. In other words, doubling down on stupid

All those kids coming down with Myocarditis, have a fifty-fifty chance of DYING within the next five years.   Oh, and the rest who took the vaccine and at least the first booster, the way things look right now, most of them (statistically) will be dead by the year 2027.



# RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax" 2023-01-21 22:13
Vaxx song parody of Bon Jovi’s Shot through the Heart…
# RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"selah 2023-01-20 17:40
# RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"selah 2023-01-22 00:06
# RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"selah 2023-01-22 00:45
Hmmm I think it was on fox awhile ago diamond and silk said they’d never take the vax. TGP article she blames the vax.
+1 # Class action suitChappyusa1 2023-01-20 08:01
If we don't hang them, then Class action suit for trillions. Let it go global and take no prisoners.

Either that, or you will see them dropping dead.
# it's still amazing they are stull pushing this stuffChappyusa1 2023-01-20 07:52
The ignorance or just plain fcking stupidity, Doctors still push this and recommend covid shots still. I see the Globalist just want you died and I get that, but the ave medical professional is just plain fcking blind to it all. It's that or they are a part of it and want you dead too

Either way, I no longer have faith in our medical system, let alone our political system.

USA is done as we know it and the world for that matter. I no longer try to convince anybody anymore with overwhelming facts.

If I provide 10,000 facts, they still will not get it. So I say fck them and let them die.
# jabbed to deathmsberry 2023-01-19 16:03
please don't call people who took the jab stupid. Alot of people thought they were doing the right thing. Even the republican conservative president pushed the jabs, even without proper fda approval and he still brags on his warp speed.
+1 # All I can say to your comments is thisChappyusa1 2023-01-20 07:56
Never trust US leadership or the world and think for yourself. In other words, pull your head out of your ass and think.

Sadly, many will see their loved ones die in the next few years; all you can do is get close to God and love them until the end.
+2 # Not stupid.....EVIL.watchmann 2023-01-19 13:31
In other words, doubling down on stupid

Not stupid.....EVIL.

Zero Conscience.

Zero Remorse.

+1 # I think We the peopleChappyusa1 2023-01-20 07:59
We the people need to put an end to them. There's no one on this earth who can. If we don't, then their blood is on our hands.

It's time to separate men from the boys.
+1 # They LiveJane C 2023-01-19 12:15
In the movie 'They Live' from 1988, somebody says "Our projections show that by the year 2025, not only America, but the entire planet will be under the protection and dominance of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves and for you, the human power elite".
+4 # RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"gwu77 2023-01-19 10:15
Leave this up Hal, the people deserve to know who is killing them. These are the perps.
+2 # Vaccine Remorse?MildB 2023-01-19 09:53
Just like buyer’s remorse after you spend a lot of money on a product that you realize you don’t want, and should not have acquired, millions of Americans are experiencing vaccine remorse after getting jabbed with central nervous system disrupting, blood clotting, dirty Covid-19 vaccines. For many others, the remorse is for their relatives, friends, neighbors and coworkers who died from the jabs. For millions of others yet, the Covid-19 vaccine GIVES them Covid-19, thus materializing, ironically, their greatest fear.

The worst part is that the “customers” can’t take the vaccines “back.” Bad deposit, no return. It doesn’t matter if you have your “receipt” (vaccine ID card or passport), because there’s NO undoing mRNA codes once they’re embedded in your cells. They sneak in like a poisoned Trojan horse and invade the space, the message between your DNA and your RNA, and that’s that. You’re all set. Recoded to produce unlimited prions and proteins into your blood, that travel far beyond just the sore muscle tissue where they stabbed the technology into your arm.
The vaccine “muscle myth” busted: Spike proteins DO cleave off your cells and travel throughout the body via your blood

Spike proteins cleave off (break away from) the cell, and leave the injection site, traveling throughout your body and brain, counter to what the dirty vaccine manufacturers, the corrupt FDA and their co-conspirators at the CDC are telling everybody. If you want to understand the science, the real science, behind mRNA, listen to the scientist who MADE it, who discovered it, pioneered it, and is blowing the whistle on it right now. Get ready to get “red pilled” on the truth about these dirty, plandemic Covid-19 inoculations:

This is much more than a “period of mental discomfort.” This is more than some feelings of regret and anxiety after making a significant purchase, but how did it come to this for half of all Americans? It’s called cognitive dissonance, where people do what they feel compelled to do by outside forces in order to avoid stress on a subconscious level. The media sets up everyone “watching” for the ultimate stress reliever, and that is post-vaccine confidence, but it’s a trap. It’s a trap like wandering out into the very “low-tide” sandbar just before the tsunami comes. There’s no escape.

This is buyer’s remorse of the most extreme kind, and these people are starting to figure out WHY the vaccines are free and being promoted with so much propaganda and “free stuff.”

Buyer’s remorse is usually associated with expensive items, like motor vehicles or real estate, but now it’s from something consumers got that was free and corrupted – dirty vaccines

How did you get so scared about coronavirus that you rushed out and got an experimental vaccine? Would you take it back now if you could, return it, and undo the mRNA-prion-creating function that’s now part of who you are, and what you are? Remember, back in the 1990s, when all the natural health advocates were screaming out to ban GMOs?

That was for good reason. The food is now corrupted with pesticide-creating genes, and now, 30 years later, your body is corrupted with prion-creating genes, and you could end up with mad cow disease, going psychotic in the fight against the “invaders” – pathogens your body is now programmed to create and is spreading throughout your blood (and the blood of all Nations.)

Source of story from HERE

Dear Father of Heavenly Lights,

I feel as though life's events chokes You out of me,

I confess that I struggle to stay faithful to read the Bible and pray.

If it weren’t for Your promise that nothing will snatch me from Your hand, I would despair unto death.

Lord, I will place my hope in You, and I will praise You. I will go forward in Your strength, and I stand my ground in Your grace.

In Jesus name,
# RE: Vaccine Remorse?BeenThere 2023-01-19 12:37
Do not forget that the ones you write about are our grandmothers and grandfathers, our mothers and fathers, brother's and sisters, our friends and neighbors.

Never forget who they are in their hour of need!

God is watching us!
+1 # RE: Vaccine Remorse?Jane C 2023-01-19 12:07
It's like stirring a spoonful of sugar into a cup of tea. Once it's in, you can't take it out.
# Nuremberg Code (Directives for Human Experimentation)MildB 2023-01-19 09:55
Mandating and punishing with job loss over the jab violates the 1st and 8th Amendment of the Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.
(Directives for Human Experimentation)

The Nuremberg Military Tribunal’s decision in the case of the United States v Karl Brandt et al. includes what is now called the Nuremberg Code, a ten point statement delimiting permissible medical experimentation on human subjects. According to this statement, humane experimentation is justified only if its results benefit society and it is carried out in accord with basic principles that “satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.” To some extent the Nuremberg Code has been superseded by the Declaration of Helsinki as a guide for human experimentation.

The 8th Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment.

–“Permissible Medical Experiments.” Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10. Nuremberg October 1946 – April 1949, Washington. U.S. Government Printing Office (n.d.), vol. 2., pp. 181-182.

The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.

That is all.....
+7 # Nuremburg code:Lexie 2023-01-19 10:07
I have print outs of the Nuremburg code pinned up in my kitchen for all to see, I've distributed copies to friends and anyone else who listens. I have quoted it on my social chat sites. The thing is most people are blind and when they, do the thing, take the jab, they begin locking out all who threaten their bubbles, they won't listen and they won't see.
-1 # posted October 15, 2021 06:53 AMMildB 2023-01-19 10:00
~My post to a News Covid daily fake numbers report.

Say what are you numbers people doing about all that bio-hazardous waste generated by your mask mandates? Has OSHA revised its Bio-Hazard waste proper disposal Laws to accommodate the mountains of shit that 19 months of improper disposals has generated?

OSHA Biohazard Waste Disposal Guidelines

OSHA Biohazard Waste Disposal Guidelines. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 to assist employers in the reduction of injuries, illnesses, and deaths in the workplace. OSHA has created standards for the handling and disposal of biohazard wastes for worker protection.

Biohazardous waste is any item that has the risk of having infectious diseases that can be transmitted. This form of waste can cause damage to people, the community, and the environment when not properly dealt with in facilities and for disposal. Many states have established additional guidelines through their state health departments regarding the regulations for handling and disposal of biohazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Labeling.

The universal biohazard symbol along with the word “biohazard” must be included on all containers and bags that contain the waste as well as a statement indicating what may be contaminated.

Label colors must have a background of fluorescent orange or orange-red with lettering and symbols in contrasting color. The label must either be part of the container or affixed as close as possible to the container with adhesive, string, wire or any method to keep it from being unintentionally removed or lost. Red bags or red containers can be substituted for the biohazard labels.

Can you people come up with how much the fine will be for violating this bag it and tag it OSHA Law?

And now the rest of the numbers, CDC: 16,310 Dead 778,685 Injured Following COVID-19 Shots – 2.5X More Deaths than Following All Vaccines for Past 30 Years – 2,102 Fetal Deaths .
The U.S. Government is now reporting that in the past 10 months since the emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 shots 16,310 people have died following those shots.
By Brian Shilhavy
Global Research,
October 11, 2021

That is all.....
+10 # Not a pretty picture at all..Lexie 2023-01-19 09:42
My sister was cleared of lymph node cancer in 2020, she took the shot, she died last year of cancer. My cousin took all the shots, her kidney cancer was under control in 2021, it has now, rapidly, consumed her kidney and will spread to all her other organs, there is nothing anyone can do to help her. I tried talking to them, but they wrote me off as a 'conspiracy theorist'. A plumber, we had in to clear the drains, told me his company had said 'jab or job' he took the jab, he said he'd never had a sick day in his life until the jab. I just knew at the start not to trust the gov. on this, wasn't sure yet why but all my gut and instincts were screaming at me. Thank the Lord. My Doc was calling me constant to get the jab but, in the end, I took Hal's advice and told him 'I will wait for the results at the end of the human trials' not heard from him since. It is very sad to witness all of this unfold and I fear for the young.
+1 # OT~ Experts Warn that more likely than not, California Is Set for ‘Mega Earthquake’ Following Unusual ‘Parade of Cyclones’MildB 2023-01-19 09:27
Intense rain has triggered earthquakes before in other parts of the world. The magnitude 7.5 earthquake that ravaged Haiti in 2010 happened 18 months after torrential rainfall and hurricanes battered the Caribbean country. A year earlier in Taiwan, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake took place seven months after a typhoon.

According to research done by Florida International University professor Shimon Wdowinski, huge earthquakes were five times more likely to occur after serious storms. He explained that while “heavy rain can trigger earthquake activity,” this phenomenon only happens “in certain tectonic environments. ”

California is already at the storm phase

California is currently dealing with an onslaught of atmospheric river storms that triggered torrential rain and life-threatening flooding, mudslides and debris flows to many parts of the state. These storms, which are far from over, will continue to pour more rain into the Golden State for at least several days.

Widespread flooding was reported across California on Jan. 9 and 10, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office declared a new evacuation order for people living in the low-lying areas of the Salinas River. The said evacuation order announced on Jan. 10 will remain in effect until further notice.

The Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo counties saw more than 15 inches of rain falling at the three counties’ areas located at higher elevations. Coastal foothills of the three counties saw rainfall of about five to 10 inches. The Fresno, Mariposa and Tulare counties – located at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range – reported 10 inches of rain.

Several National Weather Service (NWS) offices across California received more than 300 reports of flooding. It added that numerous rivers also reported record highs – including Sespe Creek and the Ventura, Salinas and Sisquoc rivers.

NWS Los Angeles, meanwhile, reported 2.73 inches of rainfall in downtown LA, while Bel-Air had 5.27 inches of rainfall. According to the office, the latest atmospheric river storm that has been bringing persistent rain across the area is now “the most impressive storm to strike the area since Jan. 5 to 7, 2005.”

“We want to make sure everyone takes action of what is still yet to come. We’re not out of the woods, and we expect these storms to continue until the 18th, in many different shapes and forms,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in a recent press conference.

+4 # Our presidents pushed it.cowgirl 2023-01-19 09:24
quick inhumane shots ...Trumps warp speed and Biden's mandate. people line up for the kill. they were masked and were blinded by fear.
+2 # What's in there?acturner067 2023-01-19 09:06
Does anyone really knows what in each of those vaccine vial? Research has shown that they are not all equally the same. It is said DOD gave the pharmaceutical companies contracts to manufacturer these experimental bio-weapons and the quality of these said vax ranged from 50 to 80%, thus below normal standards. Being an experimental drug they are allowed to alter the formula, etc. without notifying anyone. One thing for sure those vials are filled with much evil and purposely served to the dumb down public for ill intent.
+4 # One thing is for sure...3rdOption 2023-01-19 09:04
...the bastards responsible for all this human destruction did not get a true vax. They postured on tv with a nurse injecting their arms with saline or water. I would give my pinky finger to see the blood analysis of fauci or biden for spike proteins. And you just know these maniacal sociopaths have kept their families from getting vaxxed as well. May they rot in hell !
I'm hoping for such a peer-reviewed study as this one regarding the UNvaxxed who still get this virus from the shedding of the vaxxed. How many unvaxxed are having sudden myocarditis issues around the world? Are the Amish communities experiencing these same issues?
Anyone see Al Gore's round table talk yesterday at Davos? He mentioned, without thinking what he was about to say, "millions we can manage, billions are ungovernable."
Ungovernable...TPTB needed a way to reduce the numbers for a more manageable way to control the serfs.
These people have names and addresses.
+15 # 70 yearsWAFiddleFarmer 2023-01-19 01:48
Pfizer knew. This was why they wanted 70 years to release the documents and testing.
+7 # For years everyone has been asking for them to remove the warning labels....LilBirdie 2023-01-19 01:32
Well, when these jabs came out they did!
Remember the blank warning paper inside?
The results were astounding!
I know my comment sounds cold....
But, damn I didn't think that many would fall for it
+4 # SomeWoulf 2023-01-19 02:19
They did not "fall for it". They were "mandated" into it. Feed your family or lose your job. Lose your house and be homeless. This is the true meaning of EVIL.
Smash Into Pieces - Vanguard (Official Music Video)
Been there done that. Still breathing, what about you?
+8 # BullMarlynn7794 2023-01-19 08:31
They fell for it. Period. If everyone had the courage to stand together and said, "No!", then they would have had no choice but to back down. I will not believe that humanity did not have a choice.
+23 # RE: Somemelissalyonsart 2023-01-19 05:43
My husband got out of the military just short of retirement (3 years left) and we gave up everything ! No retirement no benefits nothing. This was after four combat deployments and countless years away. But God told me to paint in 2012 and I said yes . I started my business from home while my kids were babies and my husband was deployed. The Holy Spirit even told me this was going to happen in 2014! Not specifically , but that he was going to get out and not the way we thought . This was all a complete shock but my husband was threatened with jail time and dishonorable discharge so we got out at the right time on our own terms. We made the choice that we weren’t going to serve mammon over God and that he was our provider , not the govt. We haven’t skipped a beat and God has used the work of my hands to lay all
Of our bills and still have been able to give ! We even had our best year yet in 2020! Although it was hard emotionally to throw it all away after 17 years God healed our hearts and provided for us to be able to make that choice!
+4 # Thank youMarlynn7794 2023-01-19 08:32
Thank you for your service and sacrifice.
+11 # Over two years agoSuza54 2023-01-19 01:20
WEF posted exactly what they were going to do to us over two years ago. Celeste read it all to us. And people thought she was crazy. Trust in Jesus and do not recant your testimony.
+19 # Some people thinkGregg W 2023-01-19 00:22
That God is causing all of this to be revealed. He knows who did what. He knows who took huge profits and lied to everyone. He knows who us responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent little ones.

God can bring the innocent ones to heaven as He pleases. His judgment is never unfair.
This may be the greatest crime against humanity since we’ve been around. There have been lots of crimes against us.

No matter what, these evil ones will not escape judgment.
+1 # Long runWoulf 2023-01-19 01:04
NO, "they won't".
The last words of "Allister Crowley".
" I am perplexed."
Crossing from 1 realm to the next. Funny that, huh.
+20 # No Vax hereLynnewilliam 2023-01-19 00:15
Hal, over a year ago you sent out a suggestion templet to apply for a vaccine exemption. I used the templet nearly word for word, and my exemption was approved. I was never going to take the (death) vax. Thank you Hal. I did not loose my job.

Appreciate your work.
+1 # Dr. Ruby on the heart.plasmaglyphs 2023-01-19 00:12

Investigative journalist in reporter George Webb said that he saved the juiciest details for Dr. Jane's After Talk!!
The assault on humanity via virus countermeasures,, create Problem, manipulate Reaction, Profit off Solution.

+10 # Not stupidTalkingHorse 2023-01-19 00:09
The medical professionals and others who have been pushing the vax at every opportunity, and who continue to do so now, aren't doubling down on stupid. Maybe that could claim that a while ago, but once strong evidence of the harm the jabs were inflicting became commonly available, their continued efforts to get everyone vaxed, boosted and so forth have got to meet the standard of at least manslaughter. I'd argue that we are well into outright premeditated murder and crimes against humanity. While I can't claim to know all the ins and outs of this law, it certainly seems like it would fit for those who are working together with others to keep this genocide going should also be looking at charges under RICO. They are knowingly working to inflict serious injury and death on everyone, but especially on our children. There's no ducking responsibility for any of this. They are monsters, and I don't say that lightly. We are FAR beyond differences of political opinion and fully into the arena of right vs wrong, and they are unquestionably on the wrong side of this. Nuremburg treatment is the minimum all of them deserve. For those of them who think they deserve none of these punishments, and who work hard to ensure that they are never punished, they might want to consider that a great many people consider them murderers, and they are engaged in an on-going campaign to increase the numbers of those they have harmed. If legal sanctions are prevented, they should carefully consider that using force to stop violent felonies is perfectly reasonable. The only thing stopping that now is probably the hope that the system is still capable of delivering in at least the most extreme cases.
You know, like mass murder. I don't think such patience will be rewarded. I fear that our only choices are submission to unmistakable evil or extra-judicial means, and if things go there, they - and they alone - will be responsible for it. The rest of us just want them arrested, tried, sentenced...and hanged as appropriate.
# Big DogWoulf 2023-01-19 01:41
At the end of the day we always have "Tribe".
+4 # █▓▒░ Spike Protein Molecules ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-01-18 23:19

Dr. Ryan Cole - The Vaxed Can Quite Possibly
Produce Spike Protein Which Will Kill Them
For At Least A YEAR After A BioWeapon Injection
Spike Is Being Found In Most All Deaths Of Vaxed

Billy 'Gates Of Hell' Spike Amyloid Beef,
Dairy And Chicken Meals

No Life Insurance Payouts for the 'Vaccinated'
Dr. Peterson Pierre -
(VIDEO 1:30 min.)
+8 # Prion diseases, caller on the show tonightRaven1 2023-01-18 23:13
Rusty in North Carolina talked about the folded proteins. He talked about the clots and what distinguishes them from blood clots- the folded protein. Mad cow disease and chronic wasting diseases also have folded protein mutations...

Any folk lore stories on remedies for prion disease by anyone's grandparents?

Rusty, if you see this, thanks for the heads up'
+1 # RE: Prion diseases, caller on the show tonightWoulf 2023-01-19 03:05
Watch the "opening" of the "tunnel ceremony". "They" always show "what they want".
Why did Amazon put a "Zombie Apocalypse" clause in their "terms of service"? Why did the CDC put up a page for a "Zombie Apocalypse"? Maybe nothing, maybe?
As for me.
Valley of "Woulves" - "Dangerous Man" (Official Audio)

What blows my mind is people not seeing this 2 years ago. Before the 1st human injection. The deadly results of mRNA on animals was known.

We also knew that the US was behind this bio weapon called COVID and and that they were lying to us about anything and everything.

So how dumb would you be to trust these pathological liars about what they are telling you about the jab?

It took a special kind of stupid person to take the jab.

I don't really think that mankind is going to survive much longer with a track record of stupidity like this.

We are not done... the stupid continues.

We still have not arrested those responsible.
Like your local doctors and hospitals, and the globalists are going to released another round.
Check your "patent" dates. Always follow the money. It has been there for the world to see. From the 70's until now, ok late 70's.
Do the math. Unless you think math is racist.
+16 # RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"Jarhdandrn02 2023-01-18 22:38
The spike proteins collect in the testicle and ovaries. The shot was designed to be a population control. Young people will not be able to have children. Too bad the study doesn't address the cancer explosion due to shot. The strokes, neurological issues and more!
+2 # OrWoulf 2023-01-19 02:29
What dose happen when "they" are born.
GMO, corporate property? Human? "Crisper babies"? Best guess?
+6 # RE: 435,897,435,897 Free Roaming Spike Protein Molecules After COVID Vax Booster - Their Hearts Will NEVER Fully Recover from the "Vax"Gunner 2023-01-18 22:34
Wow just TERRIBLE!


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