About Tuesday's Show . . .

Something happened to ALL of my outbound audio feeds about halfway through Tuesday's show.   It __appears__ the auto-shutdown of the streaming servers, did not adjust for Daylight Savings time. 

So where, in the past, they would have shut down a half hour AFTER the show went off, tonight, it __appears__ they shut down at the old time and not one hour forward.

That would account for listeners online hearing "looping" parts of the show, and would also account for the radio stations going dead.

The thing is, yesterday it all worked fine and yesterday was after Daylight savings time too.   So what happened tonight is, as yet, unknown.

I have reached out to my tech guy to look into it.



# UPDATE Thur 16-Mar showKevin 2023-03-17 09:07
Audio levels are great, as they are set now.

Thank you!
# Audio Quality! - Misplacedcowboymisplacedcowboy 2023-03-15 22:20
Hal - HUGE improvement in audio quality! I have been testing both SW and the Internet feed this evening. Volume levels are much more stable (on both). Internet actually has pretty decent fidelity. What an improvement! Nothing this evening has been over driven! My ears Thank You!
+2 # HAPPY BIRTHDAYBadgerBadger 2023-03-15 15:32
Same thing happened to the beginning of the show and later on! Oh was what it was.
Best Wishes for you on your birthday and the coming year!!
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+1 # Investment Idea/Happy Birthday, Hal idea!1of7 2023-03-15 10:51
Happy Birthday, Hal Turner!!!!

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Turning them into off grid units doesn't take much compared rhe average sfh. Also, since the economy is tanking, I've never seen so many units available, with many which are in various stages of completion.

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Here's a few links I picked as a for example. If you have any other questions, maybe I can help.
# It's cool but it was weirdChappyusa1 2023-03-15 10:35
It happens
+1 # It's cool but it was weirdChappyusa1 2023-03-15 10:35
It happens
+1 # Your show isn't the only one Hal!Mighty Mouse Says 2023-03-15 10:02
I heard this same problem on two other "live shows" I listened to yesterday.

Remember, if it's digital it's hackable.
+3 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . FewThereBe 2023-03-15 09:47

Hal, I remember 3 loops. Thought I was crazy the first time.

Then the online radio player actually STOPPED at about the 37 minute mark. I had to re-start it. Never had to do that before.
+1 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . Suzuko804 2023-03-15 09:43
I listened to the archive. It was a really great show.
# Daylight saving?Paul Lambert 2023-03-15 09:02
Man, have you turned the clocks ahead already?
I miss the days when we all did it on the same day. I miss so many of my favourite shortwave programmes!
# Daylight Savings Happened Sunday March 12, 2023watchmann 2023-03-15 14:54

Spring Forward....

Fall Back.
+3 # It beganRaven1 2023-03-15 08:35
Hal, the show began to loop when you brought up the UAV in the Black Sea. May be a coincidence. May not be
+1 # StrangePaul Kurzlee 2023-03-15 10:51
The audio feed was not working properly since the music stream ended then the intro music started it did about 5 seconds then it repeated and restarted for 5 seconds then the intro music started again 4 or 5 times this happened then throughout the broadcast it did the same repeating at different times. In the snowflake spoof it repeated itself throughout the spoof 3 times. It also began to have problems when Hal talked about the UAV.
I have a recording of the whole thing beginning right from the end of the music stream. The recording starts at 1759. Quoting Raven1:
Hal, the show began to loop when you brought up the UAV in the Black Sea. May be a coincidence. May not be
+3 # Switched between stream and WRMIflintstones65 2023-03-15 08:16
I had to keep switching between the streaming audio and WRMI to hear the show, think I got a lot of it. Be flexible and have a working radio. I started listening to the streaming service about a month ago because the wife preferred it but when the internet may not work have the radio as a back up plan just in case. AM conditions were exceptional last night, loud and clear!
+2 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . tamtamtx55 2023-03-15 08:12
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Blessings and peace be to you.
+3 # Thankstamtamtx55 2023-03-15 08:11
I thought I was going nuts last night.l olHal you know more about that computer stuff than I ever will .Bless your ❤️.
+1 # WRMISBGlett77 2023-03-15 07:32
I try to listen on WRMI or WBCQ to stay up on HF conditions and general SW proficiency. WRMI just went to relaxing music during the outages. There was almost no break of dead air. Apparently, then, the Internet show started looping ? The gist of the show still came through pretty well, so the international SW listeners were probably left in pretty good shape.

And, Happy Birthday to you !
+3 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . PrivateJohn3:16 2023-03-15 07:29
Happy birthday, Hal Turner.
+3 # Happy Birthday!ATCO99 2023-03-15 07:16
Hope you have a great birthday Hal. Thank you for all the hard work you put in to bring us key information.
+2 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . selah 2023-03-15 07:10
Happy Birthday Hal.
+3 # Happy Birthday Hal!Laurie 2023-03-15 06:48
...and to all of us that were born on "The Ides of March!"
+1 # Ohhhh. Yes.Gregg W 2023-03-15 10:14
I forgot about that.

Happy Birthday to you too Laurie!
# ThanksLaurie 2023-03-15 21:03
+1 # HAPPY BIRTHDAYjjb55 2023-03-15 06:48
Enjoy your day today brother! Cheers!
+2 # Show interruptedchip 2023-03-15 06:41
That explains why music kept interrupting.
Thought the regime was trying to jam you.
Happy birthday today,, hope you have an
excellent day.
# RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . Recnoc 2023-03-15 06:30
Every thing just went off.
+2 # HappyJoedamiani 2023-03-15 06:29
Birthday Hal :). Enjoy. Keep doing what your doing :).
+3 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . Stefanjunior 2023-03-15 06:22
I thought it was just our tax dollars hard at work trying to protect us from the truth.
# RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . BadgerBadger 2023-03-15 15:34
My thoughts exactly!!!!
+5 # Not just halfway through...Davendebgff09 2023-03-15 05:50
Happy Birthday, Hal!
The glitch began at the intro music, not just halfway through (we listen through your website streaming); I think I counted at least 5 times in the show where it happened, and looped at least 4 times each time. Praying you can get it fixed!
+2 # HEY HTmizzy777 2023-03-15 05:35
Hope you have a great day!
# Thank GoodnessWilliam 2023-03-15 04:11
I thought I had 1 beer & cigarette too many
+2 # No Such Thing As AForrest Mosby 2023-03-15 03:34
+3 # HAPPY BIRTHDAY!jcallaway67 2023-03-15 02:20
Happy EH TU Birthday, Hal!

I also have a birthday today. Hope you enjoy yours. I enjoy your shows and information.
+2 # RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . PrivateJohn3:16 2023-03-15 01:46
From the beginning of Tuesday's show, this was the most tampered with audio I've listened to. It kept repeating seconds of the show in a loop. I heard the intro probably six times, then it played live, but continued playing various loops of audio, covering over whatever was live. I'm not complaining, just informing. I listened live from your website.
# RE: About Tuesday's Show . . . AmyO 2023-03-15 02:01
Ditto. Heard same problems.
# Welcome To Technocrat's Tech-Tardia Worldplasmaglyphs 2023-03-15 01:44

What song is this & how does the song go???

"They can't even run their own lives,, i'll be damed if they run mine !!!!"

Technocracy is a corrupting force..

Today i found out that ebay is trying to be like amazon,, only problem,, they take money even though the items is out of stock,, and refund it 4 days later when they cna't fill the order..
Call me crazy but,,, doesn't That sound like Mail Fraud and a Ponzy Scheme rolled in one.. Take money from new buyers to pay off the refunds of the stiffed one..

The listing still shows product available..
but it is not really,, since the "seller" gave a refund.. Second one this week on this type of item, different scenario.
Ebay stocks the item and sells under the providers name,, restocking from the actual seller,,, according to the

The first one still have an active listing but sold them local and couldn't fill an order for 250..,,
at least the buy button is gone..

Pass it on....

+4 # SUNSHINEJustbear 2023-03-15 08:34
By Jonathon Edwards = "Sunshine, go away today
I don't feel much like dancing
Some man's gone, he tried to run my life
He don't know what he's asking
Well, he tells me I better get in line
I can't hear what he's saying
When I grow up, I'm gonna make it mine
These ain't dues that I've been paying

How much does it cost?
I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost
I'll try it
He can't even run his own life
Be damned if he'll run mine

How much does it cost?
I'll buy it
The time is all we've lost
I'll try it
He can't even run his own life
Be damned if he'll run mine

Working starts to make me wonder where
All that I do is going
He says, "in love and war, all is fair"
He's got cards that he ain't showing

How much does it cost?
I'll buy it
Time is all we've lost
I'll try it
He can't even run his own life
Be damned if he'll run mine

Sunshine, come on back another day
I promise you, I'll be singing
This old world, she's gonna turn around
Brand new bells will be ringing."
# That's it ---- Thanks!!plasmaglyphs 2023-03-15 10:16

Thanks !!!!

It got tangled in my recollection with the song "Signs",,,, Another GREAT Oldie ...

Now that would be a great sond for the June 1st Protest Sing-along at the US Capitol..

Catch the flip i did there?? June 1st.

We've have to tune this boat around....
How does a Jericho March & Sing Along sound??

If Our Reps Don't fix this O'bidEn mess,, its Time To Sing them the songs of our future until they sing along from our leading's.

Teach your Children Well !!!!

# 2023-03-15 01:59
+1 # Just think boring things would be if things went smoothly ......NHydg 2023-03-15 01:38
Demons must have some of us targeted for annoyance ......
I have a saying ..... " If it weren't for all the problems that show up I wouldn't have anything to do , cause I would have it all done"
# Its got a termNZ KIWI 2023-03-15 01:52
Apparently its called SHADOW HOURS WORKED ,thethese are all the bloody gove sytem invented ways contrived Extra hours that are taxed or robbed from us when we endeaver
# Loop de loopMp 2023-03-15 00:45
I thought it was a rerun.
+3 # Thought I was going crazylodilaker 2023-03-14 23:52
My wife and I were listening and all of a sudden we swore we heard it before, reset the website and it cleared for a minute and then….it happened again. Loop de loop. Lol. Your show was excellent thank you. !
# ALL SOFTWARE IS 2023-03-14 23:24
That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Software is garbage, none of it worth a damn.
+6 # Glitches or not...Doug Brown 2023-03-14 23:10
It didn't matter.
So what if we heard 6-8 openings..
So what if it looped.
It was a great show...jam packed
And informational

The errors added to the authenticity
I loved it.
+4 # Hopefully your tech guytrimmer 2023-03-14 22:55
Can make there for your birthday tomorrow!
+3 # musta been those peskys Russians messing with you againselah 2023-03-14 22:52


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