Active Duty NATO-Country Troops Found Beheaded and Hands Cut-off in Soledar Ukraine

Active Duty NATO-Country Troops Found Beheaded and Hands Cut-off in Soledar Ukraine

Russian troops making successful progress into Soledar, Ukraine, are coming upon hideous scenes.  Former ACTIVE-DUTY NATO TROOPS, with their HEADS and HANDS CUT-OFF to prevent/Delay their identification.  Ukraine is desperate to conceal NATO active troops fighting Russians.

The brief video below contains horrifying and graphic images of the dead bodies of NATO active duty troops, beheaded and without hands. The video shows gruesome and horrifying images of actual death.  Viewer discretion is strongly advised:

Making it all the more horrible, the Russian forensic examiners reveal these troops WERE ALIVE when their heads and hands were cut off.  Pooling of blood from the wounds makes clear the hearts of these men were still pumping when their heads and hands were cut off. This seems to indicate the Ukrainians MURDERED the active-duty NATO troops so they could not be captured alive, which would prove their active duty status!

Whether or not the men were alive when they were beheaded and behanded, the hideous reality is that Ukraine did this to prevent identification of these men as ACTIVE NATO TROOPS . . . active duty NATO troops being in direct war, fighting against Russia.

For months, NATO mouthpieces have repeatedly denied they are active participants in the was.  This video gives lie to those claims.



Troops from the Russian Private Military Contractor "WAGNER PMC" have found similar beheaded troops in Bakhmut.  They managed to identify the troops from their cellular telephones.   In Bakhmut, the troops were from Poland and . . . . . . . . .  Israel.



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