Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID Vax

Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID Vax

A large effort is now underway to normalize medical and health problems in children, CAUSED BY the COVID vaccines.  This outright propaganda is already trying to make light of kids having Strokes, Heart Attacks, and getting Bells Palsy - all side effects of the phony COVID Vaccine they've pushed on society.


-1 # Message from HVM, non-Christmas letter from a Commie sister.Haarnaś 2021-12-11 15:23
5,067 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, transmitted in 1/2/2021
Dear children, ye are important for the realization of My Plans. Help ye Me. I ask you to keep the flame of your faith burning. Ye live in a time worse than the Flood and the time has come for your sincere repentance. Turn ye away from sin. My Lord loves you. Mankind is moving towards the abyss of self-destruction that men have prepared by their own hands. Do not retreat ye. Stay ye with Me. I will take care of you. Ye walk towards a future where few will remain firm in the truth. The devil will spread confusion everywhere and many will lose faith. I suffer for that which comes to you. Be ye docile. What ye have to do, do not leave ye for tomorrow. Encourage ye yourselves and everywhere bear ye witness that ye are in the world, but ye are not of the world. Forward in the defence of the truth. I will always be with you, though ye does not see Me. This is the message that I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting me to reunite you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay ye in peace.
As Goebbels had bragged, a lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth. My Communist sister sent out her Commie non-Christmas letter entitled Dear friends (but not to me specifically, I had just intercepted it from someone really peeved at it). It was subtitled Covid-19 Pandemic Year 2021. The letter was written, by someone who watches CNN assiduously and reads NYT, obviously. She took two doses of Pfizer in June.

She writes:
"I remember being so happy and optimistic at the end of 2020 when the Pfizer vaccine for
Covid has been approved for use in the US. Several other vaccines have also been approved soon after Pfizer. Then everything that followed, shortages in supplies, controversy over distribution, hesitation in vaccination, endless and unfair criticism of those responsible for vaccination program, confusion, misinformation, unfounded fears.

For me, it was all like that. Obvious. No side effect of vaccines has been worse than Covid itself. It all came down to probabilities,
which strongly spoke in favor of vaccination. Mathematics doesn't lie. It is the purest science that brings humanity to
amazing discoveries. Mathematics is the language of God. Clear and simple.

There are two great dangers on our horizon: the pandemic and climate change, which
they threaten the future of HUMANITY. Why don't we see this great threat? Why will we not take action to reverse this situation? Why don't we look at what unites us and not at what divides us? It's the only world we know. This is the only the world we have. It's time to act responsibly at all levels, from top to bottom and bottom up. We all have to play the role and contribution we can make to ensure the future of future generations.

I firmly believe in the role of GOVERNMENTS in shaping a better future. For most of my career in the ..... industry, I have been
witnessing how governments and their laws help develop a better environment. Business is not unaware of what is happening around
us. However, companies need a level playing field and step in. This is the role of government. Ensuring fair rules that
they regulate our actions fairly. We also have a role in this. So much we can do to individually lower our footprint Carbon. We need to develop the right mindset to get on this path.
# Translation: Medical Authoritarianism Must Be Maintained At All CostPalehorse 2021-12-11 12:39

UK Gov. released a report confirming the Fully
Vaccinated account for 4 in every 5 Covid-19
in England since August

“...latest official data shows that the vaccinated population
have accounted for 3 in every 5 Covid-19 cases, 3 in every
5 Covid-19 hospitalizations
, and 4 in every 5 Covid-19 deaths,
in England since August 16th 2021.”

BUT... the UK announced that ‘Plan B’ would be implemented
in England from December 15th, which would entail ‘working
from home’ (if you can) and the introduction of Vaccine Passports.

The reason given for ‘Plan B’ is to protect the public from the
alleged new Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus. A variant
with just several hundred cases allegedly being confirmed.
+1 # at least a millionAravinda 2021-12-10 20:45
should stand trial in America.
Please pray for and support Reiner Fuellmich and his team, who have been working on Nuremberg 2 for a year now.
It will happen and it will be epic.
+3 # "Kids have strokes, too"Pierre Derelicto 2021-12-10 17:59
... but only if they've been jabbed.

How many innocent kids have to die, before humanity wakes up to the fact that, like it or not, it's under a very real, coordinated assault?
+1 # Solid Perspective & AdvicePierre Derelicto 2021-12-10 18:18
Spot on, Hal.

It's important to kind in mind that there aren't as many vaxed as govt statistics claim. There are too many people who understand the incredible risk inherent in taking an sort of experimental injection into their body. (... aside from those who avoid it for more specific reasons.)

Statistically, minorities have significantly under-performed.

At this point, the VAERS statistical data PROVES, CONCLUSIVELY, how destructive these mRNA injections are. There is no excuse for the FDA continuing "experimental use authorization." They know it's deadly. This cannot be allowed to continue.

They all know the truth about this fatal concoction, but give it a green light, anyway. This is unacceptable; and Hal's right: these people must be held to account.

Truth is a weapon in this war.
+2 # Ugh I live in a libtard arealumpy 2021-12-10 19:59
Everyone is vxxd up in my braindead Biden voting BLM virtue signlling hood. If anyone is not vxxd, they are keeping a low profile 'cause I ain't found them yet.
How do I know everyone's vxxd? I never ask them. Some neighbors just tell me, "Oh I'm fully vaxxd" while smirking proudly. I was stunned. I think they wanted me to clap my hands and say "congratulations".
One family is so hard core into the Fauci cult religion, they make their children wear masks while playing outside with other neighborhood children.
+1 # RE: Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID VaxDanbowser71 2021-12-10 15:45
There's a video on the web sight 444
The title is ;demon spill the beans on black magic In the V
I think after watching you will understand the real Evil behind the vax.
# This is sick.Haarnaś 2021-12-10 13:31
Pray for the second coming of Jesus Christ. In him is the only hope. The long-awaited Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to arrive very soon, but it will encompass only those who love her! Get your Holy Rosary and use it/

Catholic seers are reporting that after December 8th, the Immaculate Conception of HVM feast, St. Joseph is no longer able to hold back the Antichrist. Therefore, expect things to get much worse by several orders of magnitude now!

5,214 – Message from Our Lady, Queen of Peace, at Feast of the Immaculate Conception, transmitted in 12/8/2021
Dear children, I am the Immaculate Conception. I have come from Heaven to call you to holiness. I ask ye to keep the flame of your faith burning and to try everywhere to imitate My Son Jesus. Do not allow ye the sin to contaminate you. Seek ye the Mercy of My Jesus through the Sacrament of Confession, for only then can ye reach Heaven. Humanity walks towards the abyss of self-destruction that men have prepared by their own hands. Turn ye away from all evil and live ye towards the Paradise for which ye were uniquely created. I am your Mother and I want you free from all sin. Do not allow ye your freedom to take you away from My Son Jesus. Give ye the best of yourselves and ye will be great in the faith. The demon will sow great confusion in the House of God. Many truths will be abandoned and men will embrace that which is false. Be ye careful. The Lord loves you and waits for you. This is the message that I transmit to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to reunite you here once more. I bless you, in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Stay ye in peace.
-3 # Verily, verily I be skeptical.AlcoluJohn 2021-12-10 16:44
Why would a Jewess born 15-or-so BC speak in doggerel King James Version English? I could buy Hebrew, Aramaic or even Latin (after all, she's a ROMAN saint), but "ye" olde English?
-2 # RE: Verily, verily I be skeptical.Haarnaś 2021-12-11 14:46
Quoting AlcoluJohn:
Why would a Jewess born 15-or-so BC speak in doggerel King James Version English? I could buy Hebrew, Aramaic or even Latin (after all, she's a ROMAN saint), but "ye" olde English?

Because she is the Quenn of Everything under the Sun (see below) and this is God the Father's will. She, from the day she was born never deviated a fraction of an inch from carrying out God's will and was awarded accordingly. Can you say the same about yourself and all the other heretics roaming these pages?

HVM was not a Jewess, she was a Caucasian, just like Jesus. Note her fine feature and thin nose, small mouth!

Byzantine painting in Poland since 1378 AD (that means before you were born, smart aleck). The image painted by St. Luke on a wooden tabletop made by St. Joseph.

From the Loretan Litany:
Queen of Angels,
Queen of Patriarchs,
Queen of Prophets,
Queen of Apostles,
Queen of Martyrs,
Queen of Confessors,
Queen of Virgins,
Queen of all Saints,
Queen conceived without original sin,
Queen assumed into heaven,
Queen of the most Holy Rosary,
Queen of families,
Queen of peace.
Queen of Poland

Here are just a few of her additional titles:
Mirror of justice,
Seat of wisdom,
Cause of our joy,
Spiritual vessel,
Vessel of honour,
Singular vessel of devotion,
Mystical rose,
Tower of David,
Tower if ivory,
House of gold,
Ark of the covenant,
Gate of heaven,
Morning star,
Health of the sick,
Refuge of sinners,
Solace of Migrants,
Comfort of the afflicted,
+1 # Try to Normalize Problems from COVID VaxPalehorse 2021-12-10 12:49

A doctor reports that 4 army soldiers decided to get
the clot-shot on the same day. Within 2 weeks 3 died.

(Reported within the first 4 minutes of this video.)

The Liberty Man John Moore joins Mike Adams to
reveal China's GENOCIDAL plans to wipe out the
American people.
# RE: Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID VaxPalehorse 2021-12-10 10:36

" host Glenn Beck broke
down the astonishing revelations, claiming key members
of the federal government quietly entered into a
joint ownership of Moderna’s mRNA vaccine just as
the pandemic was poised to hit the US.

# Mode RNA,, a solution to extinction level eventplasmaglyphs 2021-12-10 18:52
ModeRNA's original funding goal,,, the rebuilding of the human race after an extinction-level event..
I'm almost positive that came from Dr. David Martin in a speach at a recent conference,, held by Clay Clark.. I think it was the Health Freedom Conference..
This is one segment...

I'm not finding the exact link,,, sorry..

# Controlled Opposition???plasmaglyphs 2021-12-10 23:58
A question is raised About Dr. David Martin: Is he a Masonic Shill ,, controlled opposition?

These are times when we should ask the tough
questions and not be reluctant to examine the uncomfortable clues.

See part two..

I would tend to agree with the clues being worth asking very tough questions... Is he a new age'r?
In the following interview some of his comments seem to come from eastern mysticism,, or new age philosophy..

more at
+1 # Time= 6min 55secplasmaglyphs 2021-12-10 19:08
The link above was the correct one where Dr. David Martin exposes:
That Mode-RNA got its funding under a grant from the National Science foundation for Darwinian Chemical Systems for a process to write in the DNA of life after an extinction level event..

+2 # Treasonous Acts behind Covid19plasmaglyphs 2021-12-10 19:22
Here is the full presentation,, Dr. David Martin
The Treasonous Acts behind the Covid 19 Plandemic.

# OOPS! I forgot something...Palehorse 2021-12-10 10:39

+8 # The Second Coming of JesusYogacat5 2021-12-10 10:09
"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Ephesians 6:12

There won't be any Nurenberg-2 tribunal as the courts/legal system have been corrupted. Even if Nuremberg-2 trials took place, who would enforce the convictions?

We need to stop putting our faith in man and look to Jesus Christ as our savior. This is a fight against good and evil and Jesus Christ is our ONLY HOPE for salvation.
# yogacatAravinda 2021-12-10 20:49
everytime you agree with the evil ones you give them power.
The courts are corrupt because people like you have done nothing to uphold your duties and responsibilities and hold their public servants to their oath. Everyone must refuse to aid and abet anything unconstitutional.
+3 # RE: Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID Vaxkarlk 2021-12-10 09:44
All those sesame street images are fake.
+1 # RE: Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID Vaxmjc 2021-12-10 20:28
Correct. The bus sign is real, however. Same ad is on the subways.

I do not recall the 'necessity' for a 'kids have strokes too' campaign until now. because kids DON'T have strokes. Not in any significant number.....until now. That WAS a 1 in 100k chance......until now.

Theyre turning the gas-lighting up to 11 on this.
+2 # NJAravinda 2021-12-10 20:51
dept of health is running ads on tic toc showing kids making christmas lists to santa and saying they don't want video games or toys. They want the jab.

This plandemic has uncovered the vast amount of drooling, useless idiots who have made this world the evil place it is.
+1 # RE: NJmjc 2021-12-10 23:43
It'll get worse. Wait for the (NY state funded)
''Jesus....I want the jab.' campaign.

"Take the clot-shot, little boy. Jesus said to do it. Tell Mommy, Jesus said to do it."
+1 # RE: NJmjc 2021-12-11 00:57
I'm not taking the jab.
'67 or so by birth.

+2 # they are too similar to the bus advertlumpy 2021-12-10 18:16
Huh, it will be real in a month or two
+1 # Give it timepmoore67 2021-12-10 10:58
I'll give it more time to verify. Don't forget they had two men that were married (sodomites).
# bert and ernielumpy 2021-12-10 18:18
were gay before it was cool. Grooming gen X for the gayness to come.
+3 # RE: bert and ernieJFY 2021-12-10 19:26
Ernie and Bert weren't gay.

That's just some woke bullcrap the marxists pulled out of their... thin air a couple of years ago.

Not that it's relevant given the state of the world, but before all this in your face communism, they were simply brothers; as in relatives.

they turned them into fudgepackers.
# yes jfyAravinda 2021-12-10 20:53
the man who created bert and ernie got attacked by the freaks for saying they were NOT gay.

I never thought they were gay and sesame street used to be good.
+2 # Just what in the word Mandator?yacturner067 2021-12-10 09:12
The word Mandate in Blacks Law Dictionary is not what many of us think? Stand your ground because those that give way erode our constitutional rights!
# "The Devil Said" 2021-12-10 08:43
Little Girl "I'm A Rattle Snake" and totally misunderstood. I bit a woman named Eve and "A Guy Named Jesus Made A Big Deal Out Of It." So I decided to help everybody and had my agents "Mass Produce My Bite In The Covid-19 Vaccine" and "Everybody Enjoyed My Bite," so much so "That It's Been Decided To Give My Bite Too Little Babies, Children, Teenagers," as well, "The Adults." The exciting News is "Soon My Bite Shall Release You From This Earth." For a Special Treat copy and paste this link and watch:
+2 # RE: Ad Campaigns -Propaganda- Try to Normalize Problems from COVID 2021-12-10 08:39
This is victim blaming.
It is just too bad - words fail me.
+7 # AgreeCloudNebula 2021-12-10 08:39
This is disgusting and evil. I wonder if it could be so far out that it might cause a backlash? Probablly not by the liberal sheep. CNN and the people behind Sesame Street should also be included for the Nuremberg 2 trials.


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