After Turks Green-Light Finland-Sweden into NATO, Russia announces No Turkish Buffer Zone in Syria

After yesterday's astounding announcement that Turkey had withdrawn its objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, the Kremlin announced the following today:

"Russia will participate in liberating all occupied Syrian lands from Kurdish and Turkish militias. It will not allow the establishment of a Turkish buffer zone."

This now sets Russia directly on a path to military confrontation with Turkey.

The Turks have insisted there be at least a 30 mile "Buffer Zone" in northern Syria, into which no Kurdish may live or travel   Turkey regards the Kurds and their political group the PKK, as "Terrorists."

Not even one day after Turkey sold-out Russia by agreeing to withdraw objection to Finland and to Sweden becoming members of NATO (on Russia's border), the Russians now make clear Turkey's desires and goals inside Syria "will not be allowed."

Wasn't there a prophecy: "When the Russians return to Constantinople, put on your sack cloth and pray; the return of the Messiah is near."

With this new development, it is now a foreseeable consequence that Russia and Turkey might war, and that the Russians will return to Constantinople (now called Istanbul.)




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