AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to Taiwan

AGAIN!   U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to Taiwan

The United States has once again publicly stuck its finger in the eye of China by sending another Congressional Delegation aboard a military aircraft, directly to Taiwan.

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), Representative John Garamendi (D-CA), Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-CA), Representative Don Beyer (D-VA), Territorial Delegate Amata (R- American Samoa) flew into Taiwan on a U.S. Air Force Boeing C-40C, Call Sign "SPAR11" and landed at 8:04 AM Taiwan local time Sunday.

Taiwan Vice Minister Yui "extended the warmest of welcomes to Taiwan’s longstanding friend Sen. Markey & his cross-party delegation comprising Rep. Garamendi, Rep. Lowenthal, Rep. Don Beyer & Rep. Amata."   The vice Minister went on to say "We thank the like-minded US lawmakers for the timely visit & unwavering support."

It is not yet known why these members of Congress chose to fly to Taiwan, especially since the issue is clearly sensitive to Beijing, other than to intentionally antagonize Beijing.



# Keep psyop 2022-08-16 11:44
Keep eyes on Taiwon . Sneak up onm taking over US.
-1 # NOTHING AGAINPaul Kurzlee 2022-08-15 13:29
Just like the Putin useless POS, it looks like Xi has been taking lessons from ole Vlad how to NOT retaliate. This article should be titled... AGAIN..... NO retaliation from Xi or his good buddy Putin. Xi allows gringo to do whatever in HIs country and does nothing. Just like the bragging by the Putin a couple weeks ago this idiot also promised to shoot the planes down. And what happens???????? NOTHING AGAIN.
# RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to TaiwanLinda Seikkula 2022-08-15 07:59
Maybe their securing their financial interest in crooked State Governments.
-1 # RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to Taiwanpsampson 2022-08-15 01:24
WWIII, why yes, that is exactly what their (NWO satanic psycho's) want.......
# RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to Taiwanbleedingblue 2022-08-15 01:16
I was reading an article talking about a lot of the tiawanees wanting to join China because of the ultra liberal radicals taking over tiawan and pushing the gay agenda
-1 # RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to TaiwanPaul Kurzlee 2022-08-15 13:31
Quoting bleedingblue:
I was reading an article talking about a lot of the tiawanees wanting to join China because of the ultra liberal radicals taking over tiawan and pushing the gay agenda

They aint the only country noticing this. Why do you think I feel like I do?
-2 # VotingPeachey 2022-08-14 23:49
Doesn’t mail in ballots for the elections start in some states early, like September. Will the Dem try to stop early voting by triggering a war.
-2 # Poking the DragonEagleLady77 2022-08-14 22:30
Why are they poking the Chinese Dragon? Are they trying to cause trouble for Taiwan? And why do it right now, when China and Russia and Iran are having war drills in Venezuela, which is close to America? Are they trying to push for World War III? That could give them an excuse to cancel the midterm elections.
+1 # Just look at them!acturner067 2022-08-14 22:10
Those people have the look of a poor representation of our nation. They look pitiful and sickly to me. Maybe they are there for a vacation/parting fun on our tax money? Should China have anything to be concern about from a few sickly Demos illegally in Twain? Maybe, time will tell.
# Looks like folks heading to Hawaiisupporttheblue 2022-08-15 18:12
Not Taiwan
# Mask charadechuckjb 2022-08-14 22:58
Agreed! ... why are they continuing with the mask charade. The cdc has publicly (quickly) said the wuhan flu is masking/ quarantine
/jab does not work.
+1 # Congressrogue_ 2022-08-14 22:05
A member of Congress is supposed to represent the people of their district. What the fuck does Taiwan have to do with their districts? There is some crooked shit going on here...
# █▓▒░ We All Trust The FBI ░▒▓█Palehorse 2022-08-14 18:29

____________FBI bulletin...
warns of 'dirty bomb' threat and increasing calls for 'civil war' in wake of raid on Mar-a-Lago: MAGA supporters in show of support for Trump with vehicle parades outside his New Jersey golf course and Palm Beach resort

Where did the Trump supporters get a 'dirty bomb'?
+7 # FBI threat,oldschool 2022-08-14 21:32
So, the FBI is going to set off a 'dirty bomb' and blame it on Trump supporters. Yep, that's right up their alley alright.
-1 # RE: FBI threat,Paul Kurzlee 2022-08-15 13:35
Quoting oldschool:
So, the FBI is going to set off a 'dirty bomb' and blame it on Trump supporters. Yep, that's right up their alley alright.

Well maybe not. Because there aint a thinking person left in this shithole country that would believe that narrative any more. So they might have to think up something we aint already seen ten million times already.
+1 # No 5g in Palm Beach area?acturner067 2022-08-14 19:50
In the state of Florida, a law has been passed that allows mobile operators to deploy 5G antennas anywhere without authorization. Palm Beach, place of residence u.a. from billionaire Bill Gates and US President Donald Trump, was exempted. Imagine That.
# Tomorrow Never DiesJohn Jones 2022-08-14 18:07
We all know the dangers of MSM on this site. Teri Hatcher got hit with the ugly stick back in '97.
+8 # MasksTim421 2022-08-14 17:51
Every time I see people that know better wearing a mask it depresses me. Lately I have been depressed a lot about society. I am 60 and remember when times were somewhat normal. Luckily I have a great wife and 2 great adult kids or I may have ended it. Thanks for all the info Hal !
-2 # Couple of possibly mitigating scenariosFollowTheeMoreNearly 2022-08-14 20:43
Hi, Tim. 1. I have a lot of allergies; I'm not allergic to green beans or ROCKS. For many years, when it's really bad, I've worn an N95 mask. (Some years I draw funny smiles and nostrils.) Bell shaped curve response: some have seen the mask and act like I have plague while others smile at my cartoon smile.
2. I have a dear friend with a genetic degenerative condition of her jaw bones. She's only 62 and has had to have most of her teeth pulled. She has been profoundly depressed, not wanting to leave the house, but she has found wearing masks allows her to show her face in public. (Yes, I'd help her if I had the means, for SURE. We're barely making it as it is.)
A mask can be a crutch for some people. Hoping you feel a little less sad when you see masked people. Maybe say a quick prayer for them!
# RE: MasksMaid4theLamb64 2022-08-14 17:59
I know what you mean. I happen to have a cousin your age with the same name, Tim. Even named my youngest after him.

Our generation has seen so much change. If it were not for God's grace, and my own family, I don't know how I would get through each day. God bless!
+6 # Face Diapers....Maid4theLamb64 2022-08-14 17:47
They all look downright silly, standing there, "smiling" for the camera, with their faces swathed in diaper cloth!!

Why "smile" for a photo when you cannot possibly be recognized? Posterity will wince and cringe, horrified at the sight.

These people are OUTSIDE, for Pete's sake! And this is NOT the bubonic plague!!!

+1 # Baiting someone to invoke actionRed Deer 2022-08-14 17:36
These US Democrats are like a kid daring some one else to run out into traffic. We are gonna get our collective clocks cleaned if they , Democrats, keep this stuff up. China is not going to sit ideally by but will foment a plan to ruin our economy with help from other countries that real don't care about the US. That list of countries is growing by the day.
-4 # Tomorrow Never DiesJohn Jones 2022-08-14 17:13
We all know tge dangers of MSM on this site. Teri Hatcher got hit with the ugly stick back in '97.
-3 # Take THAT China!!! Dragon my ass.Kill Roy 2022-08-14 16:50
Now go throw a big baby fit around Taiwan waters for a couple of weeks like the good toothless dog you are. And don't forget to bark loud enough so we can all hear you from across the ocean.

Or maybe grow a couple? LOL!!! You suck.
+11 # One person suggestedDoug Brown 2022-08-14 16:50
One person suggested the CCP, Chinese
Communist Party, regularly monitors
Hal's site. Good. How they know this is another
Commenting on the lack of freedom in China
and that the murderous regime should be
overthrown is good, not bad.
Let's state that again.
+2 # Thats Stupid As ShitForrest Mosby 2022-08-14 16:14
But pretty cool
+19 # Duties of Congressshirley5520 2022-08-14 16:04
I have reviewed the duties of the House of Representatives, and nowhere did I see a duty that said they are to take time away from representing their voters and go to foreign countries to represent the United States. If I missed something, please let me know.
-1 # probly a initiation testMildB 2022-08-15 12:19
Mask up and take the exotic exclusive tax payer tour of the Share Plan. ITS FREE!
+12 # RE: Duties of Congressebelfer52 2022-08-14 16:25
exactly correct. it's the state departments job to represent the usa to other nations, and or the president. anyone else could be considered a hatch act violation depending on their role there.. not that the doj cares what anyone with a D after their name does
+4 # Stuck a few fingersNda 2022-08-14 15:55
That will be the final straw. That's a real middle finger situation right there.

Also, of course the CCP monitors this site and many others, so the imperialists ego is sure to go full dragon. Maybe they're all in on this 'master plan'.

Brushing my teeth this a.m., lol, I suddenly recalled all the hijab wearing lunacy of a few years back. Even actresses, those people who study words from a script then recall them later on film or stage, lol, were donning them.

Then the mask enslavement followed.

Besides all that, I enjoy reading everyone's insightful and often hilarious comments.

+2 # RE: Stuck a few fingersIgorbzo 2022-08-14 19:07
I agreed, there are looking for war, is the only conclusion that I can come up with, there's no other reasons
+1 # RE: Stuck a few fingersThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-08-14 16:22
First, the site starts out with “useful idiots” spreading pro-Russia propaganda. Now we have other useful idiots putting out pro-China propaganda. On one hand, I have no use for our govt. but on the other hand I don’t think it’s OK for other countries to dictate any policies to us.
+3 # Stuck in the 2022-08-14 16:35
Reminds me of the song…

“ Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right,
Stuck in the middle with you” - Stealers Wheel

# "It's About Money And The Cut!" 2022-08-14 15:38
None of this mess had to happen "Had Hunter 'The Untouchable' Biden Been Able To Fly Too Taiwan to Set Deal Picking Up Payoffs and Kick-Backs for Dad and Our Communist (Paid By Communist Chinese Party) L-Congress." The Problem was and is "Hunter 'THE BAG-MAN' Has Come Under Too Much Scrutiny By The Public-At-Large To Pick Up A Load Of Cash For Distribution To Our Washington DC Current Federal Government Leadership." You see even through "Hunter is a Crack-Head Dope Addict and Whore Monger especially Loving Prostitutes," but nevertheless, "A Genius On Working Out Terms, Payoffs, Kick-Backs, Collections, and Distribution to Our Current Communist Government Leadership."
+8 # WTF???Bob 2022-08-14 15:37
First, why the face diapers?

Second, they are probably checking on their investments just like piglosi.

This is just so disgusting, not to mention dangerous.
+9 # The free practice of ChristianityDoug Brown 2022-08-14 15:20
China is a parish state, if for no other
reason than it's state enforced atheism.
China Forbids the free practice of Christianity.
Carrying a Bible publically is illegal.
Declaring that Jesus Christ is the Son Of God
will land you in prison.
Quit supporting the CCP.
QUIT KOW-TOWING to the bloody murderous CCP.
+4 # RE: The free practice of ChristianityThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-08-14 16:24
Doug, good points.
+3 # Inquiring minds...LauraL 2022-08-14 16:05
Do you buy things made in China? Have you ever? Do you shop at Walmart? How about Costco?
Do you have any respect for others who are not of the western mindset or even bother to understand other cultures?
Now that I think of it, do you purchase items made in America? The America that is persecuting conservatives who are by and large Christians?
-3 # MENTDoug Brown 2022-08-14 15:21
# Pumping their Portfolioggn231 2022-08-14 15:14
Like Pelosi, they probably have sizable portfolios in the future of American microchip production. (see chips act they just passed).
If Taiwan keeps pumping out cost effective top quality chips their investment will never pay.
They need that Chinese embargo of Taiwan NOW. What better way to kick that off than to go poke China in the eye again.
+9 # The Deep State wants war!paulattahoe 2022-08-14 15:14
These bastards are running under Rothschild's orders.
+4 # Bitch?Bobbyjames1 2022-08-14 15:13
How many times is America going to call Xi jinping bitch before he attacks?
+2 # To Countenance ChinaDoug Brown 2022-08-14 15:12
To countenance China is like honoring
A pedophile.
To support the CCP in turning away one's support
from the Taiwanese is to honor those that
falsely imprison.
China is a military dictatorship craving honor.
China affords no rights to its people.
China is not a free country.
To pretend like China is a free country is wrong.
The Taiwanese people deserve better.
+6 # RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to TaiwanGunner 2022-08-14 14:58
WTF are these stupid Oxygen THIEVES up to? Other than wasting $$ as usual.
# OH Shit!Steve in Buffalo 2022-08-14 14:40
I can't believe they did that.
Oh wait, yes, I can.
SMDH. Vigorously.
+5 # AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to 2022-08-14 14:37
Seems to be an Alliance with China? Just the people don’t know?? Hummm...
+3 # ThievesMANYROUNDS 2022-08-14 14:29
They look like the bandits they are.
+4 # ELECTION STEALERSDean Easterling 2022-08-14 14:23
The people of Taiwan have a very good chance of dying because of these no good for nothing, greedy, trash, election stealers.
+1 # Taiwanese deathsLauraL 2022-08-14 16:13
They only have their own President to blame. He originally urged Pelosi not to come then he changed his mind. What did Pelosi promise him??? Now this. Taiwan's president made their bed. Hope they don't die in those beds.
-3 # Collateral 2022-08-14 15:32
For NWO actions…same ol, same ol
# RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to TaiwanThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-08-14 14:18
Who cares if the chicoms are agitated? They damn sure don’t care about their own people whom they terrorize, oppress, and kill on a daily basis. So F@#$ the chicoms!
-1 # Exactly.Doug Brown 2022-08-14 20:33
You said it perfectly.
+2 # WWIIIVercinge 2022-08-14 14:17
It is scientifically proven that the mask is absolutely useless, from a health point of view, but it is even very harmful to health. It has always been and is only a sign of insane subjection to Zionism, which wants to kill most of mankind and to enslave the survivors. Apart from this, we must admit in these American politicians a good dose of recklessness because the Chineses, like the Russians, do not joke and if so far they have not put their full potential into play, they have done so not out of fear, but out of a sense of responsibility. For honesty of information, even the parliamentarians of the Russian Duma wear masks during Putin's speech, without thinking that their example will force Russian mothers to torture their very young children, who will carry this trauma throughout their life. Frankly, I don't understand why Putin himself didn't tell them to wipe that grotesque rag off their faces.

Covid 19 has hit everyone's brains making the world situation extremely worrying.
+11 # OT: Not for the faint of heart.JFY 2022-08-14 14:16
This is posted on Jim Stone's site. No wonder the mass die-off is starting to pick up steam. Who can survive something like this? These "people", the ones ultimately responsible for this ("The Destroyers", as Hal calls them) and all their minions, should be diced and quartered in every public square in the world.


From Jim Stone's site :

OMG!! Rense posted a video of a clotted heart

You could see the heart was struggling badly. They stopped it for the surgery and pulled out clots that were EXACTLY THE SAME as what the undertakers are pulling out of people's legs after the Pfizer shot. This is a horrifying video.

The heart was beating. They stopped it. They cut an artery. They found the clot. They pulled it out and it is EXACTLY the same as what is coming out during embalming sessions, The heart keeps beating even when these clots are obviously stuck in the valves, it just works harder to make up for it until it fails. This is BY FAR the most shocking video ever posted yet. It is hosted by Rense because there's no way Youtube or any other con job would ever allow it.
+6 # RE: OT: Not for the faint of heart.Gunner 2022-08-14 15:02
Oh that is completely normal: NOT!!!! Good Lord seriously wtf?
+8 # RE: AGAIN! U.S. Sends ANOTHER Congressional Delegation on Military Plane to TaiwanLambs Servant 2022-08-14 14:10
Poking the bear on one side of the world and poking the dragon on the other side of the world.
+4 # They Really want a war with ChinaGaryhines 2022-08-14 14:03
Hi Hal as our nation slips into 3rd world status .you agov hell bent on starting wars .let's keep sending more money to Ukraine .and bloody the killing fields.hal your government doesn't give damn about the people of the United States Hal .so when this war starts with China Hal .your military will be sacrificed to the greater cause of allowing China to win and take over the United States.Hal. their speeding up their plans .Hal there not likely going to wait much longer Nov is D Day when China moves on Taiwan. then we're next on the hit list. Hal . Get Ready for the big event. Hal .
-1 # All the world’s a 2022-08-14 13:50
So another contingent of US lawmakers head to Taiwan, another batch with the “ laws for thee but not for me “ mindset.

Remember the group from April of this year? Pretty much under the radar…

So listen to a parody mashup of Comey/Clinton with more “ rules for thee “ antics…


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