Telephone call recordings between former Congressman Curt Weldon (D-PA), Attorney Brian Ettinger (Biden's Attorney), and Al Parrot of the Central Intelligence Agency prove conclusively that the United States knew Osama Bin Laden was being hidden inside Iran after the attacks of 9-11 . . . . because it was the U.S. itself that ARRANGED for Osama Bin Laden to hide there! 

The entire war in Afghanistan, launched to force Afghanistan to turn over Bin Laden, was a complete fraud because when it was launched, President George W. Bush and other high level officials in his Administration, such as CIA Director Leon Panetta, already knew Osama Bin Laden was in Iran; THEY arranged for it!

This fraud was CONTINUED by the Obama Administration and a key player in it was . . .  Vice President Joseph Biden.  It was Biden's attorney and friend, Brian Ettinger, who laid out many of the details in the audio recording below, during a conference call from a car phone.  Ettinger was in a car with then-Congressman Curt Weldon.  

During that conversation, it comes out that later, during the Obama Administration, "Hillary Clinton's (then Secretary of State) and Leon Panetta's (then CIA Director) fingerprints are all over this."

A transcript of the audio recording appears below.   Beneath that is a telephone recording you can listen to proving every word in the transcript.

These are only a small PART of the actual evidence that is now coming out through Intelligence Circles.  More is coming, and it gets much, much worse.

In fact, you will read in the transcript and hear in the recording below, that the Intelligence Community identified three separate mechanisms used by the Administration of George W. Bush to facilitate and maintain the hiding of Bin Laden in Iran, and two separate mechanisms later used by the Obama/Biden Administration - with Hillary Clinton - to CONTINUE HIDING BIN LADEN!

What this comes down to is unimaginable:

Based on what you read in the Transcript below, and can hear for yourself in the telephone recording below, then-President GW Bush sent US Troops into war in Afghanistan after the attacks of 9-11 despite knowing in advance that "war" was based on a complete fraud. A fraud manufactured by Bush and his Administration!  That, it seems to me, makes Bush's actions, MURDER.

Many of our troops died. Others came back forever maimed.  How's THAT for a betrayal of our nation and the murderous betrayal of our military troops?

Worse, you will hear and read below that members of Congress and the Senate KNEW Bin Laden was in Iran, and NONE of them told the American people or took any action at all to stop the war in Afghanistan. 

Some of the officials NAMED in the telephone recording below: 

US Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, knew.   Remember this if you see her on the campaign trail over the next 20 some-odd days.  She will be out and about, and very accessible by the public.

Maybe families of the dead and wounded service members should make a point of "meeting" the Senator on the campaign trail?  Maybe "thank her" in their own special way for allowing their family members in the Services to be slaughtered and permanently maimed in a war she knew was all lies but did nothing to stop it?

Former  US Senator Joseph Lieberman, Democrat of Connecticut, knew.

Former US Congressman Curt Weldon, Democrat of Pennsylvania knew.

There were others who knew as well.  They will ALL be named soon.

You will also read in the Transcript below and hear in the recording that former President Barack Obama and his Vice-President, Joseph Biden KNEW Osama Bin Laden was being hidden in Iran.  Neither man stopped the war in Afghanistan.

Every U.S. military member who was killed during the war years in Afghanistan, died for nothing.  Every service member injured or maimed for life, suffered those things for nothing.

The entire war was a complete lie; engineered with the approval of then-President George W. Bush, his CIA Director Leon Panetta, and was carried out for years despite the fact that Senators Susan Collins of Maine, and then-Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, along with then-Congressman Curt Weldon of Pennsylvania (and others in Congress) knew.  They knew and they did nothing to stop it or to tell the American people.

Moreover, as the war and deaths continued during the Obama Administration, both Barack Obama and his Vice-President, Joseph Biden KNEW TOO.  They kept the charade going! ! ! ! !   

Remember this, too, when you see Joe Biden out on the campaign trail over the next 20 some-odd days.  He, too, will be very accessible by the public.

Can any of you imagine what the families of dead, injured, and maimed service members might decide to do now that this information is coming out?

Oh well, these government officials built their treehouse; let them sit in it.


In the recordings (2) you are about to listen to, CIA's Allan Parrot is speaking with then US Congressman Curt Weldon (D-PA) who is picking up Attorney Brian Ettinger at an airport.  

It's legit.

Says "we don't want to get Bin Laden. He's protected. Made a deal so he won't hit us in the US."

Parrot confirms He's met with Bin Laden 6 times in Iran.-- all of them AFTER the attacks of 9-11.



The attacks of 9-11 were, by any reasonable definition, "overt acts of war against the united states."   That is the Constitution's definition of "Treason."

President George W. Bush publicly and repeatedly told Americans that the attacks were masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.

Yet Bush and his Administration ARRANGED for Bin Laden to hide in Iran.  THAT is "aiding and abetting"  or at least "giving aid and comfort to an enemy" . . .Treason.

If then Vice President Cheney knew this was going on, then he is guilty of Misprison of a Felony for not revealing it.

Later, when Barack Obama took office, and began negotiating with Iran for the movement of Bin Laden from Iran to Pakistan for their "trophy kill" that too, aided an abetted Bin Laden escaping US Courts.  

Thus, it appears to some folks that Barack Obama and Joseph Biden are also guilty of either Aiding and Abetting Treason, or Misprison of a Felony.

The list of crimes can go on and on and on; yet the US Department of Justice has done nothing.

I think we've waited long enough for them.  I think it's clear they're part of the problem.

The solution to this is clear. 

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