Air-defenses active and firing over Russian airbase in Lattakia, Syria

Air-defenses active and firing over Russian airbase in Lattakia, Syria
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For the first time, Russian air defense systems have gone active and are FIRING from the Russian airbase in Latakia, Syria.  This is likely the S-400 system.

It is not yet known at what they are firing, but suffice it to say the use of this system is no small matter.

We are endeavoring to get additional information.  Updates to appear below. . .



Rebel drones launched from Idlib attempted to penetrate Russia's Hmiemim airbase in Latakia, air defenses swiftly responded.   IT IS ESSENTIAL TO POINT OUT THAT THE "REBELS" ARE U.S.-BACKED.   

Why would the U.S. authorize its proxies to attack the Russian base directly??????   



At least two drones shot down.  Other targets being engaged by Russian air defenses.


Nothing further . . . 



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    His self · 3 months ago
    Hal, a couple of points.

    They are not rebels, they are terrorists.

    These terrorists are proxies for the imperialists and the zionist state.

    On many occasions these terrorists have attempted to attack the Russian forces with drones at Latakia, and have completely failed.