UPDATED 10:31 PM EDT -- Biden Sends "War Powers" Notification to Congress over Gaza Situation

UPDATED 10:31 PM EDT -- Biden Sends "War Powers" Notification to Congress over Gaza Situation

Al Jazeera is reporting utterly massive and continuous bombardment of the northern Gaza Strip; unlike anything seen so far.  They believe a ground offensive has begun.  ALL COMMUNICATIONS CUT OFF.  Phones, Fax, Internet, Cellular all off.


The image below is one of the massive explosions reported in Gaza:

More info as I get it.  12:14 PM EDT 

UPDATE 12:28 PM EDT --

Russian Television (RT) reports complete loss of contact with their crew inside Gaza.  Even TV satellite uplinks are not working; possibly being JAMMED.

Sources in and around Gaza are claiming that the Artillery, Tank, and Airstrikes on the Northern Gaza Strip tonight are the Heaviest they have seen since the start of the War.


 UPDATE 12:49 PM EDT --

Confirming earlier report on communications blackout in Gaza.  Internet connectivity goes to ZERO:

More confirmation:

And more:



Israeli naval vessels have begun shelling the northern tip of the Gaza Strip.   This is in ADDITION to ongoing air strikes, and artillery shelling.

-- Reports of General mobilization announced by Palestinian resistance in West Bank.

-- IDF Spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari says the military has ramped up airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in the last few hours: "The Air Force is striking underground targets very significantly. Ground forces are expanding the ground activity this evening."

--Palestinian Red Crescent says it has lost contact with its operations headquarters in Gaza.

-- IDF Spokesman Hagari announces: “The ground forces are expanding ground operations this evening"

-- IDF set to expand ground operations in Gaza tonight; Israel considers giving up on hostage deal & fully invading Gaza.

-- U.S. President Biden has just been Briefed by his National Security Team on Updates regarding the Situation in Israel and Gaza:


Iran Foreign Minister: "They pressed the button."   (HT remark: I take this to mean the Ground Offensive is a "Go."  )

 -- Israeli Channel 12: “Israel abandons the prisoner deal and prepares for ground entry.”

-- Israeli Diplomatic Officials have stated tonight that they believe Hamas has been “Dragging their Feet” on Hostage Negotiations within Qatar in order to Delay or Halt an Israeli Invasion of the Gaza Strip, and that despite the claims made the last few days by U.S, Egyptian, and Qatari Officials there is No Breakthrough that has been seen; further stating that they are Finished with Waiting.


Columns of Israeli tanks are on the move, approaching the Gaza Border north of Beit Lahia and Beit Hanoun:

-- Hamas official tells the Financial Times the organization 'did not expect this much of a response from America' after the 7th of October attack, adding 'what we are seeing now is the entrance of the US into the battle, and this we didn’t count on'.

 3:50 PM EDT --  Hamas: We hold Israel, Washington, and Western capitals responsible for the massacres in Gaza.

-- Oil prices surge by 3% over Middle East tensions

 -- Hamas calls on Arab countries and the international community to help 'stop the crimes and massacres against our people'


 ***** BULLETIN *****

3:54 PM EDT --



Israeli Tanks have crossed the Border Fence into the Northern Gaza Strip near the City of Beit Hanoun.

-- Gold hits $2,000 an ounce for the first time in five months

-- Oil just spiked 3% and rising.



Israeli tanks have just now begun crossing the Northern Border into Gaza.

 4:05 PM EDT --  Hamas-Linked Accounts are claiming that Israeli Tank has been Struck by an Anti-Tank Guided Missile and Destroyed to the East of Beit Hanou in Northern Gaza.

Meanwhile, up at the West Bank . . . . There is a shootout between Hamas and the IDF at the Nitzani Oz checkpoint in the Tulkarm region. Three homemade bombs were thrown at Israeli soldiers at the checkpoint.


 ***** FLASH *****

Update from Israeli Defense Force: "The Expanded Activity into Gaza Is Not The Anticipated Larger Operation"

 -- The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs states that the Israeli Invasion of the Gaza Strip has begun.


4:10 PM EDT -- Large IDF infantry & armored forces operating in several towns; exchanges of fire and massive airstrikes reported

4:12 PM EDT -- JUST IN: Rocket attacks have begun against U.S. facilities in both Syria and Iraq.

 NOW ALSO IN THE WEST BANK -- The city of Nablus is uprising against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.  Thousands taking to the streets.

4:16 PM EDT -- The map below shows where Israeli forces have entered the northern Gaza Strip:

-- this may be a probing attack . . .

-- Adviser to Israel's PM says military operations are underway and 'when this is over, Gaza will be very different'.

 -- Explosions reported in another US illegal base in Kharab al-Jir area in Hasakah Syria.

Entire West Bank Erupting:

 4:21 PM EDT -- Large Explosions have now also been reported at the Al-Omar Oil Fields in Northwestern Syria which houses a U.S. Operations Base.


 4:24 PM EDT --


Reports of Egyptian Air Force and Israeli Air Force airborne over the EGYPT/ISRAELI border at Eilat and Taba.

Why did Egypt put fighter jets up, and why is Israel mirroring them?   


Just-in:   Egypt deployed air defense systems to the Sinai Peninsula.    Well, Egypt certainly isn't doing that over the Palestinians . . . is Egypt going to war against Israel?

Imagery - Gaza:





Houthis in Yemen are launching ballistic missiles and drones towards Israel.

 -- IDF infantry and armored forces are now operating in Bureij, Beit Hanoun and Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip, with gunfire and heavy airstrikes reported.


EGYPT . . . .     

Grand Imam of Egypt's Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb condemns what Israel is doing now in Gaza as ‘blind terrorism, clear violation of all conventions, norms’



"The area of Beit Hanoun adjacent to the Erez crossing point is being annihilated into oblivion"


DUGIN IN RUSSIA:  "Israel has just declared the beginning of ground operation in Gaza. The Judgment Day is announced. Now the most important events have to follow. All US efforts to prevent or at least to delay it were in vain. This is the war between islamic world and collective West."


4:38 PM EDT -- Initial Reports of Explosions over the City of Eilat in Southern Israel.


-- Turkish President Erdogan is urging residents to come out tomorrow for a rally in support of Palestine.



-- Hamas' Al-Qassam Brigades says it is confronting Israeli ground incursion into Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip; violent clashes taking place on the ground


4:57 PM EDT -- In the Update above showing 4:31 PM, I reported Yemen was launching Ballistic Missiles at Israel.  At the Update above showing 4:38 PM, I reported "Explosions over the city of Eliat" Israel.   Moments ago, Hezbollah's official channel posted a message from a member of Yemen's Ansarullah movement with a single word: 'Eilat'  —  following recent explosions in the southern Israeli city. Hezbollah had previously hinted at involvement if Israel pursued a ground invasion.   With it's posting saying "Eliat" Yemen becomes the first outside country to attack Israel over the Gaza situation.



UN General Assembly adopted a draft resolution calling for an "immediate, permanent and sustained humanitarian ceasefire" in Gaza and demanding a cessation of hostilities immediately.  (HT Remark: Useless words, from Useless people in a Useless organization.   The UN should be dissolved.)


Naval Assault By Israel


SPAIN . . .

Spain's social rights minister says after communications cut off in Gaza, "The objective is clear; they want even more impunity to commit the worst atrocities'



Claims now POURING IN saying a Yemen Missile struck Eliat,Israel and this photo is ALLEGEDLY the aftermath of that hit:

-- Senior Pentagon official: CVN 69 aircraft carrier Dwight D. Eisenhower has passed through the Strait of Hormuz and will be in the waters of the Persian Gulf.


 ***** BULLETIN *****


Syrian army artillery in Daraa has begun shelling Israeli army positions in the Golan Heights.   Syria now becomes the SECOND outside country to begin attacking Israel over the Gaza situation.  At this hour, Yemen and Syria are now, apparently, in this fight.



Al Jazeera reporter Wael al-Dahduh: “We are not all right. Human body parts are everywhere. Missiles are aimed at everyone. The bombing (of Gaza) does not stop for a second.”


********** URGENT **********

5:19 PM EDT --

Coastal areas of Gaza report that American troops of the Delta Force unit are fighting on the ground.  (I am attempting to verify or corroborate these CLAIMS.   I __did__ call the Pentagon Press Office.  It went like this:  "Hello  this is Hal Turner with radio stations WBCQ and WRMI.  I am receiving reports that American troops from the Delta Force allegedly made entry into the Gaza Strip and are engaged in battle.  Does the Pentagon have any comment to make?  The reply: 'Not at this time."  Sooooo, they didn't confirm it, but they also didn't DENY it.)


5:40 PM EDT --

Reports of Heavy LOSSES of Israeli armored vehicles (including tanks) destroyed, and Soldiers KILLED.


RELATED: The Dutch embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, urges all Dutch citizens to leave Iraq immediately.



President of Belarus: "Any attack on Iran will lead to the third world war."


-- Two Senior U.S. Officials have told CBS News that the Israeli Strikes and Ground Operations tonight in the Gaza Strip appear to be the “Rolling Start” to the Full-Scale Invasion of Gaza.



The U.S. State Dept. recommends that U.S. citizens in Lebanon leave now while commercial flights remain available due to the unpredictable security situation. Please see available flight options at Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport

-- Israeli Channel 14 says “Disappointment for our army tonight”

-- MILITARY OBSERVERS: Israeli army has so far failed with a ground invasion and is practicing a scorched earth policy through indiscriminate bombing of Gaza.


***** FLASH *****


North Korean leader Kim Jung Un in a Special Announcement to the people of North Korea, announced: "We are on the threshold of World War III and everyone must prepare."


-- "Moses Staff" an Iranian computer-hacker group warning Israel: "You will undergo irreparable damage in the field of cyber and infrastructure. From now on you should pay for each spilled blood. Wait for huge combined attacks. Our target is clear, specified and accurate"

 -- Military Analyst of Israeli Channel 14: The first land operation is a complete disappointment. The government is gambling with the lives of soldiers.

 -- Israeli Media is reporting that Thousands of Israeli Troops alongside Hundreds of Tanks and Armored Vehicles have entered the Northern Gaza Strip tonight near the City of Beit Hanoun with Heavy and Difficult Fighting against Terrorist Forces ongoing.

-- Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan said there are 'no talks' currently taking place between the group and Israel over a potential ceasefire and prisoner exchange.

 -- The Israeli army received a devastating blow on the outskirts of Bureij camp, and the tanks were burning as if they were toys and dolls — Walla News



In New York City RIGHT NOW, thousands of people are engaging in a "sit-in" at Grand Central Station.  The event, organized by Jews, DEMANDS an immediate cease fire and saying:


--  A source in the Palestinian resistance to Al-Mayadeen: "Israeli army is in a state of hit and run and has not been able to stabilize any of its forces in the main effort areas northeast, northwest, and central in Al-Bureij, therefore it intensifies the shelling at the fronts where they intend to advance."


UPDATE 10:25 PM EDT --

Palestinian sources report that Israeli forces have stormed the Jalazone camp in the West Bank.



"Bleeding for the people of the Arab nation. The failure of the ground attack launched by the occupation forces on the Gaza Strip through three fronts, and there are heavy losses among the enemy’s ranks in terms of soldiers and equipment.

The enemy fell into ambushes prepared by the Palestinian resistance on a number of fronts, and since the beginning of the battle there have been defensive plans against any attempt.

Kornet missiles and Yassin missiles were used to repel the attack, and we expect the enemy to try again.

The Israeli occupation used helicopters to evacuate the wounded and dead from the battlefield."


UPDATE 10:31 PM EDT --

Biden sends War Powers Notification to US Congress.     Here we go . . . . . .


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