As I Write, it is 3:27 AM EST

I spent a significant amount of time traveling today.   About 2.5 hours from PA to NJ.  Then with ZERO NOTICE,  about 3.5 hours MORE from NJ to somewhere else.

Once that 3.5 hours was done, another 40-45 min each way to and from a location.

I just got squared right now, 3:27 AM, until early in the morning - probably maybe five hours from now  -- then there will be more traveling.  Then, after that, even more traveling.

So the news on this website has taken a back seat to what's going on with me having to travel.  Believe me . . . I __have to__ do this.

I can't speak about what's going on yet, but know that I'm OK.

I contemplate the news will resume Sunday afternoon, late.




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