ASSASSINATED: Ecuador Presidential Candidate

ASSASSINATED: Ecuador Presidential Candidate

The leading opposition candidate for President of Ecuador, Fernando Villavicencio, was Assassinated today. He was shot to death leaving a Campaign rally. Video Below (Not gory).

Villavicencio, a member of the country's national assembly, was attacked as he left the event in the northern city of Quito on Wednesday.

A member of his campaign team told local media Mr Villavicencio was getting into a car when a man stepped forward and shot him in the head.

Current president Guillermo Lasso vowed the "crime will not go unpunished".

Witnesses said Mr Villavicencio, 59, was shot three times.

The suspect was also shot in an exchange of bullets with security and later died from his injuries, the country's attorney general said on social media.

The first round of the presidential election is scheduled to take place on 20 August.




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