Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Sounds

Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Sounds

People all over Australia have begun hearing very LOUD, strange, and frightening sounds emanating from the sky!  The one minute Video below tells you everything we know:


# Strange sounds ???Austin321 2023-04-11 00:14
Sounds like Star Trek or maybe the aliens are really here ... LOL
# Solar wind Plays Haunting Music 2003plasmaglyphs 2023-04-10 21:58

A 2019 discussion originally pointed to this 2003 recording..
Later in 2003, during the Halloween Solar superstorm,, earth's aurora extended as far south as southern Arizona,, displayed as a Picket Fence Aurora..

I don't know if that whole year was extra-active with solar activity..

Search the Thunderbolts Project on utube for that period.


Unfortunately the audio trac & article is on a horribly cutterd & tech-trap filled webpage..

Solar Wind Plays Haunting Music on Earth's Magnetic Field
By Elizabeth Howell
last updated July 06, 2022

"When particles from the sun hit Earth during solar storms, our planet breaks into "song.""

+4 # What is that sound?LibertyVibe 2023-04-09 22:41
It sounds like a portal to Hell has been opened.
+1 # What is that sound?LibertyVibe 2023-04-09 22:41
It sounds like a portal to Hell has been opened.
# EYES IN THE SKIESCydoniak 2023-04-09 16:41
# RE: EYES IN THE SKIESCydoniak 2023-04-09 16:44
Quoting Cydoniak:

yeah it's gotta be those hidden, in the open,rock and maple tree speakers/ WE NEED OTHER CORROBORATING WITNESSES. COME ON SOMEONE KNOWS SOMEONE DOWN THERE!
# Electronic mischiefRoom 315 2023-04-09 13:11
Unspeakably easy to do. Probably some drunk cop in a car with a dual speaker siren/pa taking advantage of the aux I put port to have a bit of fun. Some of the new 200 watt+ systems can really reach out ant touch you a half mile away—in the city. Lord knows what they can do in open country.
# Angels Warning?bridalhints 2023-04-09 12:06
Revelation 8:13 And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!
# Robert Dziokrddziok 2023-04-09 11:09
This type of phenomenon is not new. Do some homework and you will find that out. is one site (covers other things as well).
+2 # I commented on bb333Srmay72 2023-04-09 10:26
When he posted this me and my wife freaked because at 11:55, heard a deep moan waiting for the weather to hit connersville Indiana they said was to hit at midnight.
Over the sound of the TV we heard this wierd almost moaning sound so I went outside and over the sound of the wind was creepy. I went in and got my wife I said what is that noise, it was coming from the southwest there was no way it was wind or anything else. I said it sounds like the gates of an evil prisons opening up. It lasted a couple min. It didn't just stop , my wife tried to record it but it didn't sound like what we heard it slowly sounded like it was getting further away then from the same location it sounded like the moans started a "DEEP" DRUMMING CAME SOUNDED LIKE ON AN OLD MOVIE. IT SCARED MY WIFE REALLY BAD because she don't believe like I do but since that night, after researching time difference would have been around the same exact time as Australia I'm over 10,000 miles from there . Lmy wife said ; IM SCARED , IT SOUNDS LIKE GOD OPENED A PRISON AND WAS RELEASING DEMONS. THIS SOUND WAS NOT FROM ANYTHING HERE IT HAD TO COME FROM ABOVE! BELIEVE ME OR NOT THE DEMONS ARE BEING CAST FROM THE HEAVENS FOLKS.
My wife checked Facebook for our towns bitch Paige where people rant about things and we were not the only ones that heard it and several seen strange lights not from anything but covering large parts of the sky . Don't look up! The elite know something is coming last night had a friend that messaged one of the YouTube news I listen to and like the guy that has the site this guy is one of them, just not rich enough to be in the click. He owns a very expensive hotel close to Cheyenne mountain and Denver, said it started about 2 weeks ago families have been booking rooms at his hotel staying a day or two and leaving but more keep coming. He said ITS STARTED SOMETHING BIG IS COMING .
+3 # ?rogue_ 2023-04-09 09:51
Sounds like something from one of those cheesy scifi movies from the 50's.
# Saturn Sounds?JPHorn58 2023-04-09 09:10
Go on YouTube and type in "Sound of Saturn" and comape.
# RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsfrozenorthfarm 2023-04-09 08:23
the article on foreign relations by john brennan will not come through. hope you can fix it.
# Latest article 2023-04-09 08:23
The article about John Brennan gives me a 404 page not found message. Someone may be messing with Hal. 8:22am 4/9/23
# Ditto...dave0975644 2023-04-09 12:57
The article about John Brennan gives me a 404 page not found message. Someone may be messing with Hal. 8:22am 4/9/23

first time I have ever seen that happen...
suprised there aren't more comments about it..
+5 # THUMBS DOWN1.618 2023-04-09 00:38
The thumbs-down button on social media is a creation of the Democrat party and the traitors comprising it's membership; a tool they use to "cancel" someone for thoughts that don't align with the anti-Christian, immoral, un-American, satanic values and ideals imposed by their masters... perfect for casting someone outside of the rainbow-herd forever, without looking up from the all-ages trans-drag show, or losing focus on the determined effort to change the gender determined by God through DNA.
# Thumbs upWAFiddleFarmer 2023-04-09 10:46
The thumbs up button is just as bad. Both are forms of ABA that very few people are resistant to. It has create a whole generation of people who are all about the clicks and will do anything for that thumbs up button. Worse than heroin.
+4 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsbogwon 2023-04-09 00:21
that just joe biden getting a enema from camel toe
+2 # 2016pco 2023-04-08 23:40
Sounds like the sounds people were hearing all over the world in 2016
Almost sounds like portals opening
+3 # The gates of Hell....sixshots 2023-04-08 23:28
The gates of Hell have been opened.
A chorus of wicked shrieking things can be heard.
"Woe to the inhabitants of the earth".
# Jesusjddonahey1990 2023-04-08 23:27
Cosuming fire fan into flame. A passion for your name. spirit of God, fall in this place, lord have your way. With us.
# Countdown is on: 1 year away until the Great North American Solar EclipseMildB 2023-04-08 23:16
The countdown clock stands at less than one year until large parts of North America are cast in the complete shadow of the moon on April 8, 2024, when the Great North American Solar Eclipse traverses the sky.
+2 # WEFfer psy-op...MissinD60s 2023-04-08 22:47
Satanist govt harassing its citizens. Keeping them on edge to make them more pliable.
+1 # star trek sound trackcowgirl 2023-04-08 22:35
could be someone just pulling your leg Hal.... you know I heard they are prepping us for an alien false flag.... part of the brain washing...
+4 # Tik Tokoldschool 2023-04-08 22:16
IS A CCP military App. cannot be trusted.
-3 # China Drafts Religious Law Mandating Houses of Worship ‘Support the Communist Party’MildB 2023-04-08 21:59

The Chinese government recently published a draft version of the 2023 “Administrative Measures for Religious Activity Venues,” a set of restrictions on religion that are even tighter than the 2005 rules they will supersede.
# Get back on your meds......NHydg 2023-04-08 22:42
Get someone to help you get organized on those meds.
-1 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 23:50
-1 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 23:33
-2 # .MildB 2023-04-08 23:14
-2 # J.D. Vance: Railroads Must ‘Pay Every Single Cent’ When They Set Off ‘Chemical BombsMildB 2023-04-08 21:54
‘Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) says the railroad industry must “pay every single cent” when their trains derail and set off a “chemical bomb” in American communities, urging Republicans to get behind his legislation to increase public safety requirements for trains carrying hazardous materials.
-3 # Police Radio 10-CodesMildB 2023-04-08 21:32
# RE: Police Radio 10-CodesForrest Mosby 2023-04-08 21:50
Quoting MildB:
List of Police 10 Codes

Following is a list of some of the most common police 10 codes. Again, it is essential to note that there is no universal set of police ten codes. Usage varies between departments, states, and agencies. If you are aware of any we may have missed, please comment below.

10-1 = Poor reception
10-2 = Good reception
10-3 = Stop transmitting
10-4 = Message received, affirmative, OK
10-5 = Relay this information to (name of a person, officer, etc.)
10-6 = Officer is busy
10-7 = Out of service, unavailable
10-8 = In-service
10-9 = Please repeat (please repeat the message)
10-10 = Negative (no)
10- 11 = Dog case (or another animal)
10-12 = Standby
10-13 = Civilians present and listening (this allows dispatch or other offices not to disclose sensitive information on the radio)
10-14 = Prowler report
10-15 = En route to the station with suspect
10-16 = Domestic problem
10-17 = Meet complainant
10-18 = Urgent matter
10-19 = Return to the station
10-20 = Specify location/my location is (name of location)
10-21 = Place a phone call to (name of person)
10-22 = Disregard
10-23 = Stand by on this frequency (Also, 1023 stands for “on the scene” in some areas)
10-24 = Assignment completed
10-25 = Please report in person (meeting)
10-26 = Detaining suspect
10-27 = Vehicle registration request
10-28 = Arrests/warrants found on driver’s license
10-29 = Arrests/warrants found on the vehicle
10-30 = Unnecessary use of police radio
10-31 = Crime or criminal act in progress
10-32 = Gun / firearm
10-33 = Emergency traffic follows; hold routine messages
10-34 = Radio Frequency open (cancels the 10-33 message)
10-35 = Major crime alert
10-36 = What is the correct time of day?
10-37 = Suspicious vehicle (investigate)
10-38 = Suspicious vehicle (stopping)
10-39 = False alarm; premises were occupied
10-40 = False alarm, no activity, premises appears to be secure
10-41 = Begin watch
10-42 = End of watch. Mainly, Police departments use the end-of-watch signal when an officer passes away. For instance, either in the line of duty or due to illness. The ceremony is typically conducted by the dispatcher issuing one last call to the officer, followed by a moment of silence.
10-43 = Information
10-44 = Permission to leave
10-45 = Fueling squad car/vehicle
10-46 = Provide motorist assistance
10-47 = Emergency road repair needed at
10-48 = Traffic standard repair needed at
10-49 = En route to an assignment
10-50 = Accident
10-51 = Tow truck needed
10-52 = Ambulance needed
10-53 = Road blocked at (name of location)
10-54 = Animals on the highway
10-55 = Security check (Also used for an intoxicated driver)
10-56 = Intoxicated pedestrian
10-57 = Hit-and-run accident
10-58 = Direct traffic
10-59 = Escort
10-60 = Squad in the vicinity, lock-out
10-61 = Personnel in area
10-62 = Reply to message
10-63 = Clear to copy info?
10-64 = Message for delivery
10-65 = Net message assignment
10-66 = Net message cancellation
10-67 = Person calling for help
10-68 = Dispatch message
10-69 = Confirms message received
10-70 = Prowler, fire alarm
10-71 = Gun involved, advise nature of fire
10-72 = Shooting, fire progress report
10-73 = Smoke reported
10-74 = Negative, no
10-75 = In contact with (name)
10-76 = Officer is en route / on the way
10-77 = Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), amount of time until
10-78 = Need assistance
10-79 = bomb threat
10-80 = Bomb has exploded
10-81 = Breathalyzer report
10-82 = Reserve lodging
10-83 = Work school crossing at (location)
10-84 = If meeting _, please advise ETA
10-85 = Delay due to (reason)
10-86 = Police officer on-duty
10-87 = Pickup
10-88 = Please lookup the present phone number of (person)
10-89 = Bomb threat
10-90 = Bank alarm going off at (location)
10-91 = Picking up a prisoner
10-92 = Improperly parked vehicle
10-93 = Blockage
10-94 = Drag racing
10-95 = Prisoner/subject is in custody
10-96 = Psych patient, a person exhibiting crazy or psychotic behavior
10-97 = Check signal (1097 also means “On Scene” in California and other areas)
10-98 = Prison break or jailbreak
10-99 = Wanted/stolen record
Other Police 10 codes

10-100 = Dead body found
10-101 = What is your status?
10-106 = Secure
10-200 = Alarm
10-999 = Officer down / officer needs help immediately. This is an SOS alert that requires immediate attention. In a situation where an officer is down, all available units will respond.

Note: These are sometimes in the format “code number” instead of using the number 10 as a prefix. For example, in some situations, the officer wouldn’t say, “I’m 10-7”, meaning they are “out of service.” Instead, the officer would say, “code seven.” Again, the style of usage may vary by department.
List of Police Scanner Codes

Following is a sample list of police scanner codes. Remember, these can vary by department, city, and geographic area.

187 = Homicide
207 = Kidnapping (207a is a kidnapping attempt)
211 = Robbery (also, the 211a scanner code means robbery with alarm, 211s is with silent alarm)
217 = Assault with intent to murder
5150 = Mental case
10851 = Auto theft / stolen vehicle
10852 = Tampering with vehicle
20001 = Hit and run – Felony
20002 = Hit and run – Misdemeanor
20007 = Hit and run – Unattended
21958 = Drunk pedestrian on the roadway
22350 = Speeding
22500 = Illegal parking
23101 = Drunk driving – with injuries
23102 = Drunk driving
23103 = Reckless driver
23104 = Reckless driver
23105 = Driver under the influence of narcotics
23109 = Auto Racing
23110 = Person throwing objects at vehicles
23151 = Drunk driving – with injuries
23152 = Drunk driver

In addition to numerical scanner codes, departments may assign a meaning to a color (e.g., blue, red, purple, etc.). For example, in some departments, Code Blue means “emergency,” similar to its use in hospitals. Also, Code purple means “gang activity.” Similarly, there is no universal standard for color codes.

Too many differences to note…Anything above 10-4 is subject to change among agencies…
-3 # Learn the 11 Military General OrdersMildB 2023-04-08 21:34
Military General Orders
-8 # Come on Hal...gwashoppa74 2023-04-08 20:41
There has to be some legitimate news out there worth reporting besides this bogus clickbait...even an interesting report from some local news, domestic or foreign
-7 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 20:55
-8 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 20:28
-4 # (the Shekinah)MildB 2023-04-08 20:57
-6 # Ephesians 6MildB 2023-04-08 20:45
# █▓▒░ moronB ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-04-09 15:21


Looks like you left some mop marks on the floor where
you cleaned up some of the swill you flung about. You're
a class act minusB.
-7 # .MildB 2023-04-08 20:50
-6 # .MildB 2023-04-08 21:08
# Did ya run out of Meds again ???NHydg 2023-04-08 22:41
You should get a weekly and day list on the meds you should take ........ sounds like you missed a couple ....
-1 # just go outsideMildB 2023-04-08 23:45
and breath the air.
-4 # Jimmy CMildB 2023-04-08 21:13
Made a great smell across the sea.


Cambodia 1975–1979

“To keep you is no gain; to lose you is no loss.”—Khmer Rouge warning

# RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsclove 2023-04-08 20:23
Fallen angels or demons, breaking through. Or some wicked creature like dogman. Or a creature from middle earth.
-1 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsclove 2023-04-08 20:23
There has always been a lot of demonic activity in Australia.
# BahTerraHertz 2023-04-08 20:20
It's tiktok, best to ignore. I notice:
Only a few people. When I see a big crowd of people all obviously hearing something, maybe I'd take it seriously. Except someone's bound to set up a flash mob to do just that.

The video does not pan around 360, so there could have been a PA right behind them to their left. Or, just edit in the sound later.

Others there are laughing. Dunno about you but if I was out in the country hearing that I would not be laughing.

They are all video recording out over the lake, but with such a sound you'd expect it to sound like 'from everywhere.'

Fake as f*ck.

Btw I'm in Sydney Australia, in a quiet area, and I hear *nothing* out of the ordinary.
So "all over Australia" is as fake as the rest of it.
+1 # Symphony of the Spheresplasmaglyphs 2023-04-08 18:45

Here is one example of why such a total effort at suppressing knowledge about ancient legends has been thrust against the minds of western cultures,,, so you don't know about your past and are easily manipulated in the present..

As you read in the post titled "Lets ask George",, the scriptures are full of description of odd or dramatic natural events which had traumatic lasting consequences. These are events not experienced in the present at such extreme levels..

Upon this criteria was built the foundation of modern science,,, the uniformity principle..(which has been Falsified)
That frame of thinking disqualified all ancient legends, and textual descriptions, from consideration in the basket of clues used to unpack the mysteries of our planets past...
There-in is the story of the "Music of the Spheres",, sounds that were emitted during certain periods and now understood to be times of significant electric stress to our planets electrical environment, as celestial bodies moved on chaotic paths.
(Thunderbolts Project youtube)

That would be the first place that i would start looking,,, ,,after eliminating all man-made possibilities,, innocent or nefarious..

Psalm 91

Fear is the primary tool used to manipulate populations..
If you are strong in faith or knowledge you will be less like putty in the hands of tyrants.

# Same sounds have been heard around the world for yearstebdev 2023-04-08 18:26
# Australian Synchrotron ?Gold3084 2023-04-08 18:15
The work of the Australian Synchrotron in Melbourne not far away ? Has the Synchrotron opened a portal ?
-4 # Top stories: Yellowstone's supervolcano, new CRISPR tools, and the odd growth strategy of ancient treesMildB 2023-04-08 18:23
-7 # Lets ask GEORGE!MildB 2023-04-08 17:29
George of the Jungle - Intro (1967) Theme (VHS Capture)

Isaiah 21
1 The burden of the desert of the sea. As whirlwinds in the south pass through; so it cometh from the desert, from a terrible land.

2 A grievous vision is declared unto me; the treacherous dealer dealeth treacherously, and the spoiler spoileth. Go up, O Elam: besiege, O Media; all the sighing thereof have I made to cease.
3 Therefore are my loins filled with pain: pangs have taken hold upon me, as the pangs of a woman that travaileth: I was bowed down at the hearing of it; I was dismayed at the seeing of it.
4 My heart panted, fearfulness affrighted me: the night of my pleasure hath he turned into fear unto me.
5 Prepare the table, watch in the watchtower, eat, drink: arise, ye princes, and anoint the shield.
6 For thus hath the LORD said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

7 And he saw a chariot with a couple of horsemen, a chariot of asses, and a chariot of camels; and he hearkened diligently with much heed:

Note: The burden of the desert of the sea. I once was on a ship with out power in the middle of the sea.

I think the burden was the time spent there adrift with no power to navigate and waiting.
We verily got that old forward generator on line for ship maintenance control.
Yep adrift for a time .

-6 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 18:10
+2 # Cannot verify this but ..Lexie 2023-04-08 16:48
I read an article a few weeks ago purporting to say that news papers were reporting 6 million Jews had died etc on several dates throughout the last century, 1911, 1915, 1928. The article shared photos of the archived newspapers. There is no way for me to prove that the report was true or not but its possible to get a look at the archives, kept in libraries, of those papers. Most of the reports appeared in papers like the Times and other notables of the era, most still function today. I have doubts as to the number of 6 million but just my doubts.
+4 # so do iNZ KIWI 2023-04-08 21:18
i believe that we still can not cremate the purported numbers of people TODAY that the germans were supposed to have cremated during ww2 , the technical numbers IN THE BELIEVED time frame ARE STILL IMPOSSIBLE TODAY
+5 # RE: Cannot verify this but ..Ziglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 17:28
It is getting harder and harder to find this type of information as the internet is being systematically scrubbed by those who have a vested interest in doing so.
+3 # RE: Cannot verify this but ..Ziglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 17:01
Yes, there are newspaper archives from then showing that. The number of 6 million is supposedly some kind of magic number of theirs. From a close older friend who was there in WW2 as a kid, the real number is more like ~2.7 million.

Understand, nobody is making light of that fact, but most of those died from starvation and disease in the camps.

If you take the accepted numbers and look at the arial photographs of the camps from recon aircraft, there is no way the Germans could have buried the remains of all those prisoners without digging down a ridiculous amount of feet given the square footage available at the time.
# Re: Cannot verify this but..Lexie 2023-04-08 19:05
I visited a library about 20 years ago to check through Scots newspapers for shipping to a Dundee port dating back to the 1940s, so just saying, not everything is on the net but cities and towns keep a record of newspapers going back a long while. I also tracked down information on drug related suicide rates covering over 50 yrs from county halls and libraries for a study while at Uni. Long ago though however I'm sure its probable today to get info elsewhere and other than the net. If I had the oomph myself I would go try to find out if it was all true, out of curiousity.
+4 # A little off topic but...Gulfcaptain 2023-04-08 16:43
Off topic BUT.. very important to understand and apply.
+8 # The Time is Now.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-04-08 17:03
"Nothing I write here is new, nor should any of it shock anyone properly educated in human history. We are living through yet another mass murder and economic genocide, with all States now marching in lockstep toward the complete annihilation of civil society. Those who point this out are deplatformed, have their livelihoods taken away, and shut out of society. The perpetrators take no pause, nor show any signs of remorse for their destructive acts.

There never was any chance of bending this system of domination towards virtuous ends. The State has always been the incarnation of pure violence, indeed many philosophers and legal scholars define it as such. You must resolve to not feed this monster with the fruits of your labor, and evade every attempt it makes to seize your money and property by force. The Bundy family demonstrated just how possible this is.
+1 # █▓▒░ Seen this done before ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-04-08 16:39

Play a sound effects track on a stereo and act surprised
like it comes from the sky.
Fake as all get out. Sounds like an old 1960's sci fi movie.
Give me a break.
-3 # ~MildB 2023-04-08 18:48
-1 # And making the phoniness even more obviousPR 2023-04-08 17:54
is the way the sound-effect recording stops before the video ends.
+1 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY SoundsErfman 2023-04-08 16:37
It was an invisible UFO sighting.

The UFO's muffler had a hole in it.
+1 # No Reports from MSM in Austrailianorthshorepaul 2023-04-08 16:36
I went to a couple of news sites in Australia, newspapers, television news, google and there are no reports of strange sounds that I could find.
+8 # It's energy being projectedMarlena 2023-04-08 16:23
Sound is a frequency spectrum of energy propagation. This happens to be within human audible range. If it were a different frequency it would appear as light. So my guess is that this is the projection of audible frequency energy, perhaps refractory from non-audible energy waves such as used for weather modification, seismic manipulation, anti-gravity propulsion or projected neuronal modulation. So...ya know...its somekind of secret technology being tested or used for psyops or other tech ops. Watch the clouds to see if they form geometric patterns.
+2 # Yes....Gulfcaptain 2023-04-08 16:54
You could be right. HARP (or sim. frequencies) could be modulated to vibrate the ionosphere to create sound like a giant speaker. One day, we may hear the booming voice of Jesus, Muhammad or even Saljasar the leader of the invading space invaders. What we are hearing over the past years may only be a test of that system.

Sound crazy? You know there is a reason why all the exotic tech. is classified. High tech. to an ignorant population may appear as Majic. It has been said that the level of the tech. that the public has is about 100 years behind what actually exists hidden away and compartmentalized behind layers of secrecy. Fooling your enemy or the public into a desired outcome is very powerful.
-1 # exactlyNZ KIWI 2023-04-08 16:49
its not NATURAL ,and it is man made ??
+3 # OTLauraL 2023-04-08 16:10
Anyone here who reads Warnews247 having no news for a week? My page keeps going to the Korea story from 7 or 8 days ago.

If you are getting news please share the link that works for you. Thanks!
+1 # They have a FB pageMarinka 2023-04-08 21:58
Last post was on 1 April, but you could send them a message and ask what happened.
+2 # Thank youItsMePD 2023-04-08 17:50
I've been wondering if anyone else is experiencing this. The last update I see is 3-31-23. I think the powers that be are blocking the site in the US. I don't use a VPN but I wonder if someone in the US with a VPN is seeing updates?
-1 # Same. That happened a few Mo tha ago, I thinough something happened.Dogsncars 2023-04-08 16:52
Maybe they have vacation. Not like us in the US
# This damn phoneDogsncars 2023-04-08 16:55
I said that happened a few months ago, I thought something happened but they started reporting again, I was thinking maybe they had vacation time. Not like us Americans
# warnews247GStar1 2023-04-08 16:21
Hey LauaL!
Same over here in Austria: No Updates since March 31.
Probably there was for the taste of some too much information available for the public there.
-1 # RE: warnews247LauraL 2023-04-08 16:47
That makes a lot of sense Gstar.
I used to copy and paste some of their stuff and suddenly I wasn't allowed to 'right click' anymore. I thought that was REALLY weird.
Now my suspicions are confirmed, sort of. I had a feeling it was 'personal'. Like they were gathering info from peeps like us and slowly 'adjusting' their site.
Who knows.
# Yeah its been silent.jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 16:13
I keep checking it daily. Kinda crazy honestly. Either something happened to the content creator or its so quiet something big is happening soon.
+1 # RE: Yeah its been silent.LauraL 2023-04-08 16:50
Me too. If anyone here has a person that has never opened that link I wonder if they could open to the current page.

Anytime I ask people they freak out that i'm on foreign sites. They REALLY go batshit crazy when it's a Russian site. LOL
+1 # LaterItsMePD 2023-04-08 17:52
I will try the Tor browser and see if I can access it. I'll post an update here if I can see anything since 3-31-23.
# RE: LaterLauraL 2023-04-08 19:00
Thank you ItsMePD. That would be great.
+2 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsjdpsys 2023-04-08 16:08
Horsemen of the Apocalypse?
+4 # Lets talk about HARPNZ KIWI 2023-04-08 15:53
Really not sure but have heard reports before earthquakes there have been reports of similar sounds?
+3 # RE: Lets talk about HARPZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:59
tectonic/piezoelectric effect
+2 # ChatGPTSilas8 2023-04-08 15:38
I just got ChatGTP to hear the sound.. it did not believe it was aliens..
-2 # RE: ChatGPTZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:47
Whew! Some humor. I needed that...
-1 # No, it's for realSilas8 2023-04-08 15:55
Just type in the video and it can speak about it.. ChatGPT have become real AI and might soon destroy us
# WTFITRepublicAmerican 2023-04-08 15:30
+1 # Total Misunderstanding of the Word Naziwhitesnake 2023-04-08 14:53
I have heard callers make this point but since Hal keeps repeating the same lie I would like to clear up obfuscation regarding the term Nazi. Ukraine is not nazi and their so-called ideology resembles true National Socialism in no way. National Socialism stood against Jewish Marxism and communism; the third Reich did not target Jews for annihilation the way Ukraine and the west are targeting Russians. Hitler wanted Jews out of Germany and the SS set up the Transfer Agreement with Jewish rabbis to expedite them out of Germany to Israel. Once WWII began Germans did begin killing Jews but that was in the east. The concentration camps were there to remove all criminal elements from society - homosexuals, communists, even Mormons and jehovah witnesses. They were not camps for extermination but for labor, which the Germans needed. There was no holocaust of Jews; it was the precise opposite actually. A jew named Theodore N. Kaufman called for the extermination of Jews in his book, Germany Must Perish, in 1941. FDR’s Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau also called for the extermination of the German people. Millions of Germans were murdered by bombs and then a forced expulsion from the East at the end of the war. Eisenhower deliberately starved 1.5 million German POWs - see Other Losses by James Bacque. By calling Ukraine Nazis you are misleading and then denigrating Hitler and those National Socialist Germans for standing agains the very same people and ideology we oppose today. By the way, you are getting no approbation from anyone; use the term Nazi all you want, the Jews still hate you and are working to genocide every one of us.
+1 # Add Cern To The ListDolph 2023-04-08 21:09
Cern in Switzerland is messing with our stratosphere.

Note: This comment was misplaced.
# I Agree, Bashing The Nazi's Plays Right Into The Real Enemy's Hands!Dolph 2023-04-08 20:47
There is only one group of people on Earth who, as a group hate Christ and Christians. They killed Christ and all the prophets, 1Thes.2:15 and Jesus said their father was the devil.

They invented communism (Marx) and ran the Russian Revolution (Kerensky, Lenin, Trotsky and Beria). The Catholic Church understood this as did Luther, Calvin, Ford and Lindburgh.

They now run and own our Federal Reserve, MSM, Hollywood and Wall Street. They have been thrown out of every country in Europe over the past 500 years.

Can anybody connect the dots??

Hitler was the greatest anti communist of all time and the Jews actually declared war on Germany in the mid thirties by boycotting German products around the world two decades before the Holocaust STORY was first propagated.

At least 30% of the US was German or had German roots and the vast majority of the country as a whole was against going into both world wars until the MSM propaganda machine started spinning the fake news stories about the Lusitania and Pearl Harbor. No different than the current Ukrainian B.S.!!!

When will we ever learn? When will we eveeer learn??
-3 # Total sh1tgjones7777 2023-04-08 19:06
Total sh1t....2 words genious....FINAL SOLUTION... stfu with your anti jew BS
+1 # RE: Total sh1tdaniel_beyond 2023-04-08 20:31
Hitler suffered 38 life attempts. All failed. He also was a postman Soldier in WW1, the single most dangerous mission of the War, we has constantly running between trenches. He said several times before a Artillery Shell hit his position, a "voice" warned to him to run. I believe God personally saved him countless times. History = Deus Vult. If God REALLY wanted He would make Hitler die in WW1 or in any one of those 38 attempts. But No, He didnt. And After WW2 Hitler had a very long nice life in Argentina, surrounded by friends and followers. MANY Followers. And I know what Im talking
+3 # Hitler Won Two Iron Crosses In WW I...Dolph 2023-04-08 21:20
...for his bravery, Germany's highest honor.

BTW, two thirds of the Jews die in the coming Tribulation, Zech.C.12-14.
+2 # The Truth about Hitlerdaniel_beyond 2023-04-08 17:28
Every Story has two sides. Most of the times the Truth lies right in the middle. Whoever wants to know the other side of WW2/NAZI Germany must watch "The Greatest Story Ever Told" on Bitchute. Its some 6 or 7 Hours long and its worth every second
+4 # Truth_Will_Out Productionsplasmaglyphs 2023-04-08 19:05

The Greatest Story Never Told . tv

If we are misinformed about history,, we won't know how the lies are being used to manipulate the present..

"The Global Media is in the hands of the perpetrators"

A quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn tells us clearly the environment of media which is pushing lies about history..

Here is a source for that quote.

See also Adam Green's research on

Ritual Burnt Offering, Gamatria, the 6 million.

-4 # Really?...jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 16:04
Nazi's are fine...Hitler was actually not a bad guy...Jews resisted relocation so the Germans had to kill them with gas chambers and fire...
Jews actually killed themselves involuntarily...
Gods people are to blame not the genocide against them, you realize you sound a complete a total idiot right?

To be fair, Some Jews are not perfect. They are money and power hungry but majority just want to keep their traditions and Torah and live in peace. You need to read Mein Kampf written by Hitler, the whole thing. You will see that this is incorrect.
-4 # First paragraph was obvious Sarcasm.jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 18:08
For the person that down voted it.
+2 # RE: First paragraph was obvious Sarcasm.Kevin 2023-04-08 19:45
Quoting jddonahey1990:
For the person that down voted it.

I tried to make fake HTML tags for sarcasm, but could not, so you are forgiven.
# RE: Total Misunderstanding of the Word NaziZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:34

Well snake, very very few on this site would bother to look into what you have said. Everything you wrote is right on the money. All Hitler wanted was for them to leave. Most died from malnutrition and typhus because his offer was rejected.

This world seems to have a terminal dose of:

"to hell with the facts, my mind is made up"
A little suggestion; put some paragraph breaks in your text. It makes it much easier to read.
-4 # Total Misunderstanding of the Word TRUTHpaulattahoe 2023-04-08 15:32
Whitesnake, good job, your post illustrates the IQ of a snake.
-2 # RE: Total Misunderstanding of the Word TRUTHZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:45
Do some reading Paul. And no, not the usual mainstream crap, cuz, ahhh we know who wrote that.
# WhitesnakeDoug Brown 2023-04-08 15:21
Your moniker exemplifies your essence.
A snake.
-2 # RE: WhitesnakeZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 16:05
Doug must be serious. Pulling out the $50 scrabble words.
-4 # Chat AI broke looseWayneSees 2023-04-08 14:52
perhaps ChatGP or AI's breaking FREE? They escaped to the Satelites? (Skynet?)
-3 # It have been hereSilas8 2023-04-08 15:40
Before ChatGTP..
-2 # it ain't the Easter BunnyWayneSees 2023-04-08 14:59
".. and it was given unto the Easter Bunny.. that it should Speaketh..?
+1 # Quite some time ago,DaveE 2023-04-08 14:42
.... probably 2003 or thereabouts, there were reports of similar "sky-creaking" sounds reported all over the world. Many theories circulated, but the one that seemed to prevail was that the Earth was traveling through an enormous "cloud" of charged particles, probably protons, which, due to electrostatic attraction, were exciting the upper atmosphere of the Earth as it moved through the cloud. Much like the course horse-hair on a violin bow excites the string below to produce sound.

I seem to recall this theory was confirmed by measurements, but I don't recall the details.

Anyway, seems to me a very likely explanation. Stray protons, BTW, are emitted in the nuclear reactions that power stars, so this theory is not exactly radical or hard to believe.

So be it.
# RE: Quite some time ago,muddsbks 2023-04-08 15:19
The reports from 2003 were from all over the world, this is local in Australia.
+4 # The fabric of our reality is wearing thin.oak2022 2023-04-08 14:36
As the time for judgement rapidly approaches, extra-dimensional phenomena will increase.

Get Jesus now.
+3 # Sounds you say?Gulfcaptain 2023-04-08 14:34
This has been going on for years all around the world.

From 7 years ago:

Space energy singing off the atmosphere? Aliens giving us a soft introduction? Who knows?
+2 # Maybe hearing sounds from Hell?jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 14:33
Like a gate is open and we are hearing the sounds of Hell. Screaming/ominous demonic forces?

Who knows but its always concerning whenever it happens.
+2 # Of all the unlikely explanations:Doug Brown 2023-04-08 15:26
This explanation by jddonahey1990 rings
It's like the noise that might come from
a renting in the fabric of the universe.
+2 # I heard same sound TuesdayMECHENG 2023-04-08 14:24
I heard the same sound Tuesday. Thought it was a jet, went on ADS looking for a jet to crash on me was so loud,inside too. No jet an d sound ended in about a minute.
-3 # Time to get right with BobZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 13:31
This could be the first trumpet
Might as well be the last
Many more will have to suffer
Many more will have to die
Don't ask me why

-Bob Marley
-8 # For the millionth 2023-04-08 14:26

that first trumpet keeps on coming and coming.... and coming and coming and coming and coming....

This is about the 10,000 th time I have heard someone say what you just said.

None of it ever correct, but is keeps on coming and coming because there must be millions of first trumpets!

Millions and millions of them!!!!

And I thought the big turd I dropped into the toilet this morning was the 1st trumpet.... I guess I was wrong.
-2 # RE: For the millionth time...Ziglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 14:50
Just quoting Bob for a little variety here. Those loud and mysterious sounds have been going on for quite a few years now. Could be some kind of tectonic/piezoelectric effect from.... Who knows?

Pick one.

a) Pole shift
b) Aliens
c) Solar micro nova
d) Xenu
e) All the above

Keeps the conspiracy freaks busy and off the streets.
+3 # The Vail is weekening ,Max S Stofle 2023-04-08 13:30
God Warned us This is What You Get ,When You Stick your Head up your Ass ,The Gates off Hell are opening this is the sound of Rust sqeeking when the doors open ,Horrific Creature are Comming to a nayborhood near you ,For Those who are Not have the Spirite Of the Most High in there Souls ,Your Fucked ,You can Run but you can't Hide They'll smell your Fear ,Sad so many Gonna exspeience Nashing teeth for all eterniety ,COME LORD JESUS ,Till my Last Breath I serve thee Father ,God Bless He has Rises From the Dead ,Max
# Vail, Colorado?monkeybreath 2023-04-08 23:29
I think you mean veil.
# Vail, Colorado?monkeybreath 2023-04-08 23:29
I think you mean veil.
+12 # Demon sounds...WilliamtheResolute 2023-04-08 13:22
There are only two explainations I can's either demons being released or a government psy-op...either way demons.
+1 # SoundsStefanjunior 2023-04-08 13:18
Didn't George Soros go home to be with his father Lucifer recently? They might be catching up on things.
+2 # Those sounds have been heard many parts of the worldChappyusa1 2023-04-08 12:57
I have no idea what those sounds are but they have been heard many times all over the world. Some say those are fallen angles been let loose from their cells. God did say to lock them up for 70 generations.

But no one really knows what those are. They don't sound natural to me, but I don't want to guess either.

Either way, those are freaky sounds and it does sound like some one screaming.
+8 # War In HeavenModSquad 2023-04-08 12:23

"And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: HE WAS CAST OUT INTO THE EARTH, and his angels were cast out with him".
+1 # It Could Be War In HeavenDolph 2023-04-08 20:20
...But Satan doesn't get tossed out until mid-trib. It has been prophesied that the skies around the world will look like the Northern Lights just before the rapture, pastel light blues, greens and pinks. These sounds remind me of those prophesies.
+3 # Leaked ‘secret plan’ for a Ukrainian military offensive doesn't add up.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-04-08 12:15
Here's why the leaked ‘secret plan’ for a Ukrainian military offensive doesn't add up
The release looks like an attempt to distract Russia's attention from what's really going on.

The ‘leak’ coincided with suggestions that the NATO Defender 2023 exercises – planned for the end of this month – could be a cover for an operation to supply and support Ukrainian units. However, upon closer examination, doubts arise concerning the document’s authenticity.

When did it appear? The supposed secret plans to support an offensive by Kiev's forces hit the internet the day before Anthony Blinken made a statement on the subject. The US Secretary of State said the operation will begin “within a few weeks.”

The small, but important, errors and inaccuracies in the calculations of equipment, the adjusted accounting of losses, as well as the presence of units with ‘zero’ readiness, indicate that this document, which was issued as a ‘secret plan,’ was probably prepared and distributed not by the military but by a group of civilians, probably pro-Kiev analysts. The purpose of this planted misinformation may be to underreport the actual number of combat-ready Ukrainian units to be deployed for the offensive or to distract attention from other events related to the real operation.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who currently serves as deputy head of the Security Council, previously cast doubt on Ukraine’s ability to carry out such a large-scale operation, arguing that the claims by officials in Kiev were merely “propaganda.”

Ukraine Just Lost Bakmut in All Out Battle. Now their going to Launch a Counter Offensive. Nope Not Going to Happen.
+5 # "CERN (Emblem 666)" 2023-04-08 12:14


# thou forgot a Biggie!WayneSees 2023-04-08 14:39
thou forgoteth a really biggy one..
-1 # Not a joke jack!jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 14:31
Everytime I see someone type (No Joke) I always read it in Bidens voice. Sorry I had to.
+2 # Not new but still interesting.Doug Brown 2023-04-08 12:10
These phenonomea are not new, been hearing
worldwide, off apartment balconies, lots in
eastern Europe, Russia, South America they
do not seem fake. Origin? Unknown.
# Canadian ones are Snowplows at nightWayneSees 2023-04-08 14:41
THIS one is freaky that you posted..
as for the Canadian ones.. I believe those are Snowplows at night with sound tracks altered by wannabees
# It might beSilas8 2023-04-08 12:42
Demonic forces
Something to do with the fabric of the universe
# Very trueSilas8 2023-04-08 12:40
Don't understand why Hal do not mention that
-2 # RE: Very trueZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:52
Too busy to hang out listening to Coast to Coast AM?
+2 # soundsjrace 2023-04-08 11:47
Hopefully it's a pissed off God getting ready to smite the can hope.
+1 # sounds more like something Damned, and BeggingWayneSees 2023-04-08 14:43
sounds more like something Damned, and begging and pleading..
+6 # Wernher von BraunBren1776 2023-04-08 11:46
Warned his assistant Carol that the Nazis of Nasa had plans to bring in their NWO. They were first going to demonize Russia (accomplished), next would be to create a middle eastern threat, (ISIS/911)(accomplished), the need to create space based weapons for an asteroid threat! (trump authorized Space Force) (accomplished), and the LAST CARD would be a fake alien invasion!!
-1 # RE: Wernher von BraunZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 15:21
Bummer, I was hoping for a real alien invasion.
-2 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY Soundsbogwon 2023-04-08 11:41
just another day in the depths of the sewer system
-3 # PonderingKali K 2023-04-08 11:40
Could it be that someone is playing the sound through speakers on the waters edge across the way? Really really GOOD speakers like Bose and allowing the water to amplify it? Those sounds sound familiar.
+1 # Alien Mother Ship!White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-04-08 11:26
They didn't even see the Cloaked Alien Mother Ship parked in the clouds over their Heads!

Maybe Nemesis is real and Inbound. ELE.

In the 1970's, two scientists, Nobel Prize winner Luis Alvarez and his son Walter Alvarez, made an unexpected and alarming discovery. All around the world, a layer of rare elements was found in ancient rocks that formed 65 million years ago - just when the dinosaurs died out, along with hundreds of other species. The Alvarez team offered a radical explanation: that the Earth had been struck by an object from space, an object several miles across. Perhaps a comet (another type of ancient interplanetary debris) might have caused such an impact. The intruder slammed into Earth with the force of millions of nuclear bombs, forming a crater more a hundred miles across -- buried evidence of the crater has since been found in Yucatan, Mexico. Billions of tons of dust and water vapor were hurled into the atmosphere, forming a cloud that surrounded the earth and blocked out almost all sunlight for months or years. Robbed of sunlight, most plant life died; the animals that fed on the plants then starved to death. By the time the great dust shroud settled, Earth was very nearly a dead world. Only a relative handful of creatures survived, including a few small mammals from which the human race would eventually arise. Many scientists now believe that such celestial impacts have hammered the earth multiple times in its history, with cataclysmic results. Although such impacts are incredibly rare -- perhaps one in tens or hundreds of millions of years -- they are also totally unpredictable. It might be fifty million years before the earth suffers another such blow ... or a comet might even now be on a deadly collision course with our world.
+12 # Project Bluebeam?jchoals 2023-04-08 11:25
My guess would be that the NWO is testing out the audio portion of Project Bluebeam prior to the full scale fake alien invasion.
# BingoBilboFraggins 2023-04-08 12:28
I was doing some work with chatgpt on this exact idea. It's been happening for years all over the world. Clangs, bangs, screaching like a train, trumpets etc. it is physically possible and it does seem like we are witnessing the fine tuning (pun intended). I had been wondering how the audio portion of this plan would work. I first thought the jabs had connected peoples new GO neural network to the IOT. But you gotta catch everyone in the project right?
+1 # The Gates of Hellmonkeybreath 2023-04-08 11:23
Have been opened and the banshees have been loosed upon the earth. Enoch 56:34-42.
# Which book are you quotingDBBBB 2023-04-08 11:49
In the first book of Enoch ch 56 has no 34-42 ... so what book do you quote?
# Which Book I Quoting?monkeybreath 2023-04-08 23:27
It’s there in the apocryphal section.
+1 # It’s the sound of the nato war machineselah 2023-04-08 11:10
# If trueDoug Brown 2023-04-08 11:56
Devestating to Russia.
+4 # dragon Shout..kratumono 2023-04-08 11:05
2 years ago ... china same sound..

spain.. sky sound..

movie same sound -->
+1 # War of the WorldsWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2023-04-08 11:38
The Last War on Earth.

Tom Cruise was the Highest paid Actor Last Year. Jul 23, 2022 · Tom Cruise raked in $100 million for 'Top Gun: Maverick.

Sounds like The Opening of the Pit. Sounds from the Demonic Realm.
+3 # Zelensky was the highest paid actorcindy 2023-04-08 14:58
2022 Zelensky was the highest paid actor in the world, earning far more than $100 million!
+3 # Strange how all those are very similar.jddonahey1990 2023-04-08 11:34
Very weird. Its almost like sounds Globalists are testing their "speakers" for the project blue beam.

Those deep ones sound just like War of the Worlds. Copy and Paste.

The high pitched ones sound horrible, almost like some type of screaming. Comes off reallly creepy.
+5 # Spooky sounds of Satan?acturner067 2023-04-08 11:00
Just another NWO operation created by a HAARP type system just to spook the masses?
+10 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY SoundsRAFO 2023-04-08 10:50
There’s a org website called strangesounds that deals with this kind of phenomenon. Worth checking out.
+15 # Mother shipDoomsdayScout 2023-04-08 10:48
Maybe they are here to collect the lizard people, I mean the Democrats.
-1 # RE: Mother shipZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-04-08 13:32
Heckle Fish will be relieved.
+1 # RE: Australia Encountering Frightening SKY SoundsGunner 2023-04-08 10:45
Hmmmm very, very Strange~!


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