BIBLICAL PROPHECY- REAL LIFE: Netanyahu Warns will "Destroy Damascus if Hezbollah Enters War"

Biblical Prophecy seems to be playing out in real life right now, as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just announced "Israel warns that the United States will join (the war) if Hezbollah joins. IDF will destroy Damascus, target Syrian President Assad if Hezbollah joins war; US warships will support Israel in war."

When I first heard this remark, I recoiled in horror, and instantly recalled the Prophecy of Damascus:

Isaiah 17 predicts the destruction of Damascus, Syria.

Isa 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.


Folks, I'm no Priest, or Rabbi, or Preacher, or Reverend.  I'm not some Bible scholar or even a Bible Thumper.  I'm just a regular guy, who grew up a "Holiday Catholic."  That means I went to church on Christmas and Easter.  Throw in a few weddings and funerals, and that was about it.

Yet even a Biblically-ignorant man like me knows the prophecy of Damascus and now it looks as though we're seeing it take place in real time.  OUR TIME!

This is terrifying to me because if this takes place, the steps to Armageddon are well along their way.



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