Biden is in Kiev!

Biden is in Kiev!

US (Illegitimate) President Joe Biden is in Kiev, Ukraine this morning.  He was secretly flown out of the US yesterday, made the ten hour flight to Warsaw, Poland, and turned up in Kiev as shown on the video below:

In the video, viewers can see Biden walking with Ukraine President Zelensky, out in the open.   Air Raid sirens began sounding in Ukraine DURING Biden's visit!

The question on a lot of people's minds is "What if Biden gets killed over there?"  What if the U.S. "Deep State" assassinates him, then blames it on Russia?   It could be another Arch Duke Ferdinand moment - like the one which started World War One.

The situation is ripe for such a move by the US "Deep State."

  • Their plans to start World War 3 have so far been thwarted by Russian patience and prudence. 
  • The US Bombing of the NordStream pipelines is now out in the open, and the US is facing world fury over that act of criminal political terrorism.  They need to distract attention from that.
  • Their phony COVID-19 "vaccine" is now killing thousands worldwide, and they need a big distraction to divert public attention from what they've done to the world. 
  • The US and Western economies are collapsing from how they've handled the Ukraine/Russia situation - "sanctions" backfired and are wrecking the West rather than harming Russia as intended, and they need something to blame that on, too.   
  • The US is now over $31 TRILLION in debt and can no longer service that debt.  They need to find something to blame for that, too, other than their own profligate over-spending.
  • Most western Governments have gone "Satanic" in their agenda; pushing trans-gender fraud, targeting children for sex change operations and hormone alterations. The backlash to that is growing steadily. 
  • The so-called "Green agenda" based on fraudulent climate data, is causing monstrous problems with supply chains and the desire to go to all electric vehicles despite not having enough electrical generation capability to charge them all, is smashing life as we know it.

All the pieces fit together and all their problems are resolved if Biden gets whacked and Russia gets blamed.

This week seems to be the week when everything comes to a head.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to give some gigantic speech to the Russian people tomorrow, February 21.  Russia has ORDERED all TV stations and radio stations in the whole country, to carry the speech.  

Many in the West worry he will declare the West "Co-Belligerents" in the Ukraine conflict, and start attacking the western countries that have aided and abetted the Ukraine NAZI regime.

Russia and its President are relying upon the United Nations Charter, specifically Article 107, as the LEGAL basis for what Russia is doing inside Ukraine.   Article 107 is as follows:

As shown, NOTHING in the UN Charter . . . shall invalidate or preclude action . . . . taken . . . against an enemy state . . .by the governments that won world war 2.   So what Russia is doing in Ukraine is 100% legal because Russia was among the four victorious states (US, UK, France, and Soviet Union) and Ukraine was a WW2 "enemy" state.   Ukraine has, since that war, become a NAZI regime, and Russia is wiping it out under Article 107 of the UN Charter.

This week will also mark the one year anniversary of the start of Russia's operation in Ukraine; a gigantic military offensive by Russia is thought likely; which may prompt NATO to intervene.

Put simply, war could break out this week so fast, it will make our heads spin.  No warning.

Stay sharp.  Pay attention.  Try to be ready with emergency food, water, fuel, communications gear and so forth.

This week could be history in the making.



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