Bill in Canada to CRIMINALIZE "Offensive Remarks" about Transgender Freaks; $25,000 Fine!

Bill in Canada to CRIMINALIZE "Offensive Remarks" about Transgender Freaks; $25,000 Fine!

The government of Ottawa, CANADA is considering a Bill to make it criminal to utter "Offensive Remarks" about (Mentally-ill) Trans-gendered freaks, with fine up to $25,000 per offense!

Here's video of the Bill's announcement:


In order to be clear about this, the government of Canada is "protecting" mentally delusional people, who ignore actual physical, biological, reality, and telling everyone else THEY must accept the mental delusion or face a fine.

There is no such thing as "Trans-gender."  It is a physical and biological impossibility.

Humans have DNA and Chromosomes which exist in every cell of our bodies.   Each and every cell has DNA coding as to whether the cell belongs to a male or female.

Trans-gendered ignore that physical reality and claim their sex is something OTHER THAN what their DNA and chromosomes are.  This is a mental delusion.  It is a mental sickness.  It is not reality.

Some of these so-called "Trans-gendered" take hormones and have surgery to mutilate their outward appearance from their actual biological sex, to what APPEARS to be the other sex.  

These artificial hormone-taking, and surgically mutilated people do not, and cannot, change their DNA and their chromosomes.  So while their artificial efforts to deny reality may make them APPEAR OUTWARDLY as the other sex, every cell in their body remains the sex they were born with.

The entire "Trans-Gender" movement is nothing more than severe mental illness.  Denial of reality.

From another point of view, one can safely argue that Trans-gender people are literally at war, with God Himself.   Their claim to be a different sex, is their statement that THEY are right, and God is wrong.

Worse, these people are so self-centered, so selfish, and so spoiled, they DEMAND everyone else agree with them, accept them, and not even speak any truth regarding them.

Mentally-ill, spoiled brat people are not the stuff of which legislation should be based.

Shame on Ottawa.




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