Birds Falling from Sky; Bleeding from Beaks -- Avian EBOLA

Birds Falling from Sky; Bleeding from Beaks -- Avian EBOLA

Dozens of birds were believed to have been poisoned after animal rescuers found more than 60 "falling out of the sky" near an Adelaide, Australia primary school.  But necropsy (an animal autopsy) testing shows the birds infected with a Hemorrhagic Virus similar to Ebola - which CAN spread to humans!  When the virus was isolated, officials allegedly issued ORDERS to conceal the true cause to prevent pubic panic.

The birds were found dead or dying near One Tree Hill Primary School, in Adelaide's north, on Wednesday.

Long-billed Corellas — which is a protected species in South Australia — and short-billed Corellas were among those found.

A volunteer from Casper's Bird Rescue who went to investigate reports of the dead birds called for help when about 60 Corellas were found either dead or dying in the area.

Casper's Bird Rescue founder Sarah King said she did not believe any of the birds had survived.

"I got a phone call from that carer quite distressed saying they are literally everywhere falling out of the trees, falling out of the sky," she said.

"It was obvious then that it was a bit more of a situation than we thought … from my understanding none have survived.


Ms King said the animal rescuers had contacted the local city council to make sure it had not used some type of poison which may have killed the birds, and it said only herbicides were used that were not dangerous for wildlife.

One Tree Hill Primary School posted on social media following the find and said there were "no survivors" out of the birds collected.

"The children in vacation care were very upset at the scene of birds falling from the sky and in pain, with blood coming out of their mouths," the Facebook post said.

Hal Turner Commentary

If this is some type of Human-infection-capable, bird-borne Hemorrhagic virus, there will literally be no way to stop it from spreading.  Birds go everywhere and we think nothing of it.  

Think about the possibilities:  They land on water fountains, drink in lakes and ponds, poop . . . on everything.   Other animals prey on birds . . . would those predators get infected too?   This has "disaster" written all over it.

Folks in Australia should pay close attention to how this is resolved; their very lives may depend on it.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Standing Wave · 10 months ago
    When this was first reported, main stream news only knew about the poisoning theory (for example, 5 days ago Fox reported ...
    The hemorrhagic fever theory was not mentioned. A search with keywords Adelaide Australia for the past day only mentions a man arrested for possessing bomb making materials.

    I have not seen any more reports on this from Fox News - no followup.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Standing Wave · 10 months ago
    Luciferian prophesy?
    Population decimation from a winged creature?
    Does the mask imply a deception concealing the true killer?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    BoldlyReady · 10 months ago
    Can we say FACT ....that the Revelation is upon us ......End of Times ......the TimeLine is up ........good grief folks ....this is Biblical .......The mountains shall be shaken to flatlands ...... the flatlands shall be mountains ...................
    The Revelation was given to us as a Gift ....for those that would listen and hear His words of warning and the future.......the Lord meant for those that listened would make it through the hard times to come .....The End of Times.