Blood Moon Seen Over Rome After Midnight today, an Astronomical Impossibility and Terrible Omen

Blood Moon Seen Over Rome After Midnight today, an Astronomical Impossibility and Terrible Omen

Reports coming in from friends in Rome that there was seen a Blood Moon in the skies of Rome at about 12:30AM.

Astronomers consider the reference to the moon "turning to blood" as that to a Lunar Eclipse. The only thing is, according to astronomers there was no lunar eclipse on April 12, 2020.

The total lunar eclipses for 2020 are January 10-11 and June 5-6. There will be prenumbal or partial lunar eclipses on July 4-5 and November 29-30.

So astronomically, what many saw . . . was impossible.

Friends report that the skies at Rome today and yesterday were both clear, and there are no wild fires burning to the East of Rome, so meteorologically it is hard to explain.

Here is a video of the blood moon over Rome this morning:



Divine omens do not require a miraculous intervention. They can have natural explanations. What makes them omens of God's indignation is that they occur at precise moments in human history or in the Liturgical calendar.

In the Book of Joel (2:31) and the Book of Revelations (6:12) the ominous sign of the end times is that the "moon will turn to blood." The precise meaning of this biblical phrase is uncertain.

Saint Peter (Acts 2:20), on Pentecost Day, referred to the prophecy of Joel as being fulfilled by the Descent of the Holy Spirit.

But the Fathers of the Church refer the passage in the Book of Revelations to the punishments which God will meet out to the Church of the Antichrist and his followers.

A person need not be a Bible Thumper to clearly see that many of the strange things taking place recently, fit events describes in the Book of Revelations, the final book in the Bible.

Given the fact that COVID-19 is presently a "plague" attacking the human race, gigantic swarms of locusts are a "pestilence" ravaging huge portions of entire countries from Africa to the Middle East,  "earthquakes" are taking place in areas where they generally do not, and now "volcanoes" all over the planet are erupting, I think it might be a good guess that something really big is going on.  Something Biblical.  Perhaps the kind of things that make folks maybe want to pay attention and get right with God.

For those who may be in doubt as to the video above, here is yet another video of the same Blood Moon rising over Milan, Italy . . .

Get right with God.  It's starting to look as though our time may be short.


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