BOOM! Turkey Enters Israel-Palestine Fight -- Warns U.S. to STAY OUT

The President of Turkiye, Recypt Erdogan, has publicly come out in support of Palestinians in the ongoing HAMAS-Israel conflict and has PUBLICLY WARNED the United States to STAY OUT of the conflict.

Erdogan says that his country is "with our innocent Palestinian brothers"  and explicitly warned -- everyone -- that Turkey is "willing to defend Palestine at any price."



It looks to me as if he just threw down a Gauntlet.  To the US.  To Israel.  To pretty much everyone; perhaps even including NATO!

Erdogan knows that Poland, just yesterday, said they were sending military transport aircraft into Israel to evacuate Polish nationals and that if those aircraft are attacked, Poland would invoke NATO Article 5, resulting in the 31 country NATO alliance making strikes against Palestinians!  

With today's announcement, Erdogan just dumped cold water all over Poland . . . AND NATO.  Neither will be able to do anything if Turkey says no.  NATO requires unanimity before the bloc can engage in military action.

This HAMAS-Israel thing is spinning out of control so fast, it's hard for me to even keep track of it. 

Frankly, in my opinion, this has "Disaster" written all over it.



More rocket salvos are being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.  Here is video of one such launch:




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