XI Jinping has ordered China to prepare for war as he warned his nation's security situation is "increasingly unstable."

In a chilling escalation, the Chinese President declared that Beijing will "comprehensively strengthen its military training and preparation for war."

According to state broadcaster CCTV, Xi said the move was sparked by China's "increasingly unstable and uncertain" security.

It comes amid fears China - which has the second-largest economy and military in the world - is preparing to invade the self-governing island of Taiwan.

Tensions between the two nations have hit boiling point in recent months, with Beijing continuing to flex its military muscles by launching jets into Taiwan's airspace and firing missiles in haunting drills.

Xi has vowed to "unify" Taiwan - and experts believe he is "all but guaranteed" to attack the nation after having recently become leader for life.

Taiwan is feared to be a major flashpoint between the Washington and Beijing - with a potential invasion forcing the US to either abandon the island or face full scale war with China.

China regards Taiwan as part of its territory and has vowed to take back the nation - by force if necessary - while Joe Biden recently promised the US will defend the island.

Taiwan is effectively an independent country, though not recognized by the internationally, but any moves towards full independence will almost certainly lead to war.

China's Communist Party made its plans clear last month when it added a line to its constitution on "resolutely opposing and deterring" Taiwan's independence and bringing in a policy of "one country, two systems."



-1 # China Waiting in the Wings To Strike .Garyhines 2022-11-09 08:10
China is Now openly saying they are now preparing for war with the United States. So the big question is when is all of this going to go down. When is going to start. China will move on Taiwan by the end of the year. Then we will see what Joe the loser does all talk no action. Once we start war with China their won't be any go back . How it's going to end won't be good. Especially for the United States. You might see them speeding up on their Timeline to get military hardware moved and into position. Have to watch it close and what's in the coming weeks
-1 # RE: China Waiting in the Wings To Strike .mjc 2022-11-10 20:55
Quoting Garyhines:
China is Now openly saying they are now preparing for war with the United States.

Oooo! OOOO! Look at me! I'm preparing for war with the United States! See how super-serial I am!!!

Quoting Garyhines:
China will move on Taiwan by the end of the year.

A BOLD prediction, Cotton!!!!
Let's see how THAT plays out, Jr.
# Just Like They DidForrest Mosby 2022-11-09 07:51
After Naked Nancy went to Formosa…tanks tearing up beaches like they gonna swim over and whoop NN

More chinee-man posturing..punks
-2 # Russia and China are a riotmeanize1962 2022-11-09 07:11
I never said the word sex it did not belong there and has no meaning there it don't belong there in my last article if you and you Putin should leave office your story is a big lie you're don't even have enough nuclear bombs to take on the runways and Europe in America start treaty what a laugh
-3 # Trust seems brokenmeanize1962 2022-11-09 07:07
These foreign leaders are a riot you got Mr Putin who looks like a crackpot to me now and I'll tell you why he's in Ukraine because he don't trust NATO yet he's going to sign a start treaty a new one again come on get your story straight you should leave Ukraine you might as well just pull right on out of there hundreds of people dying everyday and villages is not acceptable and it's sure in the heck then I'm getting radar systems and defenses and offensive gear from America while they want to talk about nuclear discernment and treaties the ones they don't trust is why they're in Ukraine why don't you just leave office you should leave office you're looking like a liar you're looking like a thief you're looking like a crazy man foaming from the mouth why don't you just let mother Russia have somebody new fresh in there then we can believe their story because your story don't make any sense in the Chinese one here too everybody prepare for war and it's the same time the signal is so great over here with no tariffs it's equivalent to the same thing that the Russian foundation is doing I don't blame the generals for coming up with plans without you Vladimir you're usefulness is over with it's gone I think it was gone five years ago you have no usefulness anymore all those people over there that you're forcing to go fight while you're talking peace treaties with the White House with all these things without even one sentence about having sex and lifted the environment to have sanctions something you're crazy and for them to even be talking to you about nuclear bombs they must think you really think to start treating something else and it's important to you and that you're a crazy man foaming at the mouth I'm asking you step down just step down get out of power
# hard to read...Jack Griffin 2022-11-09 12:46
...with no periods.
# From warnews247jrd803 2022-11-09 06:24
The latest from

US Admiral and head of Stratcom: "The Ukraine war is a warm-up - The biggest one is coming and it involves nukes"!
"Our deterrence is sinking - We only excel in submarines"
09/11/2022 - 13:09 in Main Topics , USA

American Admiral Charles Richard, head of the US Strategic Command, who warned that the war in Ukraine is a "warm-up", a prelude to greater
military challenges for the US in the near future, is causing chills...

"The 'big one' is coming and it's nuclear, with the US as the main player," warns US admiral as China and Russia compete with America in the nuclear
arena, with the US losing its competitive deterrence advantage due to technologically advanced nuclear weapons weapons, a fact they will not leave

At another point in his speech, the American Admiral emphasizes that " the power of American military deterrence is fading". The US is losing its military power as it excels only in submarines".

"This Ukraine crisis that we're in right now, that's just the warm-up, " US Stratcom chief Richard said in a speech at the Naval Submarine League's 2022
Annual Symposium & Industry Update, as reported by the Defense Department of USA.

"The big one is coming.

And it's not long... it's time for us to be tested in ways we haven't been tested in a long time."

Nuclear competition with Russia and China

Richard warned that the US is losing its nuclear deterrent to rivals such as China and Russia.

"As I assess our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking," he said.

"It's sinking in slowly, but it's sinking in that they're actually putting the capability in the field faster than we are."

In its October 27 National Defense Strategy document, the Pentagon also presented a dire situation in the nuclear balance between the US and Russia and China.

"Our main competitors continue to expand and diversify their nuclear capabilities, including new and destabilizing systems, as well as non-nuclear capabilities that could be used to conduct strategic attacks, " the nuclear capability review said.

“They have shown little interest in reducing their reliance on nuclear weapons.

Instead, the United States is focused on the timely replacement of aging systems that are rapidly approaching the end of their lives."

Main rival is China

China aims to have at least 1,000 warheads ready by the end of 2030, and Russia plans to deploy 1,550 limited-range warheads under the START treaty on launch vehicles.

“The People's Republic of China (PRC) is the overall challenge to US defense planning and an emerging factor in the assessment of our nuclear deterrent.

The DPRK has embarked on an ambitious expansion, modernization and diversification of its nuclear forces and created a nascent nuclear triad."

"Russia continues to emphasize nuclear weapons in its strategy, modernize and expand its nuclear forces, and brandish its nuclear weapons to support its revisionist security policy."

Sabrina Singh, the Pentagon's deputy press secretary, instead expressed more confidence about the competition China presented at a press briefing last Friday.

"I think we feel very confident in our capabilities when it comes to China or the Indo-Pacific in general," he said.

“Richard said in the National Defense Strategy that China remains our tempo challenge.
We know that to compete with China, we are doing more in terms of our readiness and our own exercises.

But I think we're certainly watching things going on in the Indo-Pacific and remain ready to act if necessary."

The US needs to pick up the pace, hurry up

Richard said the only area the US still dominated was undersea capabilities.

"Undersea capabilities are still the one ... perhaps the only true asymmetric advantage we still have over our adversaries," Richard said according to the US Department of Defense briefing.

"But if we don't pick up the pace, in terms of fixing the maintenance problems, starting new construction ... if we can't figure that out ... we're not going to put ourselves in a good position to maintain a strategic advantage of deterrence, of supporting the national defense and implementation of our strategy".

Stratcom's commander called on the US military to look to the 1950s for inspiration in how it operates to restore its competitive edge.

"We need to make some quick, fundamental change in the way we approach the defense of this nation," Richard said.

"We knew how to move fast, and we've lost the ... agility."

"Otherwise," Richard continued, "China will compete with us, and while Russia is still trapped and can't go far yet, it remains dangerous."

Note - the above translation is from the Greek.

-1 # AGAIN?Getsum 2022-11-08 23:53
Seems like they need to find new fear porn material as they play this song as much as North Korea.

Yawn....But don't let my opinion from stopping the hair-on-fire responses on this story! Arrrggg what are we going to do? Chinese invasion! Wolverines! Hoard gas and food now! Learn Mandarin Now! Go buy toliet paper, beans and rice now! Alien invasion and collision with Planet X on the new Armageddon date of Dec 7th! AAAAHHHHHHH! :-) Did I miss anything? It's humor people...lighten up. All the worry in the world will not lengthen your life one second. Find God, find peace, have faith and trust. Smile, the world needs more smiles!
Smuggled out...
# If ever an evil regime needed to collapse...MissinD60s 2022-11-08 21:28
The CCP is it. They're pure evil.

I'm recalling this audio file which was such led out of China to warn us. It cost dozens of Chinese their lives:

China is collapsing, economically. That the ChiComms will lash out in a final bid for survival is a given. This latest announcement by Xi isn't really news.
+2 # China says prepare for warRevolution1776 2022-11-08 21:06
They say that every few months.
No surprise, we have been expecting this for many moons, but still unfortunate. Blood moon last night, too.
-3 # Christmas Gift?acturner067 2022-11-08 19:04
Twain to be given over to China so they can destroy yet another nation for the demonic globalist?
The U.S. and Taiwan enjoy a robust unofficial relationship. The 1979 U.S.-P.R.C. Joint Communique switched diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing. In the Joint Communique, the U.S. recognized the Government of the People's Republic of China as the sole legal government of Taiwan
Jimmy Carter was the one who pulled that stunt. Taiwan has been sovereign and independent ever since 1949 when Chiang Kai-shek and his followers fled the mainland and set up shop on Taiwan. I've NEVER recognized the red regime as legitimate and NEVER will.

Xi planning to visit MBS soon...the plot thickens.
# On top of what HAL REPORTEDDogsncars 2022-11-08 18:52
Wave of concern: 32 Emergency Action (EMA) messages to US Military – British Trident 2 submarine on fire – Rishi Sunak is being briefed
British submarine mission aborted

08/11/2022 - 22:43
Wave of concern: 32 Emergency Action (EMA) messages to US Military – British Trident 2 submarine on fire – Rishi Sunak is being briefed
A wave of concern is caused by the information that the US Army sent 32 Emergency Action Messages in 48 hours (EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGES also known as EAM) to the nuclear forces. The number is unprecedented.

Increased movement may indicate a change in threat level, for example, whether a serious incident is occurring, or is predicted to occur. In essence, this is a heightened state of readiness that needs to be communicated quickly to US forces.

Read also: Preliminaries to the British-Russian conflict: Wild "wood" to the British ambassador - "London will pay for the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines"

The sending of the 14 EAM messages happened yesterday, as British media released information about a fire on the nuclear powered submarine HMS Victorious.

The fire broke out during the submarine's secret mission in the North Atlantic and forced the vessel to abort its mission and surface, an action rarely done due to the risk of detection by Russian satellites.

HMS Victorious is one of four submarines tasked with carrying out nuclear patrols known as the Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD).

This means that a Royal Navy submarine armed with nuclear missiles is always on patrol somewhere in the world, unseen, ready to launch nuclear missiles if the country's Prime Minister gives the order.

A Royal Navy spokesman said the vessel was not in a CASD role at the time of the incident. Later the British spread that the fire did not happen yesterday, but six weeks ago.

But for some reason yesterday, the newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, rushed out of the room during the opening speech on forests at the climate summit (COP27) on Monday.

An aide to the British Prime Minister came on stage and whispered something in Rishi Sunak's ear. The two were seen chatting and left when another assistant came on stage.

About 2 minutes before he left, an assistant came on stage and whispered in his ear for over a minute… there was a debate about whether he should leave at that point. Sunak initially stayed but another aide decided to go back to him and urge him to leave.

Therefore, the incident with the British submarine probably happened yesterday….
+12 # Well, it going to happen soon or laterChappyusa1 2022-11-08 18:06
We are in the 4th turning for sure.
This was going to happen and I blame US leaders and corps who move companies to china and allow them to grow strong and gave them our military technologies. Yes, this is Dem and Rep, both are to blame and now it will cost our son's in blood.

So I say why should we ever fight for this BS nation? US gov is evil to the core.
# WWIIIVercinge 2022-11-08 18:04
Taiwan is not at all independent. Taiwan is a vassal/colony of US as well as are so EU, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand.

China knows it very well and it is also ready to invade America itself, that Chineses consider since always their own territory which American Zionists have conquered through extermination of the clearly asiatic origin natives. China has 5000 years of ethnic unity history against American 500 ones of total ethnic disunity.
+4 # RE: WWIIIThe Deplorable Renegade 2022-11-08 19:10
The Chicoms would have to contend with up to 100,000,000 gun owners in the US. We can make them pay a price they could never imagine.
-1 # Bring itoak2022 2022-11-08 18:18
Nice story bro. Want to see the biggest and longest insurgency in the modern era? Bring it. It's too buku for you.
# I Don't KnowMLB18960 2022-11-08 22:56
Here's the thing about insurgencies. They are almost all funded and supplied by large powers. Vietnam had the Vietcong being funded and supplied by the Russians and Chinese. From 1979 through the early 90s we funded the mujahideen. Who will be our suppliers if America falls? From where will we be replied? We won't make it fast on sego lilies and rabbit stew. The native Americans didn't, at least and they knew a LOT more about living of the land than we do and were A LOT tougher than us, too. AR-15s and hunting rifles won't be too successful against bio-warfare agents, missiles, and tanks.
+12 # Better send Jake.Doug Brown 2022-11-08 17:42
Jake Sullivan just set the Russians straight.
Better hustle his butt over to China, to set
them straight too.
What fearless leadership.
+2 # RE: Better send Jake.MarkMicho 2022-11-08 18:15
Quoting Doug Brown:
Jake Sullivan just set the Russians straight.
Better hustle his butt over to China, to set
them straight too.
What fearless leadership.

Better yet show China we mean business and
send Cameltoe Harris to give them the "what to for"


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