A military aircraft has been SHOT DOWN and crashed onto the island of Cyprus minutes ago.  Intel is sketchy but the plane went down after fighter jets conducted numerous bombing runs from ISRAEL into SYRIA.

There are conflicting reports with some claiming it was an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, but the debris field and scope of the fire at the crash site seem to indicate it was a much larger aircraft . . . like a fighter jet. 

Skuttlebutt right now is that the plane was an ISRAELI Fighter Jet shot down by the S-300 air defense system fired from Syria.

Information is developing.  Updates to appear below.



Images are coming in from locals on the scene and they show what appears to be the main wing of a fighter jet and the tail section of a fighter jet.  No markings yet seen.




UPDATE 9:55 PM EDT --  

Additional reporting from the scene CLAIMS the aircraft was an Israeli F-35 Stealth Fighter Jet.  THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED YET.


Hal Turner Note:  As my regular readers know, for 15 years, I worked with the FBI.  My final five years (2003-2008) with the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) 

In sworn testimony in Brooklyn federal court, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of FBI, New York City Division, Amy Pickett, told the courtroom that people like me handled "National Security Intelligence, Terrorism and Foreign Counter-Intelligence."   It was also revealed in testimony that I was a "fully operational, National Security Intelligence" who was granted "Extra-Territorial Operating Authority by the Office of Intelligence at FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC."  That meant that even though FBI is chartered for Domestic US operations, I was still able to go overseas.  When I did, my activities were coordinated with other agencies, like the CIA, but I did NOT work for the CIA.

In my role with FBI, I met and worked with Intelligence assets from several foreign countries - both civilian and military.  I maintain many of those relationships to this day.  They feed me info that other media outlets never get near. 

I give as much of that info as I can to my readers/Subscribers when it will not jeopardize lives or sources/methods.

I am reaching out to ALL my former Intel colleagues to get the best info possible about this situation.  But today being the Sunday before the Fourth of July holiday here in the USA, many of those contacts are either traveling for the upcoming holiday, or still with family at this hour.  As I get further details, updates will appear below.


UPDATE 10:30 PM EDT --

Word from the region is that the aircraft WAS Israeli, still no confirm about it being an F-35, but the info coming to me now is that the Israeli pilot tried to land at a NATO Base (British) on Cyprus to prevent the aircraft from falling into insecure hands.  Apparently, he couldn't make it to the base.  THAT would fit if the plane was an F-35, but still no confirmation on that yet.



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UPDATE 10:56 PM EDT --

On Sunday, Israeli satellite imagery showed Syria’s entire S-300 air defense system appeared to be operational, indicating a greater threat to Israel’s ability to conduct airstrikes against Iranian and pro-Iranian forces in the country.


UPDATE 11:02 PM EDT --

Foreign minister of Northern Cyprus Kudret Ozersay says "Our soldiers, police, and firefighters are carrying out inspections and responding at the site.  Initial findings indicate the object that caused the explosion was either an aircraft carrying explosives or a direct explosive missile."

“The writings and signs on the debris will allow us to understand exactly what happened soon” he continued.”  


UPDATE 11:09 PM EDT --

Speculation is now running rampant and folks are trying to piece things together themselves.   The photo below from a local, shows a very clear image of what COULD be an F-35 half-tail section:

Comparison being made by locals is this photo, but this photo is not an F-35.   I am reporting THEIR comparisons:


As of 11:42 PM EDT I am STILL unable to get 100% certain info about the situation.  Sadly, having undergone open-heart surgery about two months ago, during which I got FOUR coronary arteries by-passed, and from which I am STILL recovering, I __have to __ head to sleep.  I just can't stay awake any longer.  My cellphone and secure-encrypted satellite phone are right next to me, so if/when my Intel guys report-in, I will update.  For now, I have to sleep.



According to the government of Cyprus, the wreckage pictured above is that of a Syrian S-200 Missile which was fired at Israeli warplanes while those planes were attacking Syria.  The photos, however, do not seem to match the appearance of what would have been an S-200.   This, however, is the "official story."

The projectile that landed in Northern Cyprus on Sunday night could be “a Russian-made S-200 air defense missile,” according to Kudret Ozersay’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. The official suggested that the missile had “completed its range” and crashed on the Mediterranean island after missing its target.

Markings on the retrieved debris were identical to that of an S-200 missile that was reportedly found in the southeastern Turkish province of Gaziantep back in 2018, Ozersay added.

However, he said that the circumstances of the crash have not yet been fully established. “Although we are not certain, our first findings [indicate] that this was an S-200 missile,” his post read.



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Normand Berube · 11 months ago
    It's a very big S-200 missile....Lolllllll.
    It's a BIG catastrophe for Israel, U.S. and the F-35
  • This commment is unpublished.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    JON MCGLOIN · 11 months ago
    It was a S-200 missle.
    Look at last pic in article, says a thousand words. Clearly a missle.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kevin Burger · 11 months ago
    If you look at the size of the pilot then look at the guy standing in the pictures above it then you kinda get a small to be a fighter jet. Not even an f16
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Kevin Burger · 11 months ago
    Unless I’m off on my geometry then it’s not an f35 or f22 unless I’m missing a pentagon shaped tail somewhere. Looks more like the size of a missile anyways
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Whozhear · 11 months ago
    The image you show for comparison Hal is an F-22...... :-(((
  • This commment is unpublished.
    · 11 months ago
    Thanks for the excellent reporting.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      · 11 months ago
      It is approx 8AM EDT now, and today's search on the computer shows only the rt article with no mention of your reporting. Last evenings search showed your article just below the rt article. I wonder how that happens, rt is a russian news source. hummmmmmmmm. Maybe russian missiles "phone home" when launched? Hal, keep up the good work. Everybody else send him some money.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jared Christensen · 11 months ago
    Looks like the Israelis couldn't find a passenger jet to hide behind this time. How would a multi million dollar stealth F-35 get shot down if indeed it did? They are invincible guys. It couldn't be an F-35, the premiere US fighter that's going to lead the fight into the next decade.