Ongoing Gunfire on Serbia-Kosovo Border; Air Raid Sirens Sounding in Kosovo

As of 2:55 PM EDT Sunday, there is an outbreak of gunfire between forces of Serbia and of Kosovo.  Lengthy and ongoing gun battles are reported to be taking place as Serbian troops reportedly crossed the border into Kosovo.

Video from the area allows the hearing of air raid sirens:


Additional reports coming in as of 2:59 PM claim there is now open and ongoing gunfire at "all border crossings between Serbia and Kosovo."

Other reports say that Serbian civilians are erecting ROAD BLOCKS on all roads between Serbia and Kosovo.  The makeshift roadblocks look like this one:


Aleksandr Vucic, President of Serbia: "The Serbs will not suffer any more cruelty, we will win if someone dares to persecute or kill the Serbs in Kosovo."  The Serbian Army has been ordered to prepare for combat.

Serbian Special Forces are presently entering the border of Kosovo . . . .

Kosovo border police have blocked the bridge going into Serbia from Mitrovica


Gunfire heard in Novi Pazar, Serbia


Additional Roadblocks  now in Serbia:



My son arrived at my house in Pennsylvania early Sunday afternoon.  There was a lot of electronic stuff that needed doing, and I've been trying to get him to come up for weeks, to get it done.

So around twelve hours ago, my time had to go to taking care of that work, and not this web site.

We got accomplished what we had hoped; the entire acreage of the property is now wi-fi enabled, with a "mesh" enabled grouping of access points that will "hand-off" from one to another to maintain wi-fi connectivity over the entire property.  

Up here in very rural Pennsylvania, and especially at this house, even cellular connectivity is spotty, never mind a full property, meshed, wi-fi.  So that's done now.

We had a minor issue with the ground of an electrical outlet, that's fixed.

My mom's old 42" plasma TV needed to be mounted to the wall instead of setting on an entertainment center; that's done.

There's other stuff that needed doing as well, and we're getting to all of it.


The crawl space under the house has "Spider Crickets." Ugly, annoying bugs that look like this:

I've been meaning to hit the crawl space with SEVIN DUST pesticide for quite some time, just didn't get around to it.  But I did that yesterday.

Bought the type that attaches to a garden hose, went under there, and doused the whole thing.   Had to get out because of the fumes.

Well . . . .

What I didn't realize while I was doing it, was that the mold and mildew under there, which I had treated months ago, was going to have a field day with the water from that same garden hose.

About four hours later, I walked outside and there was this hideous blast of mildew smell emanating from under the house.  The SEVIN DUST is killing the spider crickets, but the water-based application caused the mildew to run wild.

So when my son was coming up this morning, I told him to stop at the  Home Depot and get a 10"    900 cubic feet per minute, commercial exhaust fan.

We put it in the Bilco Doors to the crawl space and let the exhaust fan rip.   WHOA the mildew smell that came out.

Anyway, while my son did other work around the house, I had to go down to the lower level and cut the grass before it grew so tall as to make it darn near impossible to cut with a riding mower.   I cut the grass.

Around 6:00 last night, my son and I went to dinner.  Got home around 7:30.

Local neighbor stopped by to say hi, left about 9:00 and I was bone tired.

I told my son I was going to bed.

Around 12:30 this morning (Sunday-into-Monday) I woke up with a friggin COUGH like you won't believe!


Hack, hack, hack, gasp, hack hack hack.

Oh man, I don't need this shit.

Now, I've been taking my Whole Foods Natural multi-vitamins every day.  I also take  8000 units of Vitamin D-3, along with Vitamin K-2,  I take Zinc Picolinate along with Quercetin. I take Co-Enyme-Q-10, and Straus' Heart Drops.  I drink an immune-building Glutathione Whey Protein mix too. I take NAC and I take Lauricidin (active ingredient Monolaurin). 

So my nutritional intake is long-established  and specifically designed to boost my immune system and render any lipid-envelope-based Virus, wrecked within minutes of entering my system.  That's what Lauriciden does; although it is not marketed for that purpose, one of its effects is that the active ingredient is, for some reason, amazingly able to penetrate the outer viral envelope of any virus that has a lipid envelope.  This causes a lipid-envelope-encased-virus to immediately swell; like a dry sponge being hit with water.  As the lipid envelope swells, it cannot open to expel its viral R N A  into a cell that it binds-to, because its own outer lipid envelope is so swollen.  Within a short while, the saturated lipid envelope begins to disintegrate from the monolaurin it is now saturated with, rendering the virus harmless.

Given the fact that I have a long and well established history of taking precisely the right nutritional supplements outlined above, to have an absolutely KICK ASS IMMUNE SYSTEM, and have been taking all this stuff since early in the COVID bullshit (because I did not want their phony mRNA "vaccine") and I have NOT been sick through all of it. . . .I figure this nasty cough is either the mildew from the crawlspace, or a nasty allergy to whatever may have been in the grass I cut hours earlier.  My bet is the mildew.

 I have NO FEVER.  I do have congestion in my chest.  Nasal mucus is completely clear, no tinge of color at all.

I have AMOXICILLIN and I have access to HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.   I also have access to Ivermectin as horse paste.


So what I did: I took a 500 mg AMOXICILLIN and a dose of Lauricidin.

Then I went to the yard and . . . . . . . . . . . . . smoked a cigarette!   Yes, that is precisely what a grown man who has chest congestion and a cough does!

Now I'm at my desk giving you some updates.   Coughing is subsiding.

We'll see how this goes.




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