BREAKING NEWS: Russia Moves Ten (10) Aircraft to Belarus "Capable" of Carrying Tactical Nukes; WILL ALSO STATION NUKES IN BELARUS!

Russian President Vladimir Putin made a shocking surprise announcement today that "Russia has now positioned ten (10) aircraft inside Belarus capable of carrying Tactical nuclear weapons."  He declined to say if such weapons are already on those aircraft.   

Putin also announced that actual nuclear bombs "will be stationed in Belarus from now on."

Developing . . .  check back for updates



# Sounds like a chess move on Putins part.Gruntpa 2023-03-26 11:36
U.S. Army Establishes First Permanent Garrison on NATO’s Eastern Flank

The US Army has officially opened its first permanent military garrison on NATO’s “eastern flank” in a ceremony on Tuesday (March 21).

Stretching from the Baltics to the Black Sea, the eastern portion of the North Atlantic bloc is made up of eight nations—all former members of the USSR or Warsaw Pact. The US Army’s V Corps will now have a lasting presence at Camp Kosciuszko in Poland.

The V Corps’ commanding general, Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski, explained the garrison showed that Washington is deepening its military commitments in Eastern Europe. “The relationship of the US and Poland serves as an example of the deepening ties throughout the alliance,” he said, adding “today’s activation ceremony is a tangible reminder of the growth in our relationship.”
# Good article about DUselah 2023-03-25 23:04
-1 # .Utah1 2023-03-25 18:05
+9 # GOOD GRIEF ...... WHERE DID ALL THE FRUITCAKES COME FROM ......NHydg 2023-03-25 17:25
While we're at it ......
To the NWO / NATO/ U.S.(evil empire) /Ding Bat Luciferians ...... THIS is NOT a war ....THIS IS A DEPOPULATION EVENT ......... The evil ones tried it with Viruses, with Vaccines, with antagonizing countries to war ........... NOW they are just going out and DOING the war.
+2 # Agreedfoldurrrr 2023-03-25 17:43
Been saying this for months. Rubber meeting the road.Why be coy they say..."Just go KILL THEM!"
+4 # █▓▒░ Off Topic ¹±°±¤ ²°²³ WELL... WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT OUR SOON TO BE FUTURE ?¿?¿?¿? ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 17:22


Cargo theft, led by food and beverage, is surging across the U.S.

Food and beverage coming into port or in a warehouse is
No. 1 on the list of products being targeted by freight thieves
who are increasing their criminal activity across the national
supply chain. It’s a sign of the economic times, and adding
further pressure to the high prices faced by consumers during
an elevated inflation environment.

______žØmßïêplåñe† ²°²³

# RE: █▓▒░ Off Topic ¹±°±¤ ²°²³ WELL... WHAT DOES THIS SAY ABOUT OUR SOON TO BE FUTURE ?¿?¿?¿? ░▒▓█Utah1 2023-03-25 18:15
# Second Sun Planet X Orchestradaniel_beyond 2023-03-25 17:14

Remember One. Peace
# █▓▒░ Planet X ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 18:26

Anybody that thinks those images are Planet X or a
second sun, is dumb as a bag of rocks.

I used to see the same thing in the evening when I lived
on the western Florida beaches and that was 40 years ago.

Prof. James McCanney MS Physicist is the worlds most
authority on Celestial Mechanics and the Comet Plasma
Discharge Model. Without such you will not even know
what to look for when the ancient Nibiru body approaches us again.

Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S.

“Planet X Update 2020- The Real History of Planet X” eBook – front & rear covers & Table of Contents

Surviving Planet-X Passage by Professor James M. McCanney, M.S. A 60 page pamphlet … a guide to expected “Earth Changes” and how to survive them is based on historical records of past events... a section on myths and misinformation being propagated on the internet today, a 12 month time scenario for the time prior to the passage of a Planet-X type of object including “action at a distance” effects.
-2 # RE: █▓▒░ Planet X ░▒▓█daniel_beyond 2023-03-25 19:23
Q: who was the greatest astronomer of XX Century? A: Carlos Munoz Ferrada. Search about him
Robert Harrignton died soon after his famous Interview to Zacaria Sitchin
1 I know more
2 Remember 1
# █▓▒░ Planet X ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-25 20:57

I know more
which means you know nothing but low level misdirection.

Carlos Munoz Ferrada has nothing to do with Celestial Mechanics
and the Comet Plasma Discharge Model.

Planet X was not discovered in the 1980's. Dr. Robert S. Harrington  
was an American astronomer who worked at the United States Naval
Observatory and thought he found “Nibiru” or Planet X. Turns out
that as time passed it was the comet Hale Bopp that he was tracking.
But in it's own right, it was a type of planet X object as it was about
the size of our moon, but don't expect NASA to admit to it.

When the real Nibiru, Planet X object gets here it will in fact become
a massive comet wreaking havoc on any planet within a few 100 million
miles near it, and the Sun.

I'm not going further in to this as it is well explained by the worlds
foremost expert on this subject, Professor James M. McCanney, whom
I studied under for a decade. (And no, planet X is not hiding behind
the sun and does not include a wormhole)

Until you understand the Comet Plasma Discharge
Model, you won't even understand what you are looking for.
(There is a massive disinformation campaign surrounding this
subject to keep the public confused, thinking it's just crazy stuff
but it's not) (The tail of the comet is nor water vapor, but the result
of an electrical Plasma interaction with the sun, which is 875,000
miles in diameter and “high voltage”)

(Dr. Harrington also died under mysterious circumstances)
# .Utah1 2023-03-25 18:24
+2 # Geeez ..... this thing sure didn't happen like they said it wouldNHydg 2023-03-25 17:32
In October 2013 was like .....Look into the sky , the sky is falling ...........hmmmmmmm
Although , lost track since ...... although , I am thinking it was only about 2 -3 years ago was in an evening , sun was low in the west ....... and sure as anything , there on the eastern horizon was what looked like the sun rising just over the tree line ........ I even photographed it ......... looks like the sun to me , only a bit to the south of the normal sunrise for that time.
+4 # Have new intelSilas8 2023-03-25 17:02
According to open source intel It's partly due to UK sending DU ammo
+3 # I was thinking.Gregg W 2023-03-25 20:56
These idiots probably sat around one day thinking. What should we do with all our nuclear waste?

Some genius said, “Let’s put it in bombs and drop them on other countries!”

+3 # Yesfoldurrrr 2023-03-25 17:46
The tons of DU the good old USA spent in Iraq got my friend over their leukemia. IT really is a dirty bomb on another scale. Watch Russia strike UK. ITS COMING.
+1 # No rush...dave0975644 2023-03-25 16:46
+1 # americaldocamericaldoc 2023-03-25 16:27
+1 # NoSilas8 2023-03-25 17:16
Tactical nuke for battlefield and strategic nuke for cities
+3 # RE: americaldocPastorK 2023-03-25 17:13
Quoting americaldoc:

What are strategic nukes called?
+1 # RE: americaldocGruntpa 2023-03-26 11:46
Tactical nukes are small, a few kilotons yield. They’re delivered by normal weapons systems, such as artillery or strike aircraft over relatively short ranges.

Their job is to break up formations of enemy troops on the battlefield. This can be offensive or defensive. It may seem odd to think of a nuke as a defensive weapon, but the idea is that when you see enemy forces massing to attack you, you drop a tactical nuke on them to break up the attack.

Tactical nuclear weapons are designed to be used near friendly forces or even within friendly territory, for this reason they usually have much lower yield and minimal fallout.

Strategic nukes are the big, long range ballistic missiles. You fire them at high-value targets in the enemy’s homeland (ports, military bases, command and control centers, enemy nuclear missiles, etc). The idea is to break the enemy’s ability to wage war. This may include targeting civilians.
+3 # The Insult !Doug Brown 2023-03-25 16:26
The insult Biden delivered when asked this
morning about the recent Xi Putin summit in m
Biden said, OVER RATED
+3 # Russia is Throwing Down the Gauntlet?Garyhines 2023-03-25 15:52
Russia is Throwing Down the Gauntlet towards NATO and the United States. makes you feel like we are now watching a Nightmare unfold right before our eyes .and their's not a damn thing any one is going be able to do about it. Major development here by Russian military. Will see how this plays out in the months Ahead
-2 # Timetable/Survival (edited)daniel_beyond 2023-03-25 15:51
In 8 months WW3 Ending
In 8 years NIBIRU Crossing

1783( Treaty of Paris) + 240(Bible Code for US Lifespan) = Nuclear War Late 2023 (Holydays = low shield. Remember Yom Kippur 1973)

2023 + 7 (Shmitah Cycle) = Late 2030 to Early 2031, the NIBIRU Crossing, Impact/Sinking of Continents

NO. Countries dont Last Forever. Two Major ELE are coming . Life is Motion. Most people stuck and perish. Few people move Before Disaster and survive.

And No, No amount of static prepping equals to moving to Safe Locations. What the Angel said to Lot? Get Out

Do you know How a few people Survived Atlantis? Yes, Dreams and Prophecies. So they left before the Sinking

Remember 1. Peace
+1 # I was big on Nibiru when I was 18.jddonahey1990 2023-03-25 16:16
Now 33 realize that everythign they predicted were so wrong, now they just expect us to believe that shit, and all they did was push it back.. and back again, numerous times. "Just trust us, it will happen eventually" okay when? "we dont know but if I had to guess (instead year here)"

No evidence to back it up. Such a dumb conspiracy.
# RE: I was big on Nibiru when I was 18.daniel_beyond 2023-03-25 23:58
Im not God you Genius. Thats Just a possible timetable. You may be New here. I Said many times timing may vary Not the Event. I know WHO spoke tô me. You know what die in Ignorance those who despise knowledge. You Yankees deserve whats coming upon you. Im safe and Sound in Brazil btw.
Remember One. Peace
+1 # This Nibiru conspiracy has been around for over a decade.jddonahey1990 2023-03-25 16:06
Many have predicted certain dates/years over the last 15 years. All have been wrong.

Something that big we would see coming.
I just wish this specific conspiracy would die.
+2 # RE: This Nibiru conspiracy has been around for over a decade.Utah1 2023-03-25 18:30
Actually since the planet was discovered in 1984 when it made the cover of Time? magazine, but was quickly scrubbed. Likely after they began to realize it's lethality to earth.

Oddly, the DUMBS underground bases really started to ramp up construction just after that ground breaking, double pun intended, celestial discovery.
# Time is Master of Reasondaniel_beyond 2023-03-25 16:35
Untill then A lot of things will die not just theories
+2 # bombGreg5000 2023-03-25 15:35
neutron bombs would be nice, less fall out to blow east...
then later they can take poland and grow swine there.
+2 # Ukrainian police arrest priest during serviceTHIRDECHELON 2023-03-25 15:33
+2 # Fauci Lied People Died The Movie.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-25 15:33
Mirrored - MaxResistance

The TRUTH Exposes The LIE.
+2 # They are closer toGregg W 2023-03-25 15:30
Kaliningrad. The west has been flying around there. NATO might try to hit that area for a couple different reasons.

Nukes in Belarus can respond quicker than ones in Russia itself.
+1 # Costs of the 20-year war on terror: $8 trillion and 900,000 deathsTHIRDECHELON 2023-03-25 15:27
A report from the Costs of War project at Brown University revealed that 20 years of post-9/11 wars have cost the U.S. an estimated $8 trillion and have killed more than 900,000 people.
# Medvedev: Russia at War With 3.6 Million-Strong NATO ArmyTHIRDECHELON 2023-03-25 15:26
+3 # Only ten??MissinD60s 2023-03-25 15:24
I expect Russia has staged all sorts of goodies in Belarus. Just look at a map. It's a perfect jump-off point for Uke n Western Europe.
+2 # goodGreg5000 2023-03-25 15:18
all they have to do is get the planes up in the air and launch and turn the US bases in polack land and former nazi land to glass
+6 # RE: BREAKING NEWS: Russia Moves Ten (10) Aircraft to Belarus "Capable" of Carrying Tactical Nukes; WILL ALSO STATION NUKES IN BELARUS!Galwaypoet 2023-03-25 14:17
So much posturing, moving chess pieces around on the board. Maybe they will be used at some point in the future if NATO crosses the 200th "red line." Meanwhile, why is it so quiet in the Middle East today after all the posturing and testing of each side's responses and will to fight yesterday? Rather than use millions of bucks flying gas guzzling aircraft around for fun illegally, I'd rather have Amerika actually use our funds for stuff like decent affordable health care. Just sayin' . After 50 years of hard work, putting funds into Social Security, I get unsocial no security living. Was in a Barnes and Noble bookstore the other day, and a whole new section of LGBTQ was installed and fully booked. I wish God, man, or whoever/whatever would just get the show on the road and stop this shitty tap dancing around the point nonsense. I'm not even getting a decent war movie for the price I was forced to pay for the ticket.
+1 # RE: BREAKING NEWS: Russia Moves Ten (10) Aircraft to Belarus "Capable" of Carrying Tactical Nukes; WILL ALSO STATION NUKES IN BELARUS!AmyO 2023-03-25 18:22
"After 50 years of hard work, putting funds into Social Security, I get unsocial no security living."

+3 # Move the chess pieces 'round n round'Galwaypoet 2023-03-25 14:59
Alright! One negative. Do I hear another? Come one, come all! Show me some more judgmental hypocrisy regarding what is actually going and your relation to the problems we have all caused. Tell me you haven't had enough of life's shit show, and that you are not here to secretly salivate over the prospect of having a war to free you from your misery and inability to actually change the world around you for the better. I'm waiting.....
# OMG...lolwallacenichols37 2023-03-25 15:22
So much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard being Snoop d o double g, but i somehow someway keep fighting through another negative add every single day... LOL... No, Trump has got to stop pushing for violence, we need to legally get rid of the corrupt politicians... We need the Christ Family loving politicians working with whoever they trust to get our country back before the digital Mark of the Beast currency is introduced here in our nation!
# Hopeell 2023-03-25 15:10
I used to believe that with voting and political activism, hard work, and starting in your own backyard, one could change the world. Not I think I was naive. The system is too entrenched. Starting about 1000AD we have all just been along for the ride.
+5 # Whats happing at home while this is going on?MildB 2023-03-25 14:10
Left-wing Lunacy last week.

USA Today labeled a man as one of its “Women of the Year.” So much for accuracy in reporting. The left continues its war on normalcy by embracing insanity and is erasing women in the process.

The left-wing media aren’t simply misleading us with biased reporting. They’re actually celebrating their lies and deceit.

California’s $640 billion reparations plan is twice the state’s annual budget. Imagine the taxes that would have to be imposed to cover that fiscal insanity! Not to be outdone, San Francisco’s reparations scheme costs 12.5 times the city’s annual budget, amounting to a tax of $600,000 on every non-African American household in the city!

Leftist universities continue to embrace segregation. Grand Valley State University in Michigan is hosting at least five different graduation ceremonies segregated by race and “gender identity.” How does dividing us bring us together? Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., must be rolling over in his grave.

Washington, D.C., may cut its bus service in half in order to save money so it can buy expensive electric buses that will run fewer routes, moving fewer people. How’s that for liberal logic?!

ChinaAid founder and President Bob Fu, who escaped persecution in communist China, is sounding the alarm against the neo-Marxist left in America. In a recent interview, Fu warned:

The similarities are very, very striking between the Chinese communist way of persecution and the American leftist way of restriction and even discrimination. . .

“I feel America is descending into a Chinese communist style of governance. The media propaganda is exactly the same as in communist China, where I was born and educated in the trend.”

Wake up, America!
+17 # No doubt .....those are nuke armed ...NHydg 2023-03-25 13:43
It would make no sense to put those on line unless they are ready to go ALL THE WAY.
One can well bet everything is nuke ready.
+15 # I Can'tmotoman52 2023-03-25 13:43
Blame him.
NATOSTAN is not seeking peace.
Offering Russia border security.
+15 # Bill Gates Calls for Western Nations To Surrender Sovereignty to the WHOWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-25 13:42
In news that should send a chill down the spine of every patriot, Bill Gates is calling on world leaders to surrender the sovereignty of their nations to the World Health Organization’s “global health emergency corps.”

The globalist elite are becoming increasingly arrogant are now saying the quiet parts out loud. Whereas once this kind of talk would have only been possible in a dark and smokey back room, Gates is now sharing his vision for the dismantlement of US sovereignty in the New York Times op-ed pages.

Declaring his support for the WHO’s Global Pandemic Treaty, Gates argues that the WHO should be viewed as a global “fire department for pandemics” that seizes control of nations on a global level during health emergencies.

Once upon a time these views, expressed publicly, would have got a man strung up for treason.
+2 # Bill needs to be left with a full crewsupporttheblue 2023-03-25 15:34
Of boys in the band. If that doesn’t work give a cell mate in lockdown. He is a piece of chihuahua shit. Wants to bark in the big leagues after being a 4 eyed pussy his whole life. Money doesn’t buy respect.
+5 # Bill GatesJdr211971 2023-03-25 15:07
I have the solution. Maybe Bill Gates should "disappear".
Then no one would have to hear his tyrannical ideas anymore. That goes for all the other ilk of his kind out there in positions of power.
+3 # NFW...MissinD60s 2023-03-25 15:22
I want that demon POS to be publicly hung by his scrawny neck until dead!! No easy outs for that demon!
+4 # Billy Boy needs a permanent holiday!!!!easybirdie 2023-03-25 15:17
Yep! I would just tell old Billy Boy that "accidents happen alllll the time"! We wouldn't really want you in an "accident" now would we??? He really does need to disappear along with many of the western leaders and Nato!
+6 # RE: Bill Gates Calls for Western Nations To Surrender Sovereignty to the WHOJFY 2023-03-25 14:04
Gates behind the bars.
+11 # So de facto surrender isn't good enough anymore?Dutch 2023-03-25 13:56
Quoting White Lightning aka Raptor:
Once upon a time these views, expressed publicly, would have got a man strung up for treason.

Some would argue those were the good old days. Me? I have stepped on creatures more deserving of life than Bill Gates.
+19 # RE: Bill Gates Calls for Western Nations To Surrender Sovereignty to the WHOThe Deplorable Renegade 2023-03-25 13:45
F@#$ Bill Gates and the horse he rode in on.
+6 # 5G radiation is a far greater threat than the vaccine, says Reinier FuellmichWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-25 13:45
“Microwave radiation [such as 5G], is a far greater threat than the vaccines because it affects everyone.” “This is based on two (2)… interviews that I did… with the foremost authority on microwave radiation and 5G.” “The man’s name is Barrie Trower. He worked for British Intelligence…” “Microwave has been a weapon since the 1930’s.” “The Soviet Union has been using it [as a weapon] since 1949.” “The American government has also been using it on the American people…” Reiner Fuellmich tells Stew Peters.

The full 14-minute interview from March 15, 2023 is posted here:
+7 # What Could Go Wrong?2FatBears 2023-03-25 13:41
Besides Everything!
+11 # Chessremonkok 2023-03-25 13:40
If NATO places their weapons closer, so will Russia.
-1 # ~MildB 2023-03-25 14:20
rook to bishop 4
+7 # Big problemSilas8 2023-03-25 13:39
Big problem for Europe, because then Russia can lunch nukes through Belarus and not be counter attacked by US. If needed he can force Belarus president to do it
# RE: Big problemdnhq3behbnsaksasa 2023-03-25 14:45
That's dumb, obviously NATO will know those are Russian nukes, giving them a reason to strike Russia AND Belarus.
+3 # NoSilas8 2023-03-25 14:57
If let's say they use 10 tactical nukes on Ukraine. You really think US would sacrifice itself with an nuclear attack on Russia.. I don't think so, but they would hit Belarus for sure

Besides, Russia is holding back it's nukes due to pressure from China and India who buys their oil. By using Belarus they could maybe go around this as well


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