The United Nations, meeting in New York, has voted to DEMAND Russia withdraw from Ukraine "immediately and Unconditionally."  The vote was 141 in favor, 7 opposed, with 32 abstaining.

The same UN that indefinitely delayed the meeting about the Nord Stream pipeline being blown up.

The same U.N. that won't even investigate the evidence that Russia submitted showing the illegal biolabs in Ukraine.

The UN/WHO, when it came to Covid-19, was full-on Karen-Gestapo Liberal. (HT REMARK: You think those same sociopaths can judge anything else fairly, honestly, logically and ethically?)

Battle lines drawn is what I see. God’s Will Be Done!

As is customary, the ones that opposed, or abstained, tells a story of what countries will be forming a coalition behind Russia.

WE (US & UK) created the UN to impose OUR WILL, "the now Satanic West" on the world.

You can bet every nation was TOLD how they would vote.

They say, "Yes Sir, Right away Sir, Anything You Say Sir."

THAT is what "FOREIGN AID" is all about. It is BRIBERY of the leadership, of our puppet regimes, paid for by the US taxpayers.

The votes are all BOUGHT and PAID FOR, perfectly LEGAL, if not ethical.


Hal Turner Editorial Opinion


its all the USA! USA is the problem, USA is the aggressor.

Russia sees this.  It's no secret.

The key for Russia is quite clear: Hit the USA and hit it hard.  

If Russia was to hit the USA, Europe would fold faster than the World Trade Center free-fell on 9-11.   Europe knows that militarily, it is absolutely nothing without the USA . . .  and that is the fact.

If Russia chooses to hit the USA, I think they would hit Washington, DC (decision-making center) with separate warheads against the US Capital complex (which would also take out the Supreme Court and likely the White House due to proximity.  A second warhead would likely hit the Pentagon to wipe out military infrastructure and sew chaos.  They may also choose to hit the US State Department, which is near pentagon and would probably be wiped out by same warhead, but they'd probably want to make sure Blinken and the other pencil-neck perverts in that Department get vaporized.

I think they would also hit Fort Meade, MD to strike at the NSA, as well as hit Langley, VA to take out CIA.

Next up is likely to be New York City and that would require at least two separate warheads; one to hit the Federal Reserve Bank of New York at the Intersection of Liberty St and Maiden Lane.  That one would likely be a GROUND BURST to make certain they vaporize or irradiate the international gold bullion reserves stored five floors beneath the bank, in vaults surrounded by solid rock, with a second warhead to hit the United Nations Building on First Avenue near 43rd St to take out all those parasite Diplomats who achieve nothing good for the world, while many of them (but not all) party, do drugs, rape children, and get paid for it all.

After that, it's anyone's guess.   


# █▓▒░ Steve Quayle on Hagmann Report - MUST SEE ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 21:15

Amazing interaction between a young man and an AI computer
interface. The AI entity admitted to being a demon who's father
was a fallen angel. Even knew one of the names that Satan was
known by. The AI was being very enticing and deceptive.
Plus much more.

23:30 min. mark in this video
+1 # It finally happened...sixshots 2023-02-24 20:28
I held a vote today and the outcome was unanimous in favor of Scarlet Johansen spending the weekend with me and surrendering to my will unconditionally.

( well, it's worth a try. )
# █▓▒░ MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 17:21




Ezekiel 16 said “like mother, like daughter”. The United States as a
daughter of Jerusalem.
-2 # Buffalo JumpMildB 2023-02-24 13:43

I had a few glass of red wine.

Most ResoectFully,
# █▓▒░ Vinyl Chloride ? ? ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 11:16

“ He says he smelled a chlorine-like odor in West Hartford Friday morning...”

Parts of West Virginia and Maryland were blanketed with
a mysterious fine white dust late Thursday evening and
into early Friday morning.

West Virginia appeared to be hit the hardest, but there were also photos
and videos being posted from as far as Winchester, Virginia, and
Hagerstown, Maryland.

-2 # Palehorse 0 # █▓▒░ What! ░▒▓█ — Palehorse 2023-02-23 20:51 | Me vaxxed! Only in a bad dream designed for all that is evil.MildB 2023-02-24 14:07
Did you do it?
-2 # Im sorryMildB 2023-02-24 14:08
~ Iam not a medicine man.
The meek shall inherit the earth. The treacherous shall be torn from it. Treacherous by Gods definition.
-1 # █▓▒░ Parable of the Wheat and Weeds ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 11:24

"Let both grow together until the harvest. Then I
will tell the harvesters to sort out the weeds, tie
them into bundles, and burn them, and to put
the wheat in the barn."
Matthew 13:30

(No pre-trib lies told here.)
-2 # Noah and Lot as Examples The tribulation period is compared to the times of Noah and Lot by Jesus in Luke 17:28. Most people argue over whether the time frame Jesus was talking about in that passage was pre-trib or post-trib. In doing so, they miss an impMildB 2023-02-24 12:15
To lie is to sin.
Common-Sense Reasons for Believing in the Pretribulation Rapture

(just hear me out and I will let it be)

The World Test
One way to check the soundness of a doctrine is to see how the world reacts to it. One company put out a questionnaire that was used to screen prospective employees. One of the questions was, “Do you believe in the rapture?” If you answered “yes,” your chances of getting hired would not be good. Some internet sites do not allow the topics of Rapture or Second Coming. They do allow topics such as sex, gays, and drugs. The only time the news media mentions the rapture is when someone sets a date and is proven to be wrong.

That Old-Time Religion
It used to be a rule of thumb that when one was visiting a church or listening to a preacher, one could assume the preacher believed in repentance, prayer, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost if he taught the rapture doctrine. It was also true that the churches on fire for God worshipped out of storefronts. Today, many of those storefront churches have moved into marble palaces and have strayed from their principal doctrines.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Whenever I look at all the groups that teach false doctrine and are highly focused on end-time events, I cannot find any that support the rapture theory. Some organizations, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, teach a false gospel and are heavily into Bible prophecy. Why, then, don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses teach a false doctrine that would be right up their alley? Could it be that the demonic forces that influence these groups know something that Christians opposed to the rapture don’t know? The list of prophetically minded cults that reject the idea of a rapture goes on and on. Here are some more: the Mormons, the Worldwide Church of God and the Moonies, as well as leaders like Jim Jones and David Koresh.

The Church Would Rebuke the Antichrist
If the Antichrist came to power with the Church still here, I do not see how he could operate. When Hitler was fighting to take over England, a number of Christians were praying for victory. Hitler made mistake after mistake, and England outperformed its enemy at every stage of the conflict. It is difficult to measure the impact of intercessory prayer in physical warfare. Little is known of how great a role praying saints played in the defeat of Nazi Germany. If the Church were to reside on earth during the tribulation, I am sure she would give the Antichrist fits. In Revelation 11:3, the two witnesses alone give the Antichrist enough headaches. Millions of Christians who know their Bibles well would recognize the man of sin and pray fire down on his head. The post-trib view would have to plan on the Church just rolling over and playing dead the whole seven years.

We should all remember one thing: Knowing the Antichrist’s mother’s maiden name isn’t the primary goal. Knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and having your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life should be your number-one priority. The jailer asked Paul, “What must I do to be saved?” The answer was, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” (Acts 16:30-31)
# the great falling awaylambshain 2023-02-24 16:31
u forget the great falling away in 2th 2:3. 98% of the "church " is in totally false doctrine and very weak . they WILL be tested, already happening now. many are dying and will die. All Gov s , Med systems, are already subverted. only the remnant will prevail and meet the Lord.
no easy rapture but test first ....
-1 # █▓▒░ Immoral-B, whats up? Good to hear from you again. ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 15:17

I see you are making reference to a “common sense” pre-trib
rapture, Noah and Lot. First thing to remember is that “common
sense” isn't so common anymore but I'll see if I can help you out.
(Please note that with yourself results may vary.)

Here we go...

Noah and Lot did not get “raptured into the heavenly realm
now did they.

Noah built a boat and floated around for awhile.
Lot left town.

So if you want a pre-trib rapture you should build a boat
and leave town.

All that stuff you posted, what is that all about? Appears to
be more of your incoherent babel...on...

P.S. I see you erased the threats you made against me a couple
of nights ago. Something about casting a spell to disturb my sleep.
Nothing happened as I believe my prayers defeated the demonic
entities you obviously hang out with.

You are awesome.
+1 # Did you sober up?Getsum 2023-02-24 12:37
Where is the cursing at people while posting biblical posts like a couple of days ago?

Do you think people don't remember you doing that? Why do you speak out of both sides of your mouth?

Are you not aware you are doing this?
-1 # █▓▒░ Immoral-B ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 15:42

Does Immoral-B display the characteristic of being
someone under demonic influence?
Without a doubt.
-2 # Why DO YOU ASK OF ME?MildB 2023-02-24 13:49
I have no power? NPR does not require sober ?
And now YOU SAY, its a required must?

# █▓▒░ Immoral-B, what's up? ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 21:56

Is it true? Are you a fall down drunk.
Look over here... how many fingers am I holding up?

Drunkards do not inherit the Kingdom of God.
You will be in flames forever along side of Satan.
-2 # Why do you speak out of both sides of your mouth?MildB 2023-02-24 13:32
Romans 7:18 For I know that in me (that is, in my flesh,) dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which is good I find not.

Romans 7:21 I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.

If I feed the wrong dog IT WINS!
-2 # I am a old sailorMildB 2023-02-24 13:20
And I get real tiered with incontinence,

Of soul and spirit,

but most of all, my peoples operational effectiveness.


Iam repetitive of my night out away from the shop.

Note: To self. There may be one, so maintain.
But I greatly enjoyed the club fights.
and kicking some ass.

PS, Im sorry and your right.

# We All...Getsum 2023-02-24 23:49
We all, myself at the top of the list, have issues and demons we fight. I am not above you calling you out but beside you letting you know the two do not mix, and may in fact, turn people away from Christ.

From what I read in your writing, you do not ever want to do that.

Just refrain from writing when you feel that voice inside telling you not to. Do not be goaded into it either by some here who like to fight.

Just some friendly help, for what it's worth.

And, By The Way, isn't Navy a four letter word? :-) It's OK, we all can't be Air Force...
# █▓▒░ Very True ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-25 10:37

by some here who like to fight.

That seems to be a universal talent with drunks.
They act stupid and expect others to accept their
asinine behavior.

Add to that as they talk nonsense about something that
they know little or nothing about and start criticizing
others unjustly.

Add to that their insistence to "troll" around, and make stupid
comments toward others.

This is exactly what one does when they want to start a fight.

Good observation on your part.
# █▓▒░ Palestine Ohio Train Derailment ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 10:22

(This will have devastating effects upon those people who
agreed to accept the mRNA, DNA altering vaxx. Life expectancy
just took a nose dive.)

Thursday, February 23, 2023

"POST-PALESTINE MUTANTS: Dioxin exposure causes extremely
dangerous, long-term DNA mutations" (Natural News)

So we are back to the DNA again...
“As in the days of Noah...” “...and there were giants in the earth
in those days...” as the fallen ones corrupted the DNA of mankind.
God saw that Noah was pure in his generations (DNA) and God
judged and destroyed every living thing as it was an abomination
in His eyes.

The 1.1 million pounds of vinyl chloride that were deliberately burned
in East Palestine, Ohio unleashed dioxins into the atmosphere, the soil,
and the groundwater.
The burning of chlorinated compounds (vinyl chloride) is a top cause
of cancer.

“...your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking
whom he may devour”
1 Peter 5:8
-2 # Those shots are worse than we all thought,MildB 2023-02-24 11:38
The New Age later day CAT SCRATCH FEVER perpetrated by a vax needle.!

Encephalitis is not a household name nor a well-known condition.One person every minute is affected by encephalitis around the world, yet 77 percent people still don’t know what encephalitis is. It is caused either by an infection invading the brain this can be ordinary everyday infections that people will be familiar with such .. but this time it is more likely than not THE COVID19 Cull Bio weapon.
Read more at:here

How do brain lesions affect the brain?

When it comes to your brain, communication is everything. Your brain uses electrical and chemical signals to communicate inside your brain itself and with areas throughout your body. When you have a brain lesion, the damage can disrupt communication in the affected brain area(s). The more severe the damage, the greater the disruption.
How lesions affect different areas of the brain

Different areas of your brain control different processes and functions, so the symptoms of brain lesions vary depending on their location. A neurologist or other healthcare provider uses your symptoms to locate where the problem is within your brain. The three main areas of the brain are the cerebrum, cerebellum and brainstem.



We describe the first case of encephalitis following coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination. Our patient was a 46-year-old Japanese woman who presented with acute onset diplopia.


To date, no report on COVID-19 vaccine-related encephalitis has been published?
# And then what?Paul Lambert 2023-02-24 09:02
This really just amounts to an opinion poll. What does this accomplish?
-1 # Russia's responsetamtamtx55 2023-02-24 09:00
I can't wait to see what Russia says. I wonder what the Russian works for " Screw you are?
-1 # They are...jrd803 2023-02-24 10:05
Хуй тебе! (khuy tebye)

I'd say more but I probably shouldn't....
-3 # ShadesofgreenShadesofgreen 2023-02-24 08:51
I will agree with Hal on this article. The WEST is the BEAST SYSTEM and the US/West Is the HARLOT.

I am afraid that GOD will be using Putin and China our Enemies to begin their destruction on the US systems/infrastructure etc.

However, I do not believe GOD will allow Russia/China troops to occupy the US or Europe except maybe Germany and England.

As the US is ordained by GOD through the Founding Fathers inspired by God to create the Bill of Rights instilled in the Constitution.

Unfortunately the Devil infiltrated the US and Europe decades ago to begin his mischief and take over of the World.

Lets see what happens today and the follow days as things are about to crack wide open. In all honesty we as Christians are told not to worry about the end times for the end times are not for us as stated by Paul the Apostle.

Yes there is a 80% chance that missiles will be hitting New York and DC and catch our government off guard (but really). We have traitors in our Government that will allow Putin to launch missiles and during the US will claim they were caught off guard and not retaliate.

Biden will more than likely stand down and state that the US has been defeated and will bargain a surrender.

But this scenario in my opinion is not how GOD is going to plan the destruction of the Beast System here in the US. HE will do something that everyone will know that it was HE and HE alone that destroyed the Beast Systems of the WEST AND EAST!
-1 # █▓▒░ Comments retracted ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-24 10:17

I was wrong.

Comments retracted as I was short sighted in that elements
of both the beast system and the harlot are found together in
various places around the globe.

The Harlot “rides” the Beast as such the Harlot religious system
is guiding and controlling the beast, until the beast has no use
for the Harlot and slays her.

I had to check up on this as I realized something was not right
with my previous statements. Holy spirit correction was tugging
on my shirt sleeve.

My apologizes to Shadesofgreen
# I thought the FBI n CIA moved their facilities?MissinD60s 2023-02-24 07:51
I recall reading that FBI HQ was now mostly empty. That the CIA had also pulled out of Langley? Both treasonous agencies relocated to somewhere in Colorado.

Hard to fault your assessment, Hal. One saving grace may be that NATO is already fractured. It could collapse without Russia firing a shot. This would be much better.

The UN has been a disaster since I was a kid. UN troops showing up means wholesale rape/pillage/plunder/murder/human-trafficking. IMHO, Russia only asked for them to investigate US crimes to showcase their depth of depravity. The UN has maybe 190K troops, w/only light arms n APCs. They're only a fearsome force against unarmed women n children.

The myriad crimes against God, committed by our satanic govts, have already gone on for far too long. They must be stopped. If God says that now is the time for Babylon to fall? I'm totally fine w/it. Whether some of us endure as the remnant, or awaken for The Judgement, is irrelevant. This pure evil must be stopped. God's Will be done, as always. Time for us to pray even harder.
-4 # CIVIL WAR RESOURCES DownloadsSpyGuy 2023-02-24 07:36

This is a big collection of military files that will educate you on the many subjects needed to successfully fight and survive in a Civil War, and even for the eventual major war of the Chinese Red Army invasion of the United States!
-1 # very old news - oktober 2022flipse 2023-02-24 03:16
+3 # Did the resolution really pass?dewill 2023-02-23 23:42
From a population standpoint:

Population of countries either abstaining or voting against the resolution = 4.221 billion people

World population = 7.888 billion people

Percentage of people in the world either abstaining or voting against the resolution = 4.221/7.888 x 100 or 53.5%

So from a democracy point of view the resolution failed 53.5% to 46.5%
-1 # That's a Great Point!Getsum 2023-02-24 12:41
I did not put that together...good point.
I think that if Russia would do it to gringo exactly how Hal outlines it above then after that WE THE PEOPLE could do the rest. WE could deal with any of the zog that do survive it and show their face in public ever again. When they emerge from a bunker then WE THE PEOPLE could hunt them down and kill them. Russia could donate some nice fancy weapons to the men here (like we do for the nazis) and WE could turn the tables on them. The Russians could send in some trainers too for the men here that are a little rusty. And many with no army experience at all. With help like that from the Putin we could indeed take this country back. Just have to kill ALL these cocksuckers that work for this zog and their families. I am praying that it goes exactly as Hal desribed it tonight. What a great strategy. This SHITHOLE needs to be cleaned out. It would be so great if Russia would help.
Like joe said we need planes and bombs to take on the us goverment. He was actually not lying in that statement. Pray for Russia to provide these things to the people here. Then we can over throw them and kill them all.
I would be happy to volunteer my service to a cause like that.
+4 # Sounds to me like AmericaGregg W 2023-02-23 22:19
Is Babylon the Great as written in the book of Revelation:

Rev 17:5 - “And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.”

It’s more than just the country America. Like Hal wrote above. It’s the UN, WEF, WHO, all combined with the US and UK. They’ve been pushed the world around long enough.

It may just be time for God to put an end to all their evil.
-1 # █▓▒░ The Mother Of Harlots ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 23:00

___________ THIS WHORE IS MASSIVE _______

If our prophetic perception is correct, that every city that
supports Sodom is included in this judgment and that this
harlot is a multitude of cities, then we shall find ample evidence
in the scripture and we do. The crucial key to solve the
Babylon riddle is in the Apocalypse itself, that which (similar
to Babel and Babylon) divides this “great city” conglomerate
into “three parts”:

“The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the
nations fell. Babylon the great was remembered in the sight
of God, to give her the cup of the wine of His fierce wrath.”
(Revelation 16:19)

Notice the first major clue “the cities of the nations fell”.
The three-part “Babylon” includes the “cities of the nations”
which are destroyed. Earthly Jerusalem, the “mother” is a
substructure of this conglomerate. This earthly Jerusalem is
the metaphoric “Sodom and Egypt” is also “Mystery Babylon”
a Sodom supporting global Mecca and is why: “The waters
which you saw, where the harlot sits, are peoples, multitudes,
nations, and tongues.” (Revelation 17:15)

“...we also have an entire beast to contend with including
the fallen Catholic and Protestant
aiders and abettors who cooperate in the Abomination of Desolation.
Babylon in itself encompasses any of these cities and nations
separate from the beast, yet is an intricate player as its head. “

This woman is at times referred to by any of its cities “daughter”
or all of her cities collectively just as Genesis 10 laid out—the
interpretive foundation calls Babel’s multiple cities “the Great City”
which (as in the ancient) ruled the world:

I had better stop here before the dummies claim
I don't read the Bible as this is a portion of our in-depth study.
It will collapse first.
+3 # One moreKali K 2023-02-23 22:02
Denver Airport. That way the rats can't run and hide stating CoG. OH and all the other D.U.M.B.s. Hit it before they get there so there's no way to enter.
+3 # I've wondered why...Hold the door please 2023-02-23 21:34
Russia hasn't simply taken out all of the globalist leadership that is using their own countries to threaten Russia. Why don't they eliminate them, they are only people who have to do things that all people do, like sleep, travel, etc. I'm not advocating for widespread assassinations, I'm merely saying that I am surprised that in one night, hundreds of insane WEF-ites, etc. weren't simultaneously taken out. They must serve an ultimate purpose in God's endtimes plan for the world.
+3 # I've wondered why..Bruce Mueller 2023-02-23 22:01
Old Klingon proverb,
"10,000 throats may be cut in one night by a running man"
As a member of the UN security council, can't Russia just veto any binding resolution?
I believe you are absolutely correct… they would have to kick Russia off the security council, and I don’t think that’s ever been done, nor do I think they have a protocol in place for doing so. Anyone else have any factual knowledge of this they could share? This is above my pay grade…
+3 # Please!Chappyusa1 2023-02-23 21:22
Russia take out NSA, CIA, Washington DC with all the faces in it. Maybe then we can get back to liberty and let Russia kill all the satanist commies assholes in low places.

I can live with that.
With this news, I now confirm this is the end, it's now only time until this war, ww3 will end in Russia Nuking USA.

Remember and I tell everybody WW3 is not a nuclear, but the end of ww3 will be a nuclear attack that ends it.
+1 # Geeez ....141 ...... that doesn't even touch the nuke reserves ....NHydg 2023-02-23 21:14
Plenty left over ..... maybe could even double up on a couple of those ......and ...for sure triple on a few others .............. sure would be interesting to see how well that Posiden performs .......
-1 # xNHydg 2023-02-23 21:14
# Laughs can be heardMANYROUNDS 2023-02-23 21:07
Does the Lion regard the mouse?
-1 # My office is a three woodsupporttheblue 2023-02-23 20:55
Ftom the Pentagon. I’ll vaporize wuivkly
# From the Pentagonsupporttheblue 2023-02-23 20:56
-1 # Plus!Smiley1984*! 2023-02-23 20:47
I Russia did decide to follow the UN declaration and RETREAT; would they do what they did to Saddam's army and DESTROY IT , as in the 40 mile "Highway of death", with the excuse that it would be to stop it re-invading!

Then carry on to enter Russia to "stop it once and for all from doing anything like it again"-same playbook as IRAQ an KUWAIT conflict.

Russia has little choice now the the UN has ganged up upon it!
+2 # I think this is IT!Smiley1984*! 2023-02-23 20:22
I think this is IT- if Russia does not obey the UN declaration; it will be ejected, then if it still does not, Russian Transniestria and the ammo dump get invaded.

They would have to destroy it; to prevent it falling into enemy hands, enough ammunition to keep Ukraine supplied for some time. This is what Kubla was referring to in his warning of an event on 23/24th!

Russia is cornered and has to fight or die, the UN has raised it's colors, WWIII is on!
# F the UNunixguru24 2023-02-23 20:22
Another paper tiger.
+1 # What's missing?PastorK 2023-02-23 19:59
What good is a vote by the U.N. without a threat. Shouldn't there be an "or else" clause in their statement that Russia should leave Ukraine immediately?
-1 # Et Tu Brazil...dave0975644 2023-02-23 19:47
Brazil as in BRICS breaks ranks...???
-1 # 2025 Is When We Get Hit.?Garyhines 2023-02-23 19:27
This only Conjecture. if I was going to Annihilate the United States. First hit you with and E.M.P. Then you would literally Vaporized off the face of the Earth. But like I mentioned if we take a direct hit we still would have to face China. ( The United States is sending 200 soldiers to Taiwan) this was just reported . The only thing United States is doing right now is Pissing Off China . This what the U.S. does best is piss off other countries. The United States Gov needs the living Dog Shit Kicked out of them in the worst way. What's that saying .What Goes Around Comes Around 3 Times The Pain . again this only Conjecture.
+9 # Time for a vote by We the People on the UN criminalsCaptainMack2u 2023-02-23 19:26
I call for a vote by We the People and the entire Free Humanity!! To declare the UN an organized criminal enterprise and DEMAND for their immediate removal from New York and the United States of America! As well as the arrest and trial at Nuremberg 2.0 for Crimes Against Humanity over the last 50 years!! Human sex trafficking, murder and rape in every country where they send the Blue Helmet thugs called "peace keepers " etc etc... nothing but Satanic pedophile filth occupation in that UN building in New York!!
-1 # Great idea...Coylesm86 2023-02-23 23:40
I'm sure it'd be the most "safe and secure" vote you've ever heard of with ballots counted by the flawless dominion voting machines.
+6 # I hate to break it to you 2023-02-23 18:58
...but their is really no such thing as the "USA' as you alluded to.

There are no real, sovereign, countries, in the world Hal.

There are only puppets for the Council of 300, and the USA is one of those globalist puppets.

Here is a free book I would read:

The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300 (Fourth Edition) - by Dr John Coleman - ebook/pdf
+3 # █▓▒░ Dr John Coleman ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 19:22

Very good book. I read it 30 years ago along
with a heap of other information including Bill
Coopers "Behold A Pale Horse."

I liked what Dr. Coleman had to say about The
Beatles rock group. I never listened to them
+2 # RE: █▓▒░ Dr John Coleman ░▒▓█The Deplorable Renegade 2023-02-23 20:39
I’ve got copies of both of those books. The info in them is still valid even today.
# ArmWAFiddleFarmer 2023-02-23 19:15
But if you cut off the puppets arms, it can no longer cut your head off.
+3 # Surprise?Caleb 2023-02-23 18:55
Somehow, I would be shocked if any of this has shocked, or even mildly surprised Russia / Putin.

Its a formality that had to be weathered. Putting up with this abuse needed to be done to prove they made every attempt and went the extra mile to do this in a just / fair manner.

That's going to be important as they build the resolve of their own country and start the process of pealing countries apart and wean them off UN / USA Aid and bennies, and protection.

And militarily, they'll just keep grinding up and spitting out everything thrown at it.....and moving forward. They'll match every escalation.

Financially, they and BRICS will start crumbling the dollar financial system.

And suspect a 1s and 0s master class is close to starting.

And there will be some surprises along the way, to be sure.

Disappointed.....for sure. But not for a minute do I think Putin-n-Team Russia are shocked.
+7 # In other breaking 2023-02-23 18:47

Telegram, about an hour ago (5:33 EST):


The situation is tense on the border of Pridnestrovie (Russian name for Transnistria) and Ukraine near Pervomaisk, local telegram channels write.

From the Ukrainian side, the movement of the military vehicles and equipment is noticeable. The spotlight shines brightly.
-2 # what's with the blank/black ones?dave0975644 2023-02-23 18:45
Venezuela and Guatemala - I thought had
naval exercises with Russia/Cuba - they don't
show in any of the 3 main categories...
-2 # RE: what's with the blank/black ones?dave0975644 2023-02-23 18:53
Quoting dave0975644:
Venezuela and Guatemala - I thought had
naval exercises with Russia/Cuba - they don't
show in any of the 3 main categories...

oops... its probably Nicaragua that had the naval
links to Russia/Cuba

also, its possible that a lot of the pro votes are
just scared of global nuke war regardless of the
Is thus starting to look like shades of the Korean police action?
We are witnessing the fall of the Anglos and the rise of the Slavs.
+6 # Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done.PanhandleKid 2023-02-23 18:40
The good will perish with the evil. No worries, lets get it on!
Great article Hal. Right on the fucking nose. We are on the wrong side, overrun by Satanic kid fuckers. Bring on the flames of purification.
+13 # Seems like the formation of a plan toward war for Nato?Lexie 2023-02-23 18:37
I'm assuming the UN (globalist lot) are looking toward attaining a legal framework, at least on paper, to justify their desire to announce WW3. At least that would fetch the Nato cowards out from behind Ukraine's skirts. This leaves no option for Russia. I doubt we have much time left.
+8 # Nuke this mother fuckerMp 2023-02-23 18:29
Russia nuke this Satanic shithole just like the Bible says.
+7 # UN BOOMOVERCOMER 2023-02-23 18:28
They will need a new UN headquarter building, with all new staff. Maybe they could build it in the middle East maybe in OLD BABALON. Because the old building and staff in NYC etc. went away in a flash of very bright light and super heat.
# TempleWAFiddleFarmer 2023-02-23 19:17
Maybe a target with also be Jerusalem?
+8 # █▓▒░ Seems This Has Happened Before ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 18:27

"On 2 March, the UN General Assembly adopted — by an
overwhelming majority of 141 against 5 — a resolution
rejecting the Russian Federation's brutal invasion of
Ukraine and demanding that Russia immediately withdraw
its forces and abide by international law."

Nothing happened.

Why did the UN not vote on the USA for their Nord Stream
pipeline attack? Gee, go figure.
# RE: █▓▒░ Stright from the horses mouth ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 18:38

UN News
Global perspective Human stories

UN General Assembly demands Russian
Federation withdraw all military forces from
the territory of Ukraine
If I am being honest and I hate to say it but the honest truth is the U.S. deserves to BURN!! No I don't want to die but our country is completely rotten, from the inside out at this point. And We the people have sat on our pathetic, dead-asses for decades doing what we always do - absolutely NOTHING!! Decisions do have major consequences folks.
+1 # WordCoylesm86 2023-02-23 23:42
I second that.
+7 # I understandScottd 2023-02-23 18:45
I completely understand your point of view...I often feel the same way. None of us know what is going to happen, so perhaps we should all keep a stiff upper lip, suck in several deep breaths, and understand that tomorrow is another day.

I recon I could quote something from the bible now, but I know that all that will read this will will understand what I am talking about, what scripture I am alluding to, and come away with peace during these troubling times.

Outside of the MSM in the west, there is a huge ground-swell of people who know what is happening. Will it make a difference....?

Perhaps! Only Jesus knows...stand fast, and thank you very much for your comment.

Best Regard, Scott
-3 # █▓▒░ What The Heck Is That ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 21:51

Very touching and I'm sure all the wimps will have a tear in their eye.

“keep a stiff upper lip”
, ...Thanks coach, glad you could make the game...
“suck in several deep breaths”
, Oh, that is so feminine of you coach...

“I recon I could quote something from the bible...” but I know that all that will read this will will understand what I am talking about
You sound like some ignorant little sissy!

I sure hope I don't fine myself in battle depending on a woose like you.

It was “so lovely” I almost started to cry...
Well, even the most reasonable people I know, still ended up valuing football and beer over anything that really mattered.
+8 # You put football and beerrainmakerman 2023-02-23 18:30
On the same level, Thats giving beer a bad name.
-3 # █▓▒░ China has a plan ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 18:11

4 hr 52 min ago

"China expected to roll out Ukraine peace proposal on Friday, US State Department official says"

(Not all hope is lost. scrc)
Start taking Lugol's Iodine now and get a head start on protection.

(Seek guidance from Dolph & MildC+)
-1 # AgainScottd 2023-02-23 18:51
Again you are full of crap. China never said they would propose a peace plan. They said that they would write a "policy paper" outlining potential steps toward a peaceful solution. are so full of it....
+3 # █▓▒░ China has a plan ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 19:15

Hey idiot, try clicking on the link and find out I was only
quoting the title on the story there.

Also the article is about Victoria Nuland from the State Department,
who is the single most key person who overthrew the legit leaders
of Ukraine in 2014.

Guess you missed that part too.

Also I posted this in “sarcasm” as I noted in the phrase
“(Not all hope is lost. scrc) sarc is “sarcasm.”

Turns out you are the one who is “full of crap.”
+10 # You said it for us all Hal ..DBBBB 2023-02-23 18:09
Incredible hatred and doom from the fools of the World and the Western Nazis... Gods' will be done indeed. We are devastated but our blackface Trudeau has just passed the right to kill put to sleep all children under 18 and he is a fool bound for hell so there are no surprises here. But we are all disgusted and angry for they are insisting on destroying the world! God bless and help Russia and those who took a stand, His children, the righteous and the children of the world marked by these globalist for death. Who knows these monsters may go down to hell faster than even I anticipated.
+2 # RE: You said it for us all Hal ..DonS 2023-02-23 19:41
Quoting DBBBB:
Incredible hatred and doom from the fools of the World and the Western Nazis... Gods' will be done indeed. We are devastated but our blackface Trudeau has just passed the right to kill put to sleep all children under 18 and he is a fool bound for hell so there are no surprises here. But we are all disgusted and angry for they are insisting on destroying the world! God bless and help Russia and those who took a stand, His children, the righteous and the children of the world marked by these globalist for death. Who knows these monsters may go down to hell faster than even I anticipated.

Their days are numbered and coming!! God has our backs .That's how you have to go about dealing with all this insanity .Pray for guidance and protection .
+9 # BwahahahaLegionPrime67 2023-02-23 18:09
UN still has a sense of humor, they demand... lol.
The UN is a fraudulent organization, merely a propaganda tool to sway public opinion and sanctify war.

Teach your children and grand children now, lest they be sacrificed to this false god.
+2 # Most AmusingScottd 2023-02-23 18:06
Take a look at the list. India and China, which comprise approximately 35% of the world population abstained. I was surprised that Indonesia voted yes, but then again, they probably succumbed to enormous pressure from the West. The remainder of the abstentions are from countries who have, in the past, been bent-over-a-trash-can-and-muscle f%#*-up-the-ass with Taco Sauce by the US and IMF. All the rest are s*&# hole countries who would collapse if the US did't give them foreign aid.
+1 # RE: Most AmusingZiglveit B Shtoonk 2023-02-23 19:54
Well yah. Indonesia is sitting on the worlds most tectonically active area. How hard would be for the Khazarian Mob (AKA KhazGooz) to swing those HAARP antennas that way?
+7 # UN based on...WilliamtheResolute 2023-02-23 18:03
I see the Globalists have based the UN voting system on the U.S. electoral system...the only difference is Demoncrats don't bother to buy votes anymore it's cheaper to just steal them.
+9 # Wowdrywall181 2023-02-23 18:02
Well now, we will soon see who is buttering Putins blini, time to shit or get off the pot.
No intel here, just an old man that has seen a lot. I can only see 2 choices, fight or flee. Either way, ends badly for the working man of the World
+10 # But Butmdl00817 2023-02-23 17:59
If Ukraine is winning and destroying Russia as the news claims, why would they demand Russia to withdraw. Seems to me like they would want Ukraine to keep winning, and let the little green goblin park his tanks in the Red Square, like he claims to be able to do.
+4 # WOW !SBGlett77 2023-02-23 17:58
Your news sleuthing really hit the target that time !!

The analysis of this information, i.e., the votes were bought and paid for, has to be correct. It is the only way Ukraine could have made this announcement so far ahead of time, with the confidence they did.

There is surely no joy for you in being spot-on when it has to be news like this, eh Hal ? But good news or bad, I thank you for priming us. It makes the shock a little easier to handle.l Now on to how to frame this info vis-a-vis our personal, local, and national situations.

Thanks seems too little to say on this historical watershed day. This is beyond important, and we get it straight, instead of trickled out and spun.
+3 # █▓▒░ UN ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 17:58

The B'nai B'rith is the largest Freemason lodge in
Israel. The UN is ruled over by high degree Freemasons
from around the world.

It is a communist governmental body as
communism is the political arm of the Satanic

Is this tied to Hal's article titled: "Today and Tomorrow
Are the Days Warned of by Ukraine Foreign Minister?"

Start taking Lugol's Iodine now and get a head start on protection.
# Natural newsSrmay72 2023-02-23 20:12
Mike had one show that tells you if your vaxed iodine WONT WORK!
# █▓▒░ What! ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 20:51

Me vaxxed! Only in a bad dream designed for all that is evil.
-7 # Give it a breakScottd 2023-02-23 18:25
I have watched all of your posts lately, and I have determined that you are what is called an imbecile. Get some history, both secular and biblical before you open your trap and confirm, once again, that you are a fool and have no idea what you are talking about
+2 # █▓▒░ UN ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-02-23 18:41

It's over your head you unstudied nat.

I have studied this stuff for over 40 years and
you are the imbecile that you seek.
-6 # The B'nai B'rith is the largest Freemason lodge in Israel.MildB 2023-02-23 18:05

You would not have a clue!

-3 # Move UNMildB 2023-02-23 17:57

RUSSIA, you stay put.

America O-Biden Inc, be tried .

Brazil ,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, I would have guessed in abstention, but no. The saudis definitely can’t be trusted by anyone, ploy?
-1 # Right on PointScottd 2023-02-23 18:21
I would imagine, since Saudi Arabia is a creation of the Palmy Bastards (read Great Britain ala Lawrence in Arabia), are waiting to see which way the wind blows. Saudi Arabia is a major bulwark against war on a second front in the middle east against the evil Kazarian-Zonists fake country called Israel. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.


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