US asks Israelis to keep out of Iran fight unless attacked . . . . Ergo, a fight has been decided upon . . .

This is BREAKING NEWS as of 5:21 PM EDT on Wednesday 15 May, 2019 . . . The US have asked the Israelis to keep out of the Iran fight unless attacked, so the USA can keep an Arab coalition together easier.   Same approach as the 1991 gulf war against Iraq.

If ever there was evidence that a decision to go into battle has been made, this seems to be it.

Full details about developments today are available HERE.

It is now IMPERATIVE that Americans and others in the West, PREPARE for hostilities.

There are over one million Iranian-Americans already inside the USA and there is no telling how many of them will choose loyalty to IRAN over the USA.   

It is a proven fact that Iranian Terrorist SLEEPER CELLS are already inside the USA, awaiting orders to attack.

Please review the SUGGESTED PREPS (HERE) and make certain your family is prepared.



U.S. State Dept issues Travel Warning - "armed conflict"

Iraq Travel Advisory: Level 4-Do not travel due to terrorism, kidnapping, and armed conflict.

USG ability to provide services is extremely limited.

On May 15, 2019, the Dept of State ordered departure of non-emergency USG employees from Baghdad and Erbil


The legacy mass-media in the US and in Europe does not seem to be telling the general public about any of this.   If things go hot . . .  and it is looking like they will within a day or two . . . the general public will be blind-sided by the outbreak of what could turn into a major war.

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