A report has come in from Syria saying the TALIBAN is in Syria and attacking UN Forces in ambushes.


+2 # Coming to a town near youcathbad 2021-10-31 11:54
They have the best cash and weapons the American taxpayer can buy...
+2 # Sorry , covid 2021-10-31 07:35
An analysis of batches proves that the jabs are experimental - and designed to kill.
Some were used in one state, some more.
Those sent to 13+ states were 22 times more deadly.
+3 # What is in jabs ? 2021-10-31 08:02
At the end of this article is a video that shows what happens on a slide under a microscope when a drop of vaccine is added to your blood.
Also, it shows simple dirt is added to vaccines - possibly to give an excuse for deaths. But the FDA is supposed to check them, each batch.
+7 # 2 +2=4CJ 2021-10-31 04:08
So the Taliban attacking Syria next to ISIS attacking Virginia at the same time? Cowinkydink? Considering the fact both were created and/or helped by our end makes me smell a bigger rat than those at Popeyes.

The roll out of the death shot for the 5 to 11 year olds is due in the next couple of weeks. Terrorize the populace while the kids get sacrificed to Moloch. Near Halloween.

+2 # O.T. - This from Australia.JFY 2021-10-30 23:37
I just saw this interesting video from Australia. Let's see if anything comes from it.

What's their take on this from the Aussies on this comment section?
+3 # RE: O.T. - This from 2021-10-31 07:07
A very interesting, lawyerly viewpoint. Civil disobedience seems to be baked in to the NWO plans. For example concentration camps being setup ahead of time. It seems to me civil war is inevitable - and also part of the NWO plans for depopulation. I supported brexit to gain freedom from the EU dictatorship - but I knew what the costs would be. However dragging accountability back to local level seems the only way that real democracy can be achieved. Voting for someone that you cannot and never will be allowed to meet means zero accountability.
+1 # RE: O.T. - This from Australia.JFY 2021-10-31 11:22
The time period that Bosi gave to the magistrate and co. ends today. Let's see if tomorrow something worthwhile happens in Australia; hopefully something that can be emulated in many places around the world.
+1 # RE: O.T. - This from 2021-10-31 12:13
Just watched video again. I misunderstood it 1st time. Then also checked Richard out - ex special forces. I have looked in vain for an Irish, English l, any EU leader to take a stand.
Good luck, Richard.
+11 # He must GO.Ntelos763! 2021-10-30 22:57
Biden needs to be removed from office immediately and tried for crimes against humanity and the safety of law and order in the world. This man has failed not only the united states, but the entire planet.
-2 # No U.N. Forces in 2021-10-30 21:45
There is no U.N. Forces in Syria...

The United Nations Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS) was a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Syria, set up in 2012 as a result of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2043 in response to the Syrian Civil War.[1] It was commanded by Norwegian Major General Robert Mood[2] until 20 July 2012 followed by Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye from Senegal. Although observers remain in the country, Mood suspended their mission on June 16, 2012 citing "escalating violence".[3] Observers will conduct no further patrols and stay in their current positions until the suspension is lifted. On 20 July 2012, the Security Council extended UNSMIS for a final period of 30 days. According to resolution 2059, the Council would only consider more extensions in the event that the Secretary-General reports and the Security Council confirms the cessation of the use of heavy weapons and a reduction in the level of violence sufficient by all sides to allow UNSMIS to implement its mandate.
+6 # RE: BREAKING: TALIBAN ATTACKING U.N. FORCES IN SYRIA!hal4511 2021-10-30 21:42
Isaiah 17

The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
From the article:
...and that Muslims are wholesale slaughtering Christians, stealing their food and their property.
And this is the reason why all muslims should be expunged from the face of the Earth with singular resolve.

They are forever the enemy of anyone who is not them. Always. Their unholy book demands it.

If this is happening in Damascus, then they were probably these Christians' lifelong neighbors and friends. They grew up together, worked together, maybe even went to each other's homes. And then they slit their throats.

There is no hope for their conversion. It is ingrained in their culture. And it will only end when they are a bitter memory.
+5 # RE: BREAKING: TALIBAN ATTACKING U.N. FORCES IN SYRIA!bleedingblue 2021-10-30 19:15
It's probably Israel disguised as Taliban attacking the UN to bring support for their Invasion of Syria. They need Syria to attack Iran if in a war.
Also I would also do the same thing if I saw UN forces here in America. UN is probably raping their women and selling their kids into slavery
+2 # YesBushDid911 2021-10-31 04:05
Its almost certainly the Jewish Communist nazi leftwing new world orders fault . It can't possibly be that the west ,USA and UK particularly tried to overthrow a sovereign government and left the country in turmoil could it !!
+2 # RE: BREAKING: TALIBAN ATTACKING U.N. FORCES IN SYRIA!Bruce Oxenford 2021-10-30 18:56
Afghanistan's finances are still being frozen, so there is one reason. Here is the article. If you are pressed with time, beneath the link is what Hal like to say, "here's the rub"

Did The NY Fed Confiscate $1.3 Billion In Afghan Gold: Striking Revelations From Afghanistan's Central Bank Chief | ZeroHedge

This is important because as we also learned yesterday, the US Treasury imposed a freeze on all Afghan reserves, depriving the Taliban - who remain on US international sanctions lists - of much needed cash. An Bidn admin official confirmed as much telling Reuters: "Any central bank assets the Afghan government have in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban."

Additionally, DAB's foreign currency cash holdings worth around $362 million consist almost entirely of U.S. dollars and were held at the bank's head offices and branches as well as the presidential palace, which is now in the hands of the Taliban and is likely lost for ever.

That's not all that is gone: according to the DAB, some $160 million worth of gold bars and silver coins held at the bank's vault at the presidential palace. Also gone is a hoard of 2,000-year-old gold jewellery, ornaments and coins known as the Bactrian Treasure, which was held in the Afghan central bank's vaults. The around 21,000 ancient artifacts were presumed lost until 2003, when they were found in a secret vault in the central bank’s basement, having survived the previous era of Taliban rule undiscovered. This time, they will be lost for good (Afghan lawmakers in January floated the idea of sending the treasures abroad for safe keeping, warning they were vulnerable to theft, according to local broadcaster Tolo News)
+4 # What point?Gregg W 2021-10-30 18:41
What possible reason would they have to do this? They just got their country back. The world says ‘America was defeated’. We left tons of equipment there and apparently cash too.

They can finally kick back and have some peace (while brutalizing women and children). Are they really going to rush off and start trouble in another country??
Of all places, a country that America has been trying hard to cause trouble in for years.
Russia and Iran support Syria. This would be totally foolish. Which screams to me as some idiotic concoction of the looney leftists. Nothing they do makes sense.

But, while trouble is brewing in Ukraine and the Donbas (again to poke Russia) they are (again) causing trouble in Syria. This is meant to divide Russia’s focus as usual.

Same BS, just different characters.

Do I expect some Afghan immigrants to cause problems here? Absolutely. At least it will be blamed on them.
+5 # U.N. FORCESPalehorse 2021-10-30 18:35

The U.N. is a communistic driven organization guided
by corrupt globalist banking cartels, a Luciferian
Freemasonic hierarchy, international drug operations,
global weapons trafficking's and

Lets make friends! (NOT)
+7 # no UN troops in Syria or Talibanmogwai76 2021-10-30 17:45
I do not see this in ANY Russian, Syrian, Iranian Israel news or twitter. NO UN in Syria and nothing on SANA about foot riots or Slaughter outside Dara attacks against SAA check points. Are they attacking US troops in Eastern Syria? Turks?
+1 # Evidence please.Rod Stirling 2021-10-30 17:31
Where are the UN forces stationed in Syria?

Food riots in Damascus?

Hal, stop being beholden to the juden
+1 # The TalibanBushDid911 2021-10-30 17:05
Do any of you understand what the Taliban actually are ?
They a group of elder men push to the limit by years Russian and American interference in there country.
By violence , corruption ,drugs ,child rape , rediculas puppet governments and near total collapse of thier country .
Lately and mostly by the CIA .
men that drew a line in the sand and took back Thier fractured war torn country .

Now don't get me wrong I don't agree with the Taliban AT ALL .
I disagree with ALL fundamental Muslims.
But I do understand why the group arose and what they stand for .
+1 # Not So BadPaul Kurzlee 2021-10-30 16:13
Attacking the un huh? That don't sound like such a bad thing. They are much much WORSE then the Taliban could ever dream of being. I dont like Taliban. But in this case I make an exception. Maybe here they can engage them also. WE WON"T COMPLAIN. The un is the most dispicable outfit on this planet. Good for Talibans for a change.
+3 # RE: BREAKING: TALIBAN ATTACKING U.N. FORCES IN SYRIA!Bruce Oxenford 2021-10-30 15:54
A few months back when reports broke out regarding National Guard being immediately ask to report to bases immediately, well, when inquiring a local source, confirmation that source's son was tasked with deployment to Syria. This was over 2 months ago.
# Never mind Talmudic Jews and their Luciferian prophecies.Harnaś 2021-10-30 15:01
The point of the article is that Taliban all of sudden have the latest American arms and pallets of money and they are in Europe already as the vanguard of the Chinamen and IsraeHell. They will be in the USA very soon, if not here already as Hal predicted all along! After Syria has been swallowed by them, the next target is Rome and Vatican as we have been expecting all along. Rome and Vatican will be completely destroyed, false prophet and anti-Christ Bergoglio killed! All the Jaws on this forum have been "predicting" this ever since this forum opened! Notify your friends in Rome that maybe you grew up with, who live and work there, to get out! I will notify mine!
+1 # RE: Never mind Talmudic Jews and their Luciferian prophecies.The Deplorable Renegade 2021-10-30 21:58
Any good people left in Rome should leave. I wouldn’t miss Rome, or the Vatican, or the damn Jesuit Pope. Especially Jesuits after what they did to my wife’s family. Jesuits, the taliban of the Catholic Church.
+1 # RE: Never mind Talmudic Jews and their Luciferian prophecies.JFY 2021-10-30 21:41
Of course Syria will be depopulated, come hell or high water. It "belongs" to Eretz Yisrael, according to them. As always, they are moving forward with satanic zeal. Then they will go for Jordan, Lebanon, the western half of Iraq, the eastern half of Egypt including the Sinai, and all of northern Arabia, carrying on like a pack of rabid dogs until they are put down.
+2 # RE: Never mind Talmudic Jews and their Luciferian prophecies.Dummyemail@ 2021-10-31 00:44
Yep. The greater Israel project.
+3 # May...Doug Brown 2021-10-30 17:08
Yes, when this happens, may this diseased Pope be publicly flayed like a stick pig.
+3 # The Controllers False Flag Fear Machine?acturner067 2021-10-30 14:42
Wow, How convenient stacks of money left behind military equipment loaded with all the goodies they needed to war with anyone they want? Looks like a plan to me. Next thing you know they will be over here (if not already) like Isis ready to scare the living crap out of most everyone? Lets not forget about the cave dwellers known as Al-Qaeda. They were so smart they were able to outsmart our govt, so they could perform a ritual sacrifice? I'm predicting Al-Qaeda will be coming soon to a T V broadcaster near you just to spook you as well. Wow, it amazing how military fear controllers wants us to believe in their never ending lies of fear. What lies/fear will they try to feed us next?
# Al Qaeda smartGregg W 2021-10-30 18:47
Well. They weren’t that smart! Not like our brilliant FBI boys who found all of the hijackers passports amidst the rubble in NYC!!

We totally outsmarted them!

**Note: I feel the need to point out this comment involves SARCASM. (Just in case)
# RE: Al Qaeda smartPaul Lambert 2021-10-31 08:34
I'll take sarcasm over lunacy any day, Gregg. Thanks for not contributing to the latter in this thread. It is a pleasant contrast.
+9 # Biden/Obummer could'nt have arranged it better ..Lexie 2021-10-30 14:39
The fruit of the spoils left for the Taliban was always going to be and intended to be terrorism. Why Americans have allowed the hateful Obamas' to get away with so much is just astounding...he and his co'conspirators want an end to Christianity hell Al'Qaeda , Isis know that Obama is one of them, even his brother headed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt until the Egyptians chucked them out. Worse though are greedy swine in the Capitol who support his vile enterprise. They should be hanging from a tree already.
+1 # Never forgetGregg W 2021-10-30 18:52
Obummer and the DC swamp are luciferians and sold out to the devil.
There are many people who think he will be possessed by lucifer to be the Antichrist. Who knows?
It wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
+1 # No please!gotalife 2021-10-30 15:44
If they hang the Obamas, Netflix might stop working!!!
+2 # iBoy Nathan's NDEMeatball 2021-10-30 14:29
Remember the NDE of a secular Jewish youth in Israel? Pronounced dead by physicians. Had a NDE during which he was given insight into WWIII, among other things. He said that WWIII "begins in Syria." He also reported that Obama once again becomes leader of this country.
+1 # Makes sense!gotalife 2021-10-30 15:46
Well the real Biden died and actors are playing president!
Honestly NONE of this crazy $hit surprises me at all. Oh - I sure wonder where those vile pork eating rat-bastards got all their weapons and vehicles and aircraft from? Oh right, from the criminal cabal known as the US Govt. . . So DISGUSTING & WRONG. Wake the fuck up people.
+12 # ok?cowgirl 2021-10-30 14:04
... seems just . .. or is this just what Obama intended to happen? I do not like the UN forces as that is who is suppose to to come to the US and take we need to say.... go Taliban? or is this necessarily bad? the US military needs to stay here and defend our soil...from the Taliban and the UN forces... seems the right thing to do...UN forces wiped out and we will have to defend ourselves from a well equipped Taliban ... the Taliban I am afraid is already here with the Trojan horse of illegal immigrants... get ready people. random thoughts... just fed up with this Obamanation world.
+2 # A vision...gotalife 2021-10-30 15:51
The muslim brotherhood has sworn revenge on the great Satan America!! Now they have the money and the weapons to come right over and rape and destroy and pillage!!!
But before they start the carnage... they wanna visit Las Vegas and Disney World!
+7 # U.N. ........good guys ????NHydg 2021-10-30 15:16
The U.N. is as bad as the Talibums ....or worse ...... The ISIS and muslem anti Christians have been here in the U.S, for years on OUR turf ...........
Folks ....ya REALLY gotta get armed up and ready for an on turf war ............ those RAT eating bastards are ready kill ALL Americans ......... btw they HATE pork, it is poison to them ....... put a little pig blood or bacon grease on your rounds ......send them to their hell .....
+12 # Bush/ObomberLoki 2021-10-30 14:13
It was not just an Obomber agenda, but a Bush/ Obomber agenda, its not about party, it is about the deep state which is interested in a global government. They've been using the U.S. (Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation) to create their world empire of the antichrist.
+5 # RE: Bush/ObomberGunner 2021-10-30 14:30
Truly at this point about 99% of the Federal Govt is completely ROTTEN, immoral, crooked and plum Disgusting. We are so literally on our own my friends, my fellow AmeriKAns.
# Wrong!gotalife 2021-10-30 15:53
God has a plan to... I know
+3 # Bush/obomberSidney87 2021-10-30 14:42
Meant to give you positive, sorry can't change it back
Agree we are on our own. Attacked from southern border, west coast and east coast.


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