British Ambassador SUMMONED To Russian Foreign Ministry; Confronted Over Attacks on NordStream Pipelines

British Ambassador SUMMONED To Russian Foreign Ministry; Confronted Over Attacks on NordStream Pipelines

British Ambassador Deborah Bronnert was SUMMONED to the Russian Foreign Ministry today.  She arrived shortly after 10:30 AM, Moscow local time. 

Upon her arrival, she was greeted by a crowd chanting anti-British slogans and holding placards reading "Britain is a terrorist state." She left after about 30 minutes.

The reason the Ambassador was Summoned was to be directly confronted about British involvement in the recent attack upon Russian naval vessels near Sevastopol, Crimes, and about the bombing of the Nord Stream Pipelines, weeks ago.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)  spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the press “there can be no doubt that British intelligence services were involved in the terrorist attack on the Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol on Oct. 29 and the act of sabotage against the Nord Stream pipeline.  They will not be left without a reaction. We have stated this in the Security Council. We spoke about that publicly… British ambassador has been summoned and given the relevant materials… the same materials… will also be made available to the public at large.…"

Zakharova went on to tell the press "They tried to absolve themselves of responsibility for the terrorist attack. They said that they did not even know about anything like that. It was a very strange reaction. They have contacts, as they have always had, with the Russian Defense Ministry."

She finished her remarks about the matter by saying "In principle, they could have tried to clear up certain things. It has turned out that a priori they know the answers to all questions…. They argue they had nothing to do with it. They should have at least asked what evidence we have…”


It now appears that Russia plans to reveal publicly, the evidence they possess, proving the British government blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline.

Our previous coverage of this matter reported (HERE) that the Russian have data showing that after the Nord Stream pipelines detonated, alarms from sensors in those pipes, alerted Russian natural gas company GAZPROM that pressure in the pipes had dropped massively and suddenly.   Russia also has records from Apple iCloud, showing that one minute after the pressure sensor alarms began sounding at GAZPROM, British Prime Minister Liz Truss sent a text message from her iPhone to US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken which said "It's done."

At that moment, no one in the world knew that the pipelines had been blown up.  GAZPROM only knew that there was a massive and sudden pressure drop.  But Liz Truss knew . . .  because it was the British government that carried out the bombing of the pipelines. It was Liz Truss that texted Antony Blinken telling him "It's done."


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