British Army General: Britain Has only 22 HOURS of Ammunition for War

British Army General: Britain Has only 22 HOURS of Ammunition for War

British General Rupert Jones publicly stated today "We have ammunition for only 22 hours of a great war. He warned that Great Britain and its allies are extremely UNPREPARED for a serious war.

One may have already gleaned that from the fact the entire British Army has only 77,000 troops; not even enough to fill Wembley Stadium in London!

This being the case, why is Britain poking the Russian Bear so aggressively in Ukraine?  Clearly Britain cannot defend itself. 

It seems to most educated observers that the British seem to be trying to commit national suicide with what they're doing in Ukraine.

Of course Russia is likely aware of the actual lack of British strength and has thus far not responded militarily to what the Brits have been doing with Ukraine.  In fact, it seems to even the village idiot that all Russia has to do is to ignore Britain and watch that nation kill itself!

Much the same can be said of ALL of the NATO nations.   With the exception of the US, much of NATO is nothing but a military paper tiger.

The US, though, is not in much better shape.   It has sent hundreds of tons of ammunition, countless rockets and missiles, and literal boatloads of military equipment; most of which Russia has already destroyed on Ukraine battlefields.

The much vaunted Ukraine "Counter-offensive" has yet to materialize in any meaningful way.  Ukrainian troops are surrendering en-masse in places like Bakhmut.

Ukraine has already LOST this conflict.  It should surrender. Today.



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