UPDATE 1:33 PM EDT -- ********** BULLETIN **********

UPDATE 1:33 PM EDT --    ********** BULLETIN **********

Russia has adopted a new foreign policy strategy in which the West is declared an "existential" threat to Russia.

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UPDATE 10:10 AM EDT --

Russia’s new foreign policy strategy adopted by President Vladimir Putin on Friday identified China and India as main allies on the world stage.

The new 42-page document singled out ties with China and India, stressing the importance of “the deepening of ties and coordination with friendly sovereign global centers of power and development located on the Eurasian continent.”


UPDATE 10:28 AM EDT --

I have just this minute CONFIRMED that, according to Russian public nuclear doctrine, "a threat to the existence of the state" is grounds for the use of nuclear weapons.   Russia has now officially declared the West to be such a threat to the existence of Russia.



"Moscow considers Washington's course as the main source of risks for its own and international security, for peace and the just development of mankind as a whole," the document says.

"The new concept of foreign policy provides for the possibility of symmetrical and asymmetric measures in response to unfriendly actions against the Russian Federation," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.


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