*****BULLETIN***** Russia Changing Nuclear Policy to Allow "Preventive" First-Strike - Mentions US Bases in Europe and "Continental United States"

*****BULLETIN***** Russia Changing Nuclear Policy to Allow "Preventive" First-Strike - Mentions US Bases in Europe and "Continental United States"

Russia is changing its public nuclear weapons Doctrine as a result of "aggressive" actions by the United States, United Kingdom, NATO et. al.  The new policy being developed now, will acknowledge the Untied States as a "Co-Belligerent" in the Ukraine war!

Yesterday, it emerged in British media Ukraine is prepared to use British long-range missiles to strike the annexed peninsula of Crimea.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is pushing for the West to supply jets and longer-range missiles, warning that the war could 'stagnate' without them.  

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has responded to his plea by admitting 'nothing is off the table' when it comes to the UK's supply of military aid to help fight the Russian invasion.

Discussions are understood to have taken place involving the potential provision of Harpoon anti-ship missiles - which have a range of 150 miles and cost around £1.2million.

Storm Shadow surface-to-air cruise missiles, with a range of around 250 miles and cost of £2.2m, are also said to be on the table, The Times (of London) newspaper reports.

Defense sources told the newspaper that Kyiv is prepared to use the missiles to strike Crimea, the peninsula which seceded from Ukraine in 2014 after the West overthrew Ukraine's democratically-elected President and installed a puppet "pro-west" regime.

Talks are understood to be ongoing as to how many long-range missiles the UK could potentially supply - despite fears that cross-border strikes may lead to an escalation of the conflict.


On Russian national television earlier this week, it was revealed Russia is headed towards a policy of ‘preventive’ tactical nuclear strikes, similar to what the United States has. 

Moreover, if Ukraine targets Crimea and heartland Russia, then Russia will respond according to plans now being laid down.

These plans foresee counter strikes against U.S military installations in Europe and against the Continental United States using hypersonic missiles. 

This threat of counter strikes in Europe and the US to is being made public and explicit, so that no one is in doubt about what to expect from the Kremlin.

So here we are. The Russians are stripping away the fiction of a proxy war and revealing the co-belligerent status of the US and its NATO allies in preparation for a kinetic war with NATO. 


Ukraine's Legislature, the Verkhovna Rada, is working on Legislation to ALLOW NATO TROOPS INTO UKRAINE!

Sources in Russia say that if Ukraine passes legislation to invite NATO troops into the country, those troops will be immediately engaged and killed by Russian forces.

Sources in the US tell me "That's what we're looking for - because all the gloves come off at that point."


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