CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID Tyranny

CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID Tyranny

British Columbia’s premier and two senior ministers were hanged in effigy outside the province’s legislature at a rally organized by COVID-19 vaccine mandate opponents on Thursday.


# Well Praise God we have a voice..DBBBB 2021-12-18 22:43
Thank you Hal for putting this up. We are Canadians that have been fighting against these filthy liars and killers in whatever way we can and are so proud of everyone standing up against these Nazis worldwide. Twenty years ago we started running thru cyber space and cannot believe the friends we have met especially in America and Canada. Thanx Hal
# RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID TyrannyRush 2021-12-18 21:50
War and Mandates

Was just thinking. If USA goes to war with Nato against Russia, then - - might joe be able to claim his mandates are special, and must be followed - - as we are at war?

Just asking.
# Hong Kong flu late 60’sselah 2021-12-15 00:12
Thought this was interesting just to compare with the scenario today. I Romberg having it as a young child and was very ill.
# RE: Hong Kong flu late 60’sselah 2021-12-15 00:13
Don’t know should be “remember”
+2 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID TyrannyJFY 2021-12-13 14:33
You know, I am so tired of utterly useless "symbolic gestures" like this...

All they achieve is to let the people vent some steam while the criminals just watch and laugh at the childish spectacle, as they make moronic, inane comments to each other like "Oh look, that one there that's hanging from the post really does look like you, haha."

A psychopath (or a collection of them) only understands ONE thing: To paraphrase a common truth, "action talks and boolcheet walks".

People can turn it into a yearly spectacle like the "Guy Fawkes" thing in England, for all the power structure cares.

By now anyone with at least two working brain cells and a pair in their pants ought to have figured out that nothing's going to change until it all goes live.
+2 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID Tyrannymjc 2021-12-14 21:10
It's a beautiful, and largely rugged country.

I have not been there in 10yrs. At the time (Quebec city), perhaps 1000 of us (peacefully enjoying a summer meal outdoors on the main avenue) watched as a couple of hundred communist students walked by, screaming, and disrupted everyone's meals. As I recall, they wanted a 'student wage'.

They (Canada) and we (the US) have allowed the same thing to happen. We've allowed a vocal, unproductive portion of society, to run amok, and demand increasingly outrageous 'accomodations' for themselves.
+2 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID TyrannyValkyrie006 2021-12-13 17:07
Yep, time for some real hangings for crimes against humanity!
+4 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID 2021-12-13 17:04
I talked to a friend I used to work with in Shannon, Ireland - I am retired now 90 minute drive away. He took 1 shot, for meeting his on the way grandchildren. And realised the mistake. He gave my number to a local anti vax group. Just talked to a guy, it seems groups of people are forming, but not able for open communications due to vaxxers hostility.
Like people here they concentrate on survival in case of societal breakdown.
Neil said people are shocked, baffled, unable to understand the people and motivation into what they call ww3. But they have meetings - I hope to join and meet them. I at least hope to have regular contact by email - and maybe pass on Hals url !
+6 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID TyrannyJFY 2021-12-13 19:14
Be careful carlireland34, I'm certain that there must be some local equivalent of the FBI, or maybe an EU group whose function it is to infiltrate such groups.

I do understand that something has to be done, but it should be done with utmost caution. Those people don't need passwords to read all the subscription message sections on "alternative" news sites, and they don't have a heart or a conscience to moderate their actions.

From what I've heard, the situation in Ireland is beyond dire, with a through-the-roof vax rate and a muslim invasion to give pause to anyone.

The best of luck to you and your friends. May God guide and protect you towards freedom & survival.

Ireland is one of the good nations of the world who deserve that and more.
+1 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID 2021-12-14 04:39
Ireland is in the European Union of 27 countries, led by ex German Defence minister Ursula von Leyen. Recently she said she wanted the Nuremberg code of 1947 to be dropped and vaccination to be mandatory.
My understanding is unlike in Hitlers Germany, snitches are not needed. Every person has an ID for tax and health services, and they have recorded it for vaccinations.
So, some time ago I decided to tell anyone I was unvaxxed. Because,
1. If they are vaxxed, I might get them to think.
2. If they are anti vax, we might help each other.
Thank you the kind thoughts.
+5 # Preface to the actionNHydg 2021-12-13 13:55
Canada gov should take this to heart ........ THIS act is generally the Preface to the REAL ACTION .......
+3 # Canadians in beautiful British Columbia have plenty to be upset aboutHaarnaś 2021-12-13 12:43
News media has been ignoring it, but the reality on the ground in Western Canada is that the whole BC has been cut off from the rest of Canada by torrential rains in the Frazier River valley, complete with first-time ever tornado in Vancouver.

Mudslides have buried several long sections of Tran-Canada Highway (HWY-1) East of Vancouver and Kelowna. Several miles of road surface under mud and evem more under water. The work of unburying the highway will take at least 6 months. You get around by helicopter only. Meanwhile store shelves are empty. This is a very wealthy area of Canda. My very close family in Kelowna, in addition to a boat owns 5 snowmobiles, one for every member of his family. A... is not a prepper and has to hunt deer now to put food on the table. Yes, people can go paces by helicopter to go Christmas shopping, but it is not cheap. A helicopter ride from Kelowna to Vancouver 240 miles away costs $(Can) 3500 one way. The only good thing is that A... had listened to me and the family did not get vaccinated.

These Canadians have had enough!
+6 # A Great Way of Sayingpaulattahoe 2021-12-13 11:51
The Only Good Communist is a Dead Communist!
+2 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID Tyrannysandymc 2021-12-13 11:28
Oh, My....Looks like we are coming up on our
Mussolini moment....Just in time for the New Year...
+3 # "The Problem Is" 2021-12-13 09:25
These are Dummies which Governments Know "People Just Vent Anger" and therefore "Has No Effect On Policy." "When Real People Hung For Crimes Against Humanity," then "Covid-19, Delta, Omigcron, Fuck You," and "Any Other Dramatic Name Dictators Can Dream Up Shall Cease Immediately." In fact, "Why Stop With Phony Illness?" Bring back the U.S. Constitution and "Eliminate All Politicians Involved In This Hoax That Almost Destroyed America." You do that and even I shall shout "USA USA USA!"
+2 # Hooyahsupporttheblue 2021-12-13 10:07
Finally an indication of sense.
+8 # RE: CANADA: Officials Hung in Effigy over COVID TyrannyRobert A 2021-12-13 09:12
Besides the poisons perhaps just perhaps it has something to do with situations like this. Detaining Canadians for no F-ING reasons and treating them like animals.


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