Canadian Pastor Throws COVID-Psycho-Police OUT of his Church on Easter

Canadian Pastor Throws COVID-Psycho-Police OUT of his Church on Easter

A Pastor in Canada has demonstrated to the whole world, exactly how to handle things when cops come into your property about COVID - throw them the hell out!


# Church RaidedRamjet 2021-04-07 15:46
and fenced off this morning, April 7th.
# another persecuted pastorRamjet 2021-04-07 14:59
# They're at it againRamjet 2021-04-07 13:55
-1 # JJAswern 2021-04-07 02:13
So your a waif trying to talk over a barrel chested preacher while wearing a muzzle. LOL
# Chinese Communist Party Forcing Christians to Renounce Their Faith or Be TorturedPalehorse 2021-04-05 23:34

Christians taken to secret 'reeducation' facilities

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is going all-out against Christianity by detaining Christian followers in secret "reeducation" facilities and torturing them if they don't renounce their faith, according to reports.Radio Free Asia reported:
+1 # True ShepherdAussie for Yah 2021-04-05 20:37
Two thumbs up for this man and celebrating the Passover.
We all need a New Passover now to cleans this whole planet of all the evil people that keeps us in bondage.
+2 # A Stunning Display of Strength and Authority...MrsBlake 2021-04-05 17:35
I was absolutely overjoyed to see this pastor's strength and authority in the face of these gestapo police tactics. This pastor has without a doubt shown himself to be not just a shepherd protector of his 'flock'; but a leader of conscience and rights. He and Chris Sky are Canada's new DYNAMIC DUO!
I will be adding this pastor to the list of the world's hero's whom I pray for and who are taking a stand against this insidious world enemy that is seeking to wipe us out as a free peoples.
Thanks Hal for covering this story. You're a real trooper and hero for all you do to keep people informed. Hope your mom is recovering well, and you and your family had a lovely Easter.
+3 # These are the kind of people you want moving into your country.Paul Lambert 2021-04-05 15:38
Strong willed men who love freedom and are willing to face off against evil to defend it. The native-born Canadians should look to him as an example. Fair play to him!

Artur Pawlowski - say *his* name! A real hero, for a change.
+6 # Best I have seen yet!Nunya 2021-04-05 13:51
Good on this man! Best I have seen yet. If only every man had enough balls to do this, we would not have any problems like this here in the US.
+7 # Stand Up ... Proclaim the name of Jesus!!!!!!Aunty Margie 2021-04-05 12:25
When faced with satanic attacks which this was, proclaim as loudly as you can, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST ... GET OUT!!!" Folks there is POWER in the name of Jesus & we MUST speak His power to those who are living & working in darkness! The RESURRECTED CHRIST we celebrated on 4/4/21 gave ALL believer's His Holy Spirit. His POWER lives in us through His Spirit & we MUST proclaim His name with BOLDNESS & CONFIDENCE! If we would do that, the enemy IS defeated!
# Amen Brother!!!RDunzy4012 2021-04-06 15:17
Some of the best advice Ive read anywhere. There is POWER in his name!!!
# RE: Canadian Pastor Throws COVID-Psycho-Police OUT of his Church on EasterCanis Major 2021-04-05 11:59
This should be Christianity's fight song:
+7 # RE: Canadian Pastor Throws COVID-Psycho-Police OUT of his Church on Eastertslinger 2021-04-05 11:25
+4 # AMEN!(Mizpah) Jan Pruitt 2021-04-05 11:19
we need more people with nads!
+9 # This Polish Evangelical pastor is something else.Harnaś 2021-04-05 10:42
When he continues to shout at the feminatzified Calgary, Alberta police " You are NAZI", he does not mean that he has seen a movie about National Socialists on Canadian TV! He is Polish, either his parents and grandparentz had lived through he Nazi Hell in Poland. In addition, he studied it at school in Poland and read several books about it after growing up. Compare him to our American pukes at the pulpit like Hagee or Franklin Graham. We used to have pastors like Rev. Pawlowski around the time of Civil and Revolutionary Wars. That is when America was great. Alas no more! Only puke now!
+10 # Nazi'sTheProphet 2021-04-05 10:29
They didn't budge until he called them out as Nazi's. They they realized he 'hit the nail on the head!' No warrant? Get out until you have one! Gestapo... it is only a matter of time until Christians will need to protect themselves as these thugs pretending to be law enforcement will bypass the laws.
+7 # RE: Canadian Pastor Throws COVID-Psycho-Police OUT of his Church on EasterCWD 2021-04-05 10:26
+8 # True man of GodHeather Adkins 2021-04-05 10:25
God bless him! "Nazis are not welcome here!"
+11 # We all need to say NO MORE!Ekalaka 2021-04-05 10:21
He was 100% right in what he did, everyone needs to follow his lead. This is how far they will go when you "give them just 2 weeks"!
+1 # 2 weeks....Nunya 2021-04-05 13:55
2 months...........2 years...............when will people wake the hell up?


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