CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! ! Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud!

CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! !  Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud!

You've all heard about the latest so-called "variant" of COVID . . .  the Omicron Variant . . .  allegedly breaking out all over the place, and how there are new tests you can get, even for home use!  Turns out, the entire thing is a deliberate fraud.   Here's how . . . 


+1 # COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED for deathPalehorse 2021-12-29 21:43

I think it's safe to say that we cannot trust
anything these people have to say.

When ever these people issue a statement or news
article there should be a "WARNING" sticker
attached, "Duck & Cover" you are being nuked.
+1 # COVID TESTS from where?Palehorse 2021-12-29 21:56

Bill Gates and George Soros buy out UK Covid test company Mologic...

Bill Gates and Barfko Swill...
# RE: CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! ! Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud!mjc 2021-12-29 15:10
"The test kits . . . . are picking up the spike proteins that the VACCINES told our bodies to make..."

To be fair, the insert says the kit says it detects "proteins from SARS-CoV-2".

It doesn't say 'which' proteins, much less 'spike' proteins.

Perhaps the kit DOES detect spike proteins. But there's nothing in that handout that claims that, and nothing in the article claims a source-in-the-know confirmed that.

There may have been some 'inference' here. It's tough to judge this unless Hal says 'I inferred 'spike protein'' or 'someone in the know told me 'spike protein'.
+2 # 2021-12-29 17:48
After 20 months, billions of dollars in sales, the CDC finally admitted the PCR test will detect any virus, and give false positives depending on the cycles set.
They day before they were due to appear in court.
# RE: CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! ! Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud! 2021-12-29 17:45
As with all this experimental crap - no details are ever published. So we are deliberately kept in the dark and can only reverse engineer the contents.
+2 # RE: CAUGHT RED-HANDED: COVID TESTS ARE DESIGNED TO PICK-UP "SARS-CoV-2 Proteins" . . . . which the mRNA Vaccines tell your body to produce ! ! ! Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" and total fraud!mjc 2021-12-29 18:01
By design. Transparency is the basis for both trust and science (through test/verification and analysis of the data).

Once they hide the data, the reasonable conclusion is that it does not support the public story.
+6 # Psalm 91Kathybb 2021-12-29 14:05
I ask you Jesus to please protect Hal, please put your mighty angels around him, and his family. May nothing touch him or harm him in any way. Please God, go before him, with your strength and ward off any attack from the enemy. May nothing evil prosper against him. May he have a blessed day. In Jesus name, Amen
+1 # RE: Psalm 91mjc 2021-12-29 20:49
"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil:

for Thou art with me; Thy rod and Thy staff they comfort me"

Psalms 23:4
+2 # Microsoft Human activity patent??drewintoledo 2021-12-29 11:29
And what the frick is this??

someone please translate what the hell this patent is doing?
# RE: Microsoft Human activity patent??Woulf 2021-12-30 04:15
Finally, someone that does their homework. You will be patent, copyright protected and used to the fullest extent of the "laws" they have written. Welcome to the "Hive" mind.
# RE: Microsoft Human activity patent??mjc 2021-12-29 22:11
It means some crazy bastard is claiming the patent right to converting the kinetic motion (energy) of a living person, to be used to mine crypto,

Pikers! I hereby claim the patent right to convert the thermo (residual) energy of thee dead, to be used to mine thermo.

It's a (literal) 'killer app'.. Plop Aunt-Betty on the pattented app, and the differential temperature/energy between Betty and the environment can be used to mine crypto.

Yes........I hereby claim (patented) rights to 'rot', as applied to human decay.
+5 # YepPierre Derelicto 2021-12-29 09:19
"How To Perpetuate Tyranny" ... a book being written on the fly.

GREAT catch, Hal. I hope all 70-plus countries were listening.
+4 # All EUA’s Must End!!Freedom4ever007 2021-12-29 08:01
Under EUA guidelines a emergency use authorization must be revoked once a full approved treatment is available which is Comirnaty. The FDA must stop any and all covid-19 experimental products since they have an approved treatment now. There is a lawsuit over this very issue thanks to Children’s Health Defense. We need to end this giant scam of the century.
# RE: All EUA’s Must End!!Woulf 2021-12-30 04:19
They play with the law the same way they play with the numbers. When are we done "playing"?
+3 # RE: All EUA’s Must End!! 2021-12-29 08:16
Since emergency use is actually a trial of a new drug, it should be completely free.
The government should indemnify any harm.
Normally, volunteers are PAID to take RISKS in a clinical trial.
+5 # Cheap and reusable 2021-12-29 05:04
Get a thermometer.
+6 # Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak"Smiley1984*! 2021-12-29 03:42
Just like last year: they used the term "asymptomatic spreaders of infection" to get 1,000's tested with NO SYMPTOMS, then call them "cases" using a FAULTY test procedure.

Later with the vaccine, which suppresses symptoms (that is all it does), created that very thing: SUPER SPREADERS!

Now it is the vaccinated, that are "Omicron" cases, because they have the protein's the injection tells their body to make-CLEVER!
# Vac$inated are oM-ic-Ron casesplasmaglyphs 2021-12-29 11:20
Vac$inated are oM-ic-Ron nut-cases

While applying circular reasoning..

No legitimate science ever tolerates for circular reasoning..

+4 # RE: Self-Fulfilling "Outbreak" 2021-12-29 08:18
Also they got DEATH counts up by taking sick patients out of hospital care and put them into care homes with no medical treatment bar sedation to death drugs.
Mass murder.
+3 # I have read suchMan of the Atom 2021-12-29 01:55
NIAID does not own the patent on the J & J vaccine so they have a cash incentive to up play the risks with it and down play similar risks with Pfizer and Moderna. Now, isn't that nice? It's a wonderful world!
+10 # Not a covid testWmaxwell 2021-12-28 23:43
The test is intended to be used to determine whether you are vaxxed or not. Some vaxxed got placebos- remember it’s an experiment and you need a control group. These tests will be used against the un-vaxxed as part of a passport system. Some people may have a CDC card, but got no spike protein juice. This is an easy way to ID those who never got the REAL spike shot. They are very cunning.
+3 # Not everyone tests positiveJane C 2021-12-28 23:23
I agree that the tests are probably picking up on stuff the vaccines get the body to produce - but why do some test positive and some don't, even though they have all taken the vax? I know of a large family, all triple jabbed. One person kept testing positive, the others all kept testing negative....
Remember the so called democratic DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM that deleted some votes and counted others all done on an ALGO APP HERES A THOUGHT WHAT IF THE SAME WELL PAID PEOPLE ARE RUNNING MORONIC VARIANTS FOR A FEE
+7 # RE: Not everyone tests positivePalehorse 2021-12-28 23:45


I would make sense, form their point of view, to manufacture
a percentage of tests to not work at all, otherwise there
would be positives 100% of the time, which would be detected
and labeled imposable.

Just like with the vaccines, some are mRNA and others
are a placebo so that 100% of the people don't get sick
at the same time from the jab.

It's possible this is their logic.
+3 # RE: Not everyone tests 2021-12-29 05:03
And they know that some people who feel fine will ignore the test and self report it as ok.
+5 # LANCET Medical Journal Reports 87.9% VaccinatedFaith11 2021-12-28 22:56
Lancet reported that in the UK 87.9% of the with covid cases that were hospitalized are vaccinated, were 3.4% were unvaccinated .


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