CDC: 4,863 Deaths (so far) after COVID Vax

CDC: 4,863 Deaths (so far) after COVID Vax

According to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) 4,863 Deaths have now been recorded after receiving the COVID "vaccine." That is a "weekly" run rate greater than the entire year-over-year Vaccine death average going back 30 years!

Keep in mind this is coming from VAERS - hence, a reaction was reported and now death has occurred.

At this rate; the VAX deaths will cross 10K by years end, with an estimated only 1-10% actually reported through VAERS.  The other 90% are not reported.

If we contrast that actual death figure with the reduced estimates of pure COVID deaths, when eliminating those with average 2.9 comorbidities, then, the VAX is on track to be more deadly than the actual outbreak it is alleged to fix.

See for yourself: Link to CDC VAERS Reporting HERE

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