CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY: Governments Willing to STARVE People into using it!

CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY: Governments Willing to STARVE People into using it!

For those of us who have been hearing about some new "Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)" but haven't paid much attention, THIS ought to get you focused. Government has already shown it is willing to FORCE YOU,  and sometimes even STARVE YOU into using it!

Nigeria implemented CBDC, but nobody wanted it.  After a whole year only 0.5% of the population were using it.   Soooooooo . . . . .

Nigeria VOIDED all old paper currency, issued new paper currency BUT . . . . banks were only allowing citizens to withdraw . . .  $44 a WEEK . . . .  in the new paper currency.   

ATM's were deliberately left empty of the new paper currency.

In Nigeria, the typical person MUST have $40 a DAY to merely live.   But banks were only giving out $44 a WEEK of paper currency.

This literally FORCED people to begin using CBDC.

Those who refused, quickly found they could not buy food.   Some people in remote areas, actually STARVED TO DEATH!

Government . . . simply didn't care.   Bankers . . . . simply didn't care.

So bent on controlling people are government and their banker pals, they were (and are) willing to literally let you STARVE TO DEATH so as to get control over YOUR use of YOUR money.

Oh, and the so-called "main stream media" was SILENT about this in the US and western nations.  They don't want anyone knowing what's coming -- what's planned for all of us!

Here's why:

You are Republican?  Active in touting "limited government, freedom, privacy?"   Your Digital money is deactivated until you shut up.

You are a conservative who is vocally against Trans-gender education?  Your Digital money is deactivated until you shut up.

You're a bit overweight and out of shape?  Your money can no longer buy OREO Cookies, RITZ Crackers, Cheeze-its, Pretzels, Potato Chips, or Entenmann's chocolate donuts until you lose 100 pounds.

You're drinking at a local bar.  Ask for a third drink?  Your money will not work to buy another drink until one hour has elapsed so your body can process what you've already consumed.

Smoker?   Oh no you don't.  That's unhealthy.   Your money will not work to buy tobacco products - it's for your own good.

Want to travel?   Oh no you don't.  That's bad for the Climate.  You can only use YOUR money within 15 minutes of your home.

Put simply, CBDC is absolute, total, control over every aspect of your life. 

No thanks.

Here's video showing what went on in Nigeria:

Their freedom . . . is gone.   They are literally slaves.  Because CBDC prevents them from buying or selling anything unless government or banks approve it.

Complete, total, servitude.


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