Chairman of Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, "Retiring" End of Month . . . Ukraine?

Chairman of Joint Chiefs, General Mark Milley, "Retiring" End of Month . . . Ukraine?

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is "retiring" at the end of this month.   Quite a number of Pentagon staff seem to think this has to do with the utter failure of the Ukraine situation.  One Pentagon Officer said "rats are fleeing the sinking ship."

In a signal as to how unscheduled this "retirement" actually seems to be, Milley told reporters he "doesn't even know yet where he is going to live, quipping that he has told his wife "we can go to Dicks and get a tent. I'm good with that. We lived a tent before."

On their face, such words do not give the impression this was a long-planned retirement and gives credence to the notion that something unexpected is forcing the General out.   In many people's minds, Ukraine losing to Russia is the obvious catalyst for Milley's rather sudden departure.

Hal Turner Editorial Opinion

I am not a fan of General Milley in any way.   After the November, 2020 Presidential election, when Milley penned a letter - also signed by the rest of the Joint Chiefs - telling members of the armed forces they would serve Joe Biden, despite what I saw as clear and obvious election fraud which put Biden illegitimately into office, I thought Milley should have been gone right then and there.  Instead of defending the actual vote which re-elected Trump, Milley embraced the illegitimate Biden "victory." It made _me_ sick to my stomach.

Once Biden was in, the whole Ukraine thing flared back up.   It had quieted down to nothing during the Administration of President Donald Trump, yet within weeks of Trump's departure, war was back on the agenda in Ukraine.  

That agenda reached its peak in February, 2022, when Russia, having tried every Diplomatic effort imaginable, had to send troops across the Ukraine Border to protect Russia from continued NATO expansion, and from the placing of American missiles on Ukraine soil.

So here we are, 19 months into the Russia Special Military Operation (SMO) to "de-militarize and de-Nazify" Ukraine, and Russia is winning big.  

Even staunch NATO allies like Poland, see the writing on the wall.  Just yesterday, the Poland President said "Ukraine entering NATO is out of the question now."

The Ukraine fiasco is falling apart day-by-day and there is no saving it.

I suspect - but cannot prove - that Milley was among the Hawks pushing this Ukraine-Russia fiasco.  Perhaps deluded by his own propaganda, Milley never seemed to realize that Ukraine never stood a chance against Russia.   

Now that the Ukraine thing is falling apart, Milley is high-tailing it into retirement.

Good riddance.




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