China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and Equipment

China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and Equipment

The Chinese Army is now incorporating a remote-controlled skull-bomb in Army helmets to self-destruct soldiers if being captured or failing to follow orders, and destroy their gear, to protect secrecy!  Put simply, if they don't kill YOU, their bosses will kill them, by remote control.


# Hacking American styleJoe Tittiger 2021-01-06 22:21
Would be fun to hack those helmets set him off especially if they were in your
# Keep it simpleFAKEDATA 2021-01-03 23:29
So ........what if we just do some jamming to scramble their info , make it look like everyone deserted even though they are still there ........... just looks like out of range .
+1 # Taboo SubjectHarnaś 2021-01-03 23:02
Here is something to sleep on tonight for all the yahoos and slide rules out there. Here is a graph of the percentage of fourth graders in public schools who are proficient in math.

American society is fundamentally fair, and blacks can go far as their talents will take them.

Last year, following 157 riots in 34 cities Intel announced, “The company also committed $300 million to support BLM goals and accelerate diversity and inclusion.”

Universities do the same. In January this year even before the big George Floyd corporate checks, we heard that “Yale is Spending $135 Million on One Diversity Initiative. How Much is it Spending University-Wide?” That answer? “Nobody’s counting.”

Money is only part of it. Inside Higher Ed is a prestigious website. Just last a few weeks ago it published an article on education reform called “Dismantling the Master’s House.” After universities are dismantled, we will build them back with Afrofuturism! “Afrofuturism is a combination of imagination, liberation and dreams of what is possible in a future that is not dominated by Black cultural death and slavery.” Afrofuturism will save Harvard and Yale from black cultural death.

This is all part of the tragically futile campaign to “narrow the gaps,” and get black and Hispanic students to do as well as whites. .
+1 # Donebslite52 2021-01-04 00:05
I shoot to Kill,
I accept death as a given
+1 # Awsome infotruthseeker 2021-01-03 20:57
When they invade, we just have to figure out how to hack the helmet ---Game Over
# Chinese military helmetsKathleen Kasper 2021-01-03 20:33
That helmet would be the first thing I'd fitch. They really love their troops now don't they?
# Chinese military helmetsKathleen Kasper 2021-01-03 20:34
ditch not fitch
+1 # Korean war experienceMan of the Atom 2021-01-03 23:08
From what I have read, they attacked in human waves - our machine guns would get so hot it seemed they would melt. The first wave had the guns - when they got shot the 2nd wave was supposed to pick up the guns and go forward. Behind them were the Commissars with burp guns ready to shoot anyone in the 2nd wave who did not comply.
That was a real labor of love/sarcasm.

The Iranians attacked in human waves during the Iran-Iraq war b/c like the Chinese they did not have enough guns. In one battle they left 15,000 men - and boys - dead on the battlefield!
# InsanePalehorse 2021-01-03 17:09

I sure this will be a great morale booster for their fighting men.
+1 # Obey the Devil or ElseDisstheease 2021-01-03 16:30
This will be used by corporations to handle discipline productivity problem employees?
+5 # Rise of the Satanic Super SoldiersDisstheease 2021-01-03 16:28
If Satan. Can't control you, he will kill you, which is what he has planned for us anyway.
+2 # RE: China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and EquipmentAngelaM 2021-01-03 16:21
soldier= soul dier
+2 # self destructtrustintheLord 2021-01-03 16:19
One can take of that helmet, throw it away and run away.
+5 # RE: China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and Equipmentcreativesam 2021-01-03 15:38
"If the commander finds on the screen that the individual soldier is farther away from other troops, but cannot be contacted. If you’re a soldier, it will also initiate self-destruction."

So if the soldier is outside the geo-fence battle area, he self-terminates? Hmm just hack the geo-location signals and BOOM, the entire army goes up in smoke... Maybe not such a good idea after all.
+3 # RE: China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and EquipmentThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-01-03 16:04
Let’s see how if this device really works. Remember it’s still MADE IN CHINA, LOL.
-1 # Dump DelayediCanWalk 2021-01-03 14:02
This reminded me that I am 4 hours late for my 10 am dump.
-1 # Oh what a head acheRed Deer 2021-01-03 13:52
Remember Arnold Schwarzenegger's Running Man and Wedlock the movie? Kinda dystopian if you ask me. Maybe could this technology could be incorporated into wedding bands. should your spouse stray, Kabluey, goes the finger bomb. Sure way to tell if they cheat.
+8 # RE: China Army Installs Helmet BOMB to Self-Destruct Troops and EquipmentBill51 2021-01-03 13:16
So all we need to do is hack the software and bingo.
+6 # Heads up... or should I say off?waterbubba 2021-01-03 12:29
I can hear the commanders pep-talk now to his battalion. "You guys are the bomb!"
+2 # There's a shortage of women in ChinaOccamsRazor 2021-01-03 12:53
You know most men must fear that they will be sacrificed to get the ratio of women to men back to where it should be. The CCP is one sick puppy, and we don't want any of that here in USA.
# 80 millionMan of the Atom 2021-01-03 13:30
I think I read recently that is the number of men more than the number of women - thanks to 400 million abortions (?!!) which had some sex selection issues.
+10 # They hack our election, we will hack their helmetsOccamsRazor 2021-01-03 12:16
So, we just figure out the code for the helmet to self destruct, and then broadcast that on the same Chinese radio station trying to shut HalTurnerRadio show down.
+4 # Can these be hacked?Man of the Atom 2021-01-03 12:13
This is a serious question. All the Indian Army has to do is send a signal and blow up all the attacking troops?! How stupid can they be?
# I bet you it is hack proofHarnaś 2021-01-03 15:32
China, because of its enormous size not only has more men with very high IQ, but also their highest IQs are higher in China than US or Canada, due to again its size. You obviously did not go to a leading university with tons of Chinese of various nationalities from Hong- Kong, mainland Cihina, Taiwan and Malaysia. As I can still remember very distinctly, nobody could compete with them in sciences and math at the top undergraduate and postgraduate level (English, history, Western literature and Christian theology was their weak side). Plenty of these Chines and Koreans were also student leaders in the performing arts: music, vocal departments etc. Devices tha Mr. Turner describes will be fool-proof, otherwise Chicoms would not release this info to their general population and intend to use it.

Additionally, the Chicom troops will be fighting at the same fanatical level during the impending WWIII as Japanese did during WWII in the Pacific. In the Western Civilization, armies traditionally surrender after loosing 10-25% of their troops. Japanese surrendered only after sustaining 90% casualties. If you have never heard of this, just ask any WWII Marine veteran who fought them in Okinawa or other Pacific islands.
# High IQ and Academic AccomplishmentSBGlett77 2021-01-03 17:08
The "IQ" as a metric of much of anything has been discredited. Psychologists who are honest have to admit "intelligence" is a very poorly understood concept, and that especially applies to measuring whatever it is. Of course, like any other outdated concept that piques the public's mind and funds research grants, IQ hangs on as a staple dogma in universities ( some, at least ).

Academic accomplishments, on the other hand, have been shown to be very heavily skewed by motivation. The reason Asians do so well in the hard sciences is, they realize the value they are to their career and future life. Academics have long observed this in colleges that only accepted, say, the top 2% of high school graduates. These incoming students quickly fan out in a normal distribution of totally failing doofuses, to ultra-high-grades brainiacs. The reason is, their motivation to excel in high school often does not translate to motivation outside their parents' realm.

In the same vein, the reason Asian students do so well is they are motivated by escaping poverty, or escaping the East in general, or freedom. They study harder and with more seriousness. There are very few partiers among the Asians. The Indians are mostly another story, because they pretty much have a tolerable country to return to, but getting a degree is paramount to their status in India. That degree does not have to be With Honors. Anyone attending classes with either Indians or Eastern Asians can attest to the observations above as generally true.

So, I'm not in awe of your garden-variety Chinese soldier, or even the top tier Officer, as some kind of cream-of-the-crop superman. They confuse as easily as I do, methinks. They better beware the gross miscalculation of arrogance.
# Asian have the best mathematical abilities in the world according to published studies.Harnaś 2021-01-03 20:15
Actually, IQ still matters in academia and everywhere else, and while it is true that Asians are more motivated than American or Europeans, the fact remains that those Caucasians who study as hard as they can at our universities cannot keep up with Asians who just got off the boat and can hardly speak English. American still get beaten in the end! If IQ does not matter, why is it that professional schools (like the medical schools) accept only the best students while electrical engineers as a group have the highest IQ among all engineers. Asian's mathematical ability aces every Caucasian at any time, putting our best students to shame. At the same time, everyone knows that American blacks do not have mathematical abilty skillset in their genes. In Canada a native Treaty Indian has never graduated from any University. In terms of AI engineering and programming, Asians including Malaysians skate circles around us. If you deny this, you have either never been around Asians and universities or like DR you are a yahoo or a jingoist,
# Really?SBGlett77 2021-01-03 21:52
I still maintain everything you assert can be explained 75%+ by motivation and opportunity.

And making statements like, "everyone knows" American blacks do not have mathematical ability skillset in their genes, is an extremely jingoistic statement, in the broad definition. I graduated from one of the top 4 rated engineering colleges in the USA, and I can tell you we had some really sharp, and very black, American engineers who had to complete and UNDERSTAND grad-level Differential Equations and math-heavy Electrodynamics to both graduate and perform in their high-tech industries.

I'm sorry for whatever developed this outlook in you, but we're way off-topic already, so I'm stopping here.
# IQ and educationMan of the Atom 2021-01-03 22:55
Quoting from a past psychology course, IQs correlate very well with educational attainment levels.

I also remember that the "white race" has a wider range of IQs than any other race even if the average is a little less than the "yellow race". Think of Newton, Maxwell, and Einstein in physics for instance, and the incredible ingenuity of invention in the Western world.

Also for what it's worth, the female group with the lowest fertility in the USA has been "black" women with PhD degrees.

Environment has an enormous role in intelligence, for instance an adopted "black" person in the UK with a British accent or an adopted Chinese girl in the USA with an American accent. I knew one and she spoke no Chinese.
# Ahhh, Yessss! I have always liked engineering students on campus. Electrical and chemical engineers are some of my best friends now. On campus they threw best parties after those put together by aggies (agriculture students). Slide rules (e. students)Harnaś 2021-01-03 22:43
But, they were nerds and did not now about much outside of their own narrow field or beauty queens issues, because they were nerds!

How many Nobels have blacks from anywhere won in math and sciences in the last 60 years, in other words since the PC (ie campus Communism) world came into being?

Your knowledge of this subject is about what I would expect form a campus slide rule and has been gleaned from OTC PC publications like the reformed Psychology Today and People Magazine, etc.

The discussion id not off topic. because it concerns vital national security issue, such as, can out best electrical and AI engineering brains solve Chinese chip and software puzzles.
+2 # RE: I bet you it is hack proofThe Deplorable Renegade 2021-01-03 16:11
Chicoms don’t have a high IQ because THEY ARE COMMUNISTS. They are just more of the “useful idiots” that LENIN spoke of. It still remains to be seen IF Chicom weapon systems will work in actual combat conditions. Chicoms are very good at COPYING OTHER NATIONS’ WEAPON SYSTEMS but they’re not exactly innovative.
# waterbubbawaterbubba 2021-01-04 12:23
Apple thought that about their iPhone.
+1 # Never say neverMan of the Atom 2021-01-03 23:00
During WW II, the Japanese were certain that we would never break their codes but we did. I think Hitler tried to warn them.
+3 # RE: Can these be hacked?imback 2021-01-03 13:00
If they hack the helmets will they follow the play book of the democrats and blame it on Trump or the Russians. I can only hope if the UN comes into the US they will have the same helmets.


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