UPDATED 9:05 AM EST -- SEE BOTTOM -- The ongoing outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China and numerous other countries, has taken a major turn for the worse.  The epicenter of China's outbreak, Hubei Province,  announced 14,480 new cases since yesterday, and 542 more deaths since yesterday.  One city in China has declared MARTIAL LAW.   United States armed forces have been ORDERED to prepare for Pandemic in the USA.  

Economically, disaster is now taking place: Supply chain disruption from lack of China manufacturing will bring corporations to Bankruptcy now that China has announced factories will NOT re-open until at least May 1, 2020. The US Stock Market is likely to be completely wiped out; may not even exist in 3 months.  Banks?  Don't ask.

We begin with the announcement from Hubei Province of their latest Infection Numbers (since yesterday):

New Infection Cases:  14,480

New Deaths: 542

During the night, the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City, Hubei Province issued the No. 27 Announcement, announcing the implementation of wartime (Martial Law) in Zhangwan District from 24:00 on February 12th.

"Strict implementation of home isolation and mass prevention and treatment.

All those who forcibly break isolation, vigilance, sealing and control facilities set up in residential quarters, courtyards, buildings, and road entrances will be arrested. 6. All townships, neighborhood offices (development zones, new industrial zones) and village (neighborhood) committees will implement wartime control, and formulate the strictest and most effective control measures based on actual conditions"  (Original Chinese HERE)


The following is the body of the announcement:

Urgent Notice of Wartime Control in Zhangwan District

Strict implementation of home isolation and group prevention and treatment is a scientific policy to prevent infection and infection of New Coronary Pneumonia, and an urgent need to safeguard the health and life of the people. In order to reduce the flow of people, force the exposure of the source of the disease, curb the spread of the epidemic, and avoid long-term consumption, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Law on Public Security Management Punishment, the Law on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, and the Regulations on Public Health Emergencies, etc. The matters concerning the urgent implementation of wartime control in the Bay Area are as follows:

1. All buildings will be fully closed. All residents, non-medical personnel, medical supplies practitioners, anti-epidemic officials, and basic people's livelihood security practitioners such as hydropower, oil and gas, communication networks, food and vegetables will not be allowed to enter the building.

2. All communities, courtyards, and residential areas shall be strictly sealed and controlled. Non-epidemic vehicles, official vehicles, medical personnel vehicles, trucks and special vehicles such as ambulance, fire fighting, rescue, police vehicles, etc. are prohibited from entering and exiting.

3. All residential areas (points) shall strictly implement wartime control. The basic necessities of residents are provided by townships, sub-districts (development zones, new industrial zones) and village (neighbourhood) committees for regular, fixed-type and fixed-price distribution. Urgently needed medicines are implemented. Purchasing services.

4. All communities, buildings, courtyards, and residential areas shall be coordinated by the township streets (development zones, industrial new areas) and village (neighborhood) committees to arrange city, district sinking cadres and township streets, village (community) level cadres and Villagers (residents) and real estate personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, and residents who do not meet the specific approval conditions are forbidden to go out, go out of the building, or go out of the community.

5. All those who forcibly break into the isolation, vigilance, sealing and control facilities set up in residential quarters, courtyards, buildings, and road entrances will be detained.

6. All townships, neighbourhood offices (development zones, new industrial zones) and village (neighborhood) committees will implement wartime control, and formulate the strictest and most effective control measures based on actual conditions. Public security organs strictly manage and strictly control.

7. All party members and cadres and residents must unconditionally obey the unified leadership and dispatch of the village (neighborhood) committee of the place of residence, and participate in the epidemic prevention work in situ; all the close-connected personnel and fever personnel who need to be centralized and quarantined will be concentrated in the Zhangwan District medical observation point.

8. The wartime control measures in this notice will be fully implemented from 24:00 on February 12, 2020. In principle, a period of 14 days will be adopted, and it will be lifted or continued to be implemented in advance according to the city and Zhangwan District's new crown virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control effect.

In extraordinary times and extraordinary actions, it is imperative and necessary. Residents of the entire district are requested to stay at home for another 14 days, protect themselves and isolate each other, wait for the virus to appear, and force the source of the disease to be exposed.

This brings a lot of difficulties and inconveniences to the majority of residents. Please understand for your support and cooperation!


New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Headquarters, Zhangwan District, Shiyan City

February 12, 2020

Hubei province says all non-essential businesses will remain closed until at least February 20 and all schools will remain closed until further notice.


With this update I can tell you, we are doomed!  This disease outbreak is completely, totally, out of control.  There is no stopping it in China, and very likely everywhere else as well.  China was hiding numbers from the beginning and now, it looks like someone else is in control of reporting numbers!!! They cannot hide it anymore.  More on that later . . .

Sudden political leadership slaughtering took place in China overnight:

State media said that Zhang Jin, the Communist party chief of the health commission in hardest-hit "Hubei province, and Liu Yingzi, its director, were both fired. They will be replaced by a national-level official. 

Jiang Chaoliang has been removed as Party Secretary of Hubei province, according to state-run media; no reason given (Reason: For releasing numbers larger than was allowed.) The Party Secretary is the most senior official in a province. Jiang Chaoliang will be replaced by Ying Yong.

China ALSO removed the Director of Hong Kong and Macau office.

Wang Zhonglin, Party chief of Jinan, Shandong province, was appointed as Wuhan Party chief, replacing Ma Guoqiang.

Smells more and more like a coup In Beijing. This could turn out VERY bad for the US if it is a coup.


In the US, the Armed Forces have been ORDERED to prepare for Domestic Deployment inside the Continental United States, for Pandemic Control.  This includes quarantine enforcement and other "community based" activities.

U.S. Northern Command is executing plans to prepare for a potential pandemic of the novel coronavirus, now called COVID19, according to Navy and Marine Corps service-wide messages issued this week.

An executive order issued by the Joint Staff and approved by Defense Secretary Mark Esper this month directed Northern Command and geographic combatant commanders to initiate pandemic plans, which include ordering commanders to prepare for widespread outbreaks and confining service members with a history of travel to China.

The Navy and Marine Corps messages, issued Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, reference an executive order directing U.S. Northern Command to implement the Department of Defense Global Campaign plan for Pandemic Influenza and Infectious Diseases 3551-13.

The document serves as the Pentagon’s blueprint for planning and preparing for widespread dispersion of influenza and previously unknown diseases.

U.S. Northern Command said Wednesday it was directed the Joint Staff Feb. 1 to commence “prudent planning” in their assigned role synchronizing the department’s plans for pandemic flu and disease.

This includes ensuring that the plans contain procedures for “response, isolation, quarantine, restriction of movement and community based intervention” as well as developing measures to contain and treat those possibly exposed.

Here is the ORDER from the Pentagon:


The CDC released 800 evacuees today and they were not tested

There are a number of cases in which people with coronavirus initially test negative.

In Tianjin, health officials say a woman developed symptoms on January 25. Her tests on Feb. 5, 8, and 10 came back as negative. The test on Feb. 12 was positive for coronavirus.

So now that the US CDC has allowed 800 evacuees to be released from 14 day Quarantine, how do we know they're NOT infected?   What if one or more ARE infected?   

According to a paper from a scientist at Lawrence Livermore Labs, this disease is far more contagious than previously known.  He writes:

"We estimated that the number of infected individuals during early epidemic double every 2.4 days, and the R0 value is likely to be between 4.7 and 6.6."

That means each infected person is likely to go on to infect between 4.7 and 6.6 OTHER people! ! ! ! 

MORE . . .

There are a number of cases in which people with coronavirus initially test negative. In Tianjin, China, health officials say a woman developed symptoms on January 25.

Her tests on Feb. 5, 8, and 10 came back as negative. The test on Feb. 12 was positive for coronavirus.

But the CDC turned loose 800 from Quarantine and didn;'t even test them.  Great.  Just great.


Some of the coronavirus testing kits sent to states and to at least 30 other countries have flaws and do not work properly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Wednesday.

The kits were meant to enable states to conduct their own testing and get results faster than they would by shipping samples to the C.D.C. in Atlanta. But the failure of the kits means that states still have to depend on the C.D.C., which will mean several days’ delay in getting results.

The C.D.C. announced last week that it had begun shipping about 200 kits to laboratories in the United States and roughly 200 more to labs in more than 30 other countries. Each kit can test about 700 to 800 specimens from patients, the agency said.


The CDC also confirmed another case of positive infection in San Diego, CA, bringing the US total to 14 known infected.


Los Angeles county is telling more than 1000 people to self-quarantine after travelling to China recently.  Georgia has told the same to 200 in Atlanta.




Britons have been warned to use alcohol sanitizer after handling money amid fears the deadly coronavirus can be passed on via coins and banknotes.

Dr Martin Wiselka, consultant on infectious diseases at the University of Leicester NHS Trust, warned Britain may be “on the cusp of something we might not be able to control”.

It was originally believed the virus was passed only through direct person-to-person contact with an infected person.

London has confirmed its first case of Coronavirus inside the city (Pop. 9 Million)  itself.  This makes a total of nine (9) infected in the UK.


Elsewhere, SonLôi, a village in northern Vietnam, has been put on lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This is the first Mass-Quarantine in another country outside China. The lockdown will last for 20 days.

The village is a commune of 10,000 people.


China now says the re-opening of its major factories will not take place until at least May 1.  

This means not much of anything is being assembled or manufactured in China.   That means companies around the world will begin to suffer product and parts shortages and outages.  This translates into layoffs, and corporate Bankruptcies.

Stocks will plummet as the supply chain disruption spreads and companies are forced into bankruptcy.  One Stock Broker confided to me "There might not even BE a stock market in three months."

Oh, and retail stores?  They're aleady running out of products and cannot get new supplies because China is offline.  So if you don't have the stuff you need until May 1 or thereabouts, you'd better get it quick before it's all gone.


How did we get here?   One web site (HERE) makes the following claims:

"By grafting HIV proteins into a flu virus, renegade researcher in Japan, Yoshihiro Kawaoka, not only increased a dormant virus’s ability to replicate but, in the process of repeating this technique in his subsequent virus research, has unleashed ruthlessly aggressive hybrids with massive killing power as seen in the unstoppable slaughter of innocents in Wuhan. The exponential expansion of the death toll in China, soon to be repeated in other countries, proves that a persistent laxity of ethical standards in the major powers, and abysmal performance of the WHO, has enabled a maniacal campaign of extermination by the heirs of Unit 731 to realize their mission of genocide. The lawless pharmaceuticals, insane vaccinators and rogue microbiologists must be stopped in their tracks or humanity will face its final solution.

By not paying attention to what these mad scientist types are doing we have allowed them to destroy us."  (SOURCE)


 Where does this end?   

"Appear weak when you are strong", "The Art of War"

China can afford to lose 1/3 of it's population along with 1/3 likely severely disabled or dying.

Still leaves 400 million healthy.

200 million standing army.....

Thousands of container ships....

Explains the "practice runs" of containers full of Chinese troops that has been ongoing for years.

The "Silk Road" was designed to carry heavy loads..(Armor)..Europe gets some too.

Yup, they WILL take the USA just like General Chi Haotian said they would.

Find his speech from 2005. Go down 10 paragraphs.  He laid out China's long term plan to use bio weapons to weaken the world, then use their vast population as an army to take over . . . . everything.


And so it goes.



Beijing CDC Party Committee Issues Wartime Status Order
2020-02-13 18:38:07

Wartime Status Order

Party Committee of Beijing Centers for Disease Control

In order to further discipline, compact responsibility, and ensure that all prevention and control work is carried out in an efficient and standardized manner, the Party Committee of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a wartime state order, requiring its party members and employees to fully recognize the "critical period", "critical moment", and "keys" The urgency and importance of the moment, consciously established a "very conscious" and entered a "wartime state."

The first is to insist on using "state of war" to lead the thinking.

The center not only fulfills the city's epidemic prevention and control duties, provides professional technical support duties for government decision-making, but also implements the "unit responsibility" of the "quartet responsibility" to protect the safety and health of all employees, both of which are equally important and cannot be sidelined. Under the unified leadership of the Party Committee, it unconditionally obeys the decision-making and deployment of the Party Committee in the wartime state and serves the current prevention and control work. It resonates at the same frequency, obeys unified orders, unified commands, and acts.

The second is to insist on strengthening implementation with "wartime standards."

All party members and cadres must take overall consideration into account and resolutely put an end to work mistakes caused by this mistake. All employees must unconditionally obey work scheduling and consciously obey management. Strengthen the work style and achieve "the end of the day and the end of the day"; adhere to the problem-oriented, responsibility-oriented, sensitive matters in the prevention and control, unexplained events and the work of leaders at all levels, to understand the situation at the grassroots level and guide commence to work.

Minimize "cross-contact". During the epidemic, all staff members are strictly prohibited from leaving Beijing, strictly commuting to work, eating out, and consciously doing good health management after work. The Security Section should strengthen the access control of the three courtyards, and strictly control the entrance and exit of the gates and all foreign personnel. All personnel enter the hospital area for temperature monitoring and must enter the hospital with work cards to reduce unnecessary travel during work. Non-work must not be connected to the department, try to use the phone or WeChat, SMS and other means of communication. Try to have as few meetings and short meetings as possible to control the number of participants.

The fourth is to insist on strict management with "wartime thinking."

Highlight political security, ideological security, network information security, security of confidential work, laboratory biological security, food security, etc. The epidemic data collection, statistics and reporting will be done well, and information security and confidentiality security incidents will be resolutely prevented. Front-line personnel engaged in flow regulation, pathogen inspection, and close management should strictly implement prevention and control guidelines and operating specifications, do a good job of personal protection requirements, and ensure personal safety. Strengthen laboratory management and resolutely put an end to the theft, leakage, and loss of pathogenic bacteria (poisons) and various samples.

Fifth, we must adhere to the "wartime need" service guarantee.

The equipment and material security department shall fully protect the front line, make plans in advance in accordance with the needs of the prevention and control of the flow of returning adults in Beijing, and evaluate and reserve and manage protective materials daily. Implement the "precision arrangement of materials" requirements, timely grasp the material inventory and daily consumption, and carry out scientific and efficient deployment, not only to implement a convenient procurement process to meet the needs of prevention and control, but also to seriously fulfill the "three major and one big" and internal control requirements. All employees should implement self-protection requirements, and non-epidemic personnel should not wear medical N95 masks, including N95 masks purchased by themselves.

Sixth, we must adhere to "war discipline" and take it seriously.

The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is extremely severe, and the responsibility for prevention and control is more important than Mount Tai. The big battle is coming. All party branches must mobilize their thoughts and gather the masses to give full play to the role of battle fortress; cadres at all levels must lead by example, dare to take the lead and give full play to the leading role; each party member must advance, take on the burden and give full play to the vanguard Exemplary role. All party branches, departments, and cadres at all levels must earnestly perform their main responsibilities, and disciplinary commissions must perform their supervisory responsibilities to ensure the smooth flow of government orders and prohibitions.

All middle-level cadres and branch secretaries who violated the disciplinary requirements in the entire epidemic prevention and control work and caused significant adverse effects and serious consequences to the center and the city's prevention and control work were all suspended or dismissed in advance; timely public notification of typical problems investigated and dealt with.


 In other words, full MARTIAL LAW declared on 21 million people.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sedge Hammer · 1 months ago
    There's 238 cases in Philippines waiting on confirmations either way. 2 have died there. Husband and wife from China. With over a million Chinese in Africa, it's really odd that there hasn't been any cases there popping up or even suspected cases.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Mike Fisch · 1 months ago
      What we learned from the news this week is that the coronavirus test kits are unreliable and not even used most of the time. So what do we really know?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Anthony Yim · 1 months ago
    Heavy western media blackout on this situation indicates it is horrifically bad in China. Lack of communications out of China by Chinese indicates that they have been locked out of the Chinese internet and probably can't even use their VPN bypass services, and probably are threatened with arrest and death if they are caught transmitting any truth articles or pictures of the carnage.

    The problem is now the impending economic slowdown and eventual collapse due to a shortage of manufactured goods shipping out of China. Would love to be a fly on the wall in the executive suites at Walmart to hear what is really going on. The Walmart business could literally collapse in months, maybe even in weeks. Made in China now means severe supply chain disruption and almost everything has parts made in China if it is not completely made in China. On top of it, who's going to want to touch or be near anything Made in China if there is a chance it might have Corona Virus on it. Wow, this is all really bad and to think that a month ago, I was looking forward to a successful 2020.

    What to do now? Buy a years supply of food? Neighbors and maurading gangs will wipe that out once it is discovered I have a supply of food and they don't. Move to a cabin in the distant mountains? Move to a farm on the prairie? In addition, my job and business requires the economy to at least slightly functional or there will be no customers to buy my stuff. Are the A-Lister elites bugging out to New Zealand yet or to their deep underground bunkers?

    I guess we need to pray that somehow this thing gets under control. My great worry is this is the wrath of God for all the ungodly things, all the Satanic things that are occuring on the Earth right now. The Earth has become a literal Sodom and Gomorrah and China is ground zero along with the US for depraved, despicable and immoral behavior.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      TSlinger · 1 months ago
      The redeemed of God are not destined for His wrath. There will be trials and tribulations, sure, but His wrath is something else entirely. 1 Th. 5:9
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Brad Bolz · 1 months ago
      For the last two days, Walmart in Camdenton, Missouri had shelves which were about 1/3rd full. Today, they were stocking them full. A lady gave the workers specific instructions on putting only individual cans / bags, etc., on the shelf. I presumed this was to prevent people from impulsively putting a "package" of the cans in their cart. I've never seen upper management giving instructions to stockers, that seemed odd to me.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Mike Fisch · 1 months ago
      "My great worry is this is the wrath of God for all the ungodly things, all the Satanic things that are occuring on the Earth right now."

      I do believe we are approaching the end of the age and in the time when God's judgment is poured out on the earth. There is deliverance to be found, but it is on a personal and not national level:

      "'Or if I send a plague into that land and pour out My wrath on it with bloodshed to wipe out both man and animal from it, even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were in it, as I live'—the declaration of the Lord God—'they could not deliver their son or daughter. They would deliver only themselves by their righteousness.'" - Ezekiel 14:19
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Sedge Hammer · 1 months ago
      If it's the last, then there's nothing to worry about. It's all in God's hands, not that it isn't anyways, but it means his time is near. If it isn't God's wrath, then we'll survive. We survived the Spanish Flu, families grew and businesses survived. Sure, many died and many businesses closed, but that's always the nature of life. Just prepare best as you can where you are and keep an eye on what the news is and be aware. That's all we can do unless we are independently wealthy, own a cabin in the great wood or on an remote isle in the middle of the ocean.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Occams Razor · 1 months ago
    So, as I read, the Spanish Flu most likely originated in some Chicken Farm in Kansas and spread to the rest of the world due to soldier deployment. During the War, under wartime controls, nations at war don't report anything that would give the Enemy Hope, like a Pandemic among soldiers. So Spain wasn't at war, and so they reported cases and that's how it became to be known as "The Spanish Flu". Really a bad misnomer. My point is, this maybe why China just went to Wartime Control so they can ... perhaps not be held accountable to the UN or the World for doctoring numbers, not patients.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Occams Razor · 1 months ago
    WHO Official Says Many Added Cases Are Weeks Old: Virus Update

    So even the up-to-date information is weeks stale. This shows how far behind reports of accurate numbers really are. This makes HAL's numbers totally believable.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Occams Razor · 1 months ago
    So it's shaping up that these "Military Quarantines" might have been Quarantine in Name Only, how can people screw up so badly and still have a job:

    "One passenger, who tested positive for the coronavirus, was accidentally released from isolation at UC San Diego Medical Center back to the air base on Monday. The woman was discharged prematurely after her results were mislabeled, per the CDC's methodology to protect patients' identities, local news station KNSD reported.

    The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that the woman and three others were discharged and on the way back to the base when it was discovered that three of four tests had not been processed yet. "

    This was supposed to be at an Air base, I expected Marine/ air men to be of the highest cut of Military. Good thing this wasn't at a base with a lesser reputation. So get this, the People who were Quarantined (inmates running the asylum) were the ones who saw the Farce unfolding before their eyes and they are the one's petitioning for stricter measures!!!!, you can't make this up:

    These people aren't the experts, but the spotted common sense stuff that should have been done!

    The five suggestions in the petition are as follows:
    "Everyone in the facility be tested.

    "Preventing the gathering of large numbers of people into small, enclosed environments; suggesting meals be delivered to the door and town hall meetings through conference calls.

    "Periodic delivery of personal protective gear to each room, including masks and sanitizing alcohol for in-room disinfection.

    "Provision of hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the playground.

    "Disinfection of public areas two to three times a day, including playground, laundry room, door knobs, etc."
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Mike Fisch · 1 months ago
      At the highest the levels, the elites WANT a pandemic because it helps usher in their New World Order.

      So when I hear about snafus like that, or that the coronavirus test kits in China and the ones sent out by the CDC in the US are inaccurate and don't work, I have to wonder which of these events are mistakes, acts of negligence, bad luck and which are intentional in order to spark this pandemic.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Occams Razor · 1 months ago
        You know when the CDC can't even test people in low tide, How are they really going help people in high tide, when the time comes?
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Occams Razor · 1 months ago
        Agreed -- usually, I side with Napoleon Bonaparte -- "Never Ascribe Malice, When Incompetence Would Suffice.", but when the whole world is watching and trained professionals still manage to screw up under the best conditions in the best facilities, what's going to happen under severe conditions in the worse facilities. Cast your Gaze upon China right now for the answer.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Copperhead · 1 months ago
      "Everyone in the facility be tested." - Won't happen. Costs too much, takes too long, test kits are inaccurate.

      "Preventing the gathering of large numbers of people into small, enclosed environments; suggesting meals be delivered to the door and town hall meetings through conference calls." - Won't happen. This is akin to imprisonment, and until martial law is instituted it would be likely be illegal. This is in California - nuff said there.

      "Periodic delivery of personal protective gear to each room, including masks and sanitizing alcohol for in-room disinfection." Masks are likely already in very short supply, and the general populace would be the last to get them. Unlikely to happen.

      "Provision of hand sanitizer at the front desk and in the playground." - I can see this happen, but it's nothing more than a placebo to ease concerns. Hand sanitizer requires the correct alcohol content and dwell time to do any good.

      "Disinfection of public areas two to three times a day, including playground, laundry room, door knobs, etc." - Again dwell time of the disinfectant. It simply isn't long enough to destroy the virus.

      Bringing the infected back to the US was nothing more than optics. It was a feel good act. Of course it really doesn't matter since we STILL allow flights from China and other hotspots into the country.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Occams Razor · 1 months ago
        There's an African Proverb that comes to mind: "Do not mention the Rhino, if there is no Tree in sight." So we can expect "We're doing everything possible" to really mean : "We can only do one step above nothing." By the time symptoms show up, it means you already have 1 foot in the grave and you have infected many, many other people. It was asked on the Hal Turner show, what business will flourish? Just watch China. I saw a decontamination tunnels before you walk into work where it sprays people down for 20 seconds might be the next big thing. UV Air Filters, Ionizers that attack viruses will probably be a booming business in the next couple of weeks. Only thing is...they are all probably made in China.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Copperhead · 1 months ago
          I think you summed it up quite nicely.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TSlinger · 1 months ago
    Listening last night while multi-tasking...what were the real numbers of dead so far? I thought I heard in the neighborhood of 6 or 16 MM...

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Copperhead · 1 months ago
      Per Hal - as of 02/12/2020 there are over 15M infected and 3,620,000 dead in last 25 days. CFR in Hubei at least 18% but this is not counting those dying at home. 83% infection rate. 50% hospitalized. 18% die. 81% of those who can’t get hospital care due to over extension will die.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        TSlinger · 1 months ago
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Sedge Hammer · 1 months ago
        The infected I'd say is way low. With the new Ro number of between 4.5 and 6, it surely should be. The dead, only the CCP has that number and no way we'll ever know is if someone from the CCP comes clean. Doubtful.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Sedge Hammer · 1 months ago
        I didn't get to listen last night. Did Hal say where he got those numbers? I know China's official numbers are way off a magnitude of 2 zero's at least imo, so not saying his are wrong, just I can't see anywhere those numbers are being reported. CFR acronym?
        • This commment is unpublished.
          Copperhead · 1 months ago
          CFR = Case Fatality Rate. The number of deaths versus number of cases. Not to be confused with Mortality Rate which is the number of deaths versus overall population.

          I believe he said from intelligence operatives within China were the source of the infected/death numbers. The other numbers have been published in other works as I've read them numerous times before.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Elea Baury · 1 months ago
    Hello Hal .! u have used this article in your article here.. but how can we know that this chinese supposed ' jurnalist' is a true source of information ?

    here :

    he is chinese, he hates japan thats all what i can be sure of.

    evryday the culprit is changing, china , usa, and now japan ad tomorrow it will be russia etc..

    plus this guys says there is no coronavirus pandemic in china , just the flu and that the rest of the world has nothing to worry about ( which is not what you say al day long , which is not what many sources say , )

    its higly doubious to me , i dont consider him like a verified source with his ' tao of anarchy' website.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Anne1776 · 1 months ago
    This page I think is cite for the graphics , it is from 2017-02-10.
    Defense Civil Support: DOD, HHS, and DHS Should Use Existing Coordination Mechanisms to Improve Their Pandemic Preparedness:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jim Elliott · 1 months ago
    Lord have mercy..... we are in a world of shit.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Anthony Yim · 1 months ago
    This Corona Virus health disaster seems odd in that much of China uses traditional chinese medicine (TCM) which is quite effective and no one, especially the Chinese, seems to be talking about the Chinese even trying highly effective TCM herbs and treatments. Not to mention there are all sorts of natural powerful anti-virals like colloidal silver, garlic, etc. China could set up a massive colloidal silver factory in days and produce millions of gallons if they wanted to. And the same for the other anti viral supplements. Why aren't they pulling out all the stops in China if they have this TCM medicine heritage and knowledge. Big Pharma and the NWO would stop it?

    I sense the possibility of massive genocide being conducted in China - deliberate release of the bio weapon virus plus deliberate withholding of medical alternatives plus murdering their populous via bullets, etc. This seems like it could be a deep state and globalist plot with Chinese cooperation to bring in the New World Order by economic collapse and depopulation. And also an attempt to hurt Trump's re-election chances. Trump is a massive problem for the globalists and China.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Anne1776 · 1 months ago
      They might need nano silver, not just colloidal, since this virus is only 0.1um big afaik.
      My take on it is that Chicom have been squashing actual TCM for years, so they might not have the most effective kind left. Also, if one has no symptoms for up to a month, then TCM might not be as helpful since TCM works the best with early symptoms, right?
      It would not shock me if Chicom decided to genocide again, but I guess only time will tell. Right now the other grapevines I read say that China is very, very angry that this was released on them and they suspect [evil ones in Mossad].
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Paul Lambert · 1 months ago
        That took a while this time, Anne.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donald Foreman · 1 months ago
    Bottom line. MAN KILLS HIMSELF!!! Self Destruct!!
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      K · 1 months ago
      ...and "WOMAN inherits the Earth" - Jurassic Park
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        Paul Lambert · 1 months ago
        I remember that line. That was a FAR scarier prospect than even having dinosaurs run amok. Talk about a horror scenario!
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          K · 1 months ago
          "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." - Jurassic Park

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        Donald Foreman · 1 months ago
        Planet of the Apes!!! Apes take over!!! Apes done it!!!
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    James Huff · 1 months ago
    Some sites have the numbers since yesterday being reported at over 15,150+ new infections. Either way, that is closer to what I would have expected a couple of weeks ago. I still think it is either double to quadruple this number or all the precincts are not reporting in yet.

    As for the stock market, there was a stock market before China joined the global economy. They, the Chinese, have their own stock market, just as the English, Germans, Japanese, Russians all do. The will take some hits, but in the end, China will still invade most of Asia and the middle east, as foretold in scripture. The end will still come at it's appointed time.

    That being said, it looks like the intelligence assessment of February 16th, was pretty accurate for the demise of the Chinese economy. This biggest issue I see, is China thinks it can win in a nuclear exchange. If they feel this was a biological attack against them, rather than caused by them, at what point do they retaliate and against whom do they retaliate?
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      TSlinger · 1 months ago
      "The end will still come at it's appointed time." Indeed it will- this is ALL appointed. The horsemen continue to ride...the effects are cumulative and increase in exponentiality.
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      K · 1 months ago
      I have said for years that it was obvious China is the author of "not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast."

      And for those "callers" who keep saying the US did this....NO, the US did not. Beijing knows they did it themselves. Can't you "smell" the cover-up? The only time we have witnessed a cover-up of this magnitude, with all its "dead bodies," is every single day in the lives of Hillary and Bill Clinton.
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        K · 1 months ago
        ...and Joe Biden
        .....and John Kerry
        ........and Barak "I'm a Christian" Obama