China Quarantines Shenzen; now 400 MILLION under Quarantine as CDC Says Virus Containment "Not Possible" in China

China Quarantines Shenzen; now 400 MILLION under Quarantine as CDC Says Virus Containment "Not Possible" in China

China has decided to lock down Shenzen, a city of about fourteen million inhabitants, which borders Hong Kong.  This latest action by China brings the total such action to 3 Provinces, including 60 cities, with populations totaling just over Four-Hundred-Million.   

China has now Quarantined more people than live in the entire United States of America as it tries to battle corona virus!

Never before in recorded history has any government on the planet Quarantined so many people.  Yet the "official" disease reports from inside China claim the number infected is about 34598 worldwide, with deaths tallying 723 .   These numbers strike many around the world as "completely false" because, critics say, "no government on earth would Quarantine 400 Million and shut down ninety percent (90%) of its manufacturing for a mere 630 deaths. " 

Thus, critics say China is grossly withholding real information about the scope of the disease. 

Intelligence sources say that China now faces "over Twenty Million infected and over ONE MILLION DEAD."   Those Intelligence sources say crematories throughout China are operating at full capacity, 24 hours a day.   The Crematories in Hubei Province are allegedly cremating more than 2,000 bodies per day . . . and that's just in Hubei Province where the outbreak seems to have begun.

The so-called "corona virus" has spread to about 25 countries worldwide and continues to spread.  Evidence found by analysing the virus has lead many to believe the virus was actually a Biological Weapon, being worked on at the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology, the only Level Four Bio-Lab in China, located in Wuhan where the disease outbreak started.   Many say the virus was accidentally released from the Lab; a claim China ferociously denies.

As a result, people have been purchasing N-95 and N-100 filter masks in an effort to protect themselves.  Purchases of those masks has reached such high levels, there is now a global shortage of those masks.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to spew what many see as propaganda, about "no need to stop travel between China and other countries" and "China is being very transparent and helpful."  Such public statements are being viewed by many around the world as either complete stupidity or intentional lies.

Media outlets are only now beginning to cover this outbreak in any meaningful manner, but it seems clear their coverage is designed to prevent panic rather than convey the horrible gravity of the situation.

Said one source "They won't tell everyone how bad it is until everyone already knows."


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