China's President Announces "Preparing for War"

China's President Announces "Preparing for War"

Chinese leader Xi Jinping says he is preparing for war. At the annual meeting of China’s parliament and its top political advisory body this month, Xi wove the theme of war readiness through four separate speeches, in one instance telling his generals to “dare to fight.”

His government also announced a 7.2 percent increase in China’s defense budget, which has doubled over the last decade, as well as plans to make the country less dependent on foreign grain imports. In recent months, Beijing has unveiled new military readiness laws, new air-raid shelters in cities across the strait from Taiwan, and new “National Defense Mobilization” offices countrywide.

It is too early to say for certain what these developments mean. Conflict is not certain or imminent. Yet something has changed in Beijing that policymakers and business leaders worldwide cannot afford to ignore. If Xi says he is readying for war, it would be foolish not to take him at his word.



Russia plans to provide fast breeder nuclear reactor technology to China, an agreement that could allow Beijing to significantly grow its nuclear arsenal and tip the prevailing global balance of nuclear weapons. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping announced a long-term agreement to continue developing fast breeder nuclear reactors optimized for plutonium production for nuclear weapons.  

In December 2022, Russia’s-state owned Rosatom nuclear power company finished transferring 25 tons of highly-enriched uranium to China’s CFR-600 nuclear reactor, which analysts say has the capacity to produce 50 nuclear warheads a year.

US Department of Defense (DOD) officials and US military planners have assessed that the CFR-600 will be critical in building China’s nuclear arsenal from 400 warheads today to 1,500 by 2035.

The U.S. Air Force secretary says he's seen nothing 'more disturbing' in 50-year career than this move by China.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall compares China's nuclear threat to Russia's during Cold War.


+3 # RE: China's President Announces "Preparing for War"pco 2023-03-30 17:54
Anyone notice how they all have the same suits and ties
+2 # Jaws smells blood in the water.Gruntpa 2023-03-30 15:32
Cory Mills announces Articles of Impeachment against Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for Dereliction of Duty.

One can see how the "Order of the Ring" is now made up of "pussnuts".

Dereliction of duty is an offense chargeable under the UCMJ. UCMJ ARTICLE 92 – FAILURE TO OBEY ORDER OR REGULATION That is just a starting point.

Xi is going take any opportunity handed to him.
# so one RUSSIAN US CHINNESENZ KIWI 2023-03-30 15:11
SUB carries enough nuclear pay load to destroy the majority of the pop in any continent WHY THE F....K do we need MORE
-1 # IS THIS MORE ABOUTNZ KIWI 2023-03-30 15:14
# China produces 50 engineers for 1 lawyer.wardoc 2023-03-30 14:29
The US Corp produces 50 lawyers for every one engineer. Little more needs to be said. Then, of course, perhaps we can convince the 77%ers, fat blue hair drug addict millennials, to lose weight, get of illegal drugs, train and fight a conventional force to force war. ....While flying on unicorns.
+3 # Prepare for War...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-30 13:03
The Chinese have been working a very long timeline for their planned rise as the dominant world power. They know that the minute they attack/threaten the U.S. dollars world reserve status the U.S. Corp. will attack. Our Neo-con overlords made a big mistake alienating the Russians and driving them into the Chinese axis...our elected reps are generally morons.
+1 # RE: Prepare for War...BeenThere 2023-03-30 13:27
The chinese hit the accelerator on their plans to be dominate in 2001, when the USA decided it wanted to go play (read make war) in the sandbox of the world.

China has had 20 years to pull ahead of the U.S. because our politicians got bogged down in the corrupt, criminal "fight against terrorism" (to include stripping away Americans personal liberties, while enriching themselves at our expense).

Americans are in for a very, very rude awakening very soon as the dollar collapses. If you haven't been preparing for a rainy day - your just short!
+1 # Okay. Time for AmericaGregg W 2023-03-30 12:28
To do the same. I hate to say it but peace won’t be here much longer.

We know a country which considers us an enemy is literally preparing for war. Will our government wake up and do the same?

We may need to set aside all the green and woke BS and start factories up and start manufacturing weapons (for us not Ukraine)!

How about some Civil Defense plans and actions. Create shelters and train CD managers.

If our people give a damn about us (which I doubt), they will get on this right now!

Hell. This might even make Biden look good in the eyes of the nation.

We have bee
+2 # NATO/US - In over their headsunixguru24 2023-03-30 12:00
And yet they keep doubling down.
+2 # Crowley Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ Consequences if the U.S. Dollar Loses Global Reserve Currency StatusWhite Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-30 11:26
Monica Crowley, former Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs for the U.S. Department of the Treasury, explained on Fox News Saturday what would happen if emerging economies move away from the U.S. dollar towards the Chinese yuan and the USD is no longer the world’s dominant currency. She stressed:

It’s really hard to overstate exactly how catastrophic the abandonment of the U.S. dollar would be as the world’s global reserve currency.
+10 # Off topic..Lexie 2023-03-30 11:02
Chelsea Clinton tweeted about her disgust in those who condemn Obama for having married a transsexual. So no more guessing games on that one. A pro life group were sent a box containing 156 bodies of deceased babies, a result of abortions carried out by a particular Doctor. Amidst the remains were 5 full term infants, one drowned on fetal fluid, another had one eye open, another was dismembered. I know we are living in the most evil, sadistic, public brainwashed times. All of it state condoned and one of the most wicked men walking this earth is Obama.
+3 # Do you have a link?Gregg W 2023-03-30 12:41
I looked at her account but couldn’t stay there long. She turns my stomach.
+5 # Ah Ha!!Gregg W 2023-03-30 12:32
They are finally coming out of the closet?!!

That’s what got Joan Rivers killed.

Chelsea is probably protected but this is interesting.

One of the biggest scams perpetrated on the American people was this fake American couple. The kids were loaned them from other liberals and everyone played off that Michael was a woman. Such BS.

Why now are they coming out? Never trusted obummer. He’s up to something.
+3 # Trans...WilliamtheResolute 2023-03-30 13:07
In the future please refer to the former "first lady" as Big Mike. I think "it" hasn't aged well and Obombo is kicking it to the curb.
+7 # RE: China's President Announces "Preparing for War"RAFO 2023-03-30 10:30
And yet Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall is just another communist appointed by Biden to help ruin the Air Force and destroy this nation! His “opinion” doesn’t mean squat…
+7 # If...Gulfcaptain 2023-03-30 10:22
If you can't beat em...join them. All evidence points to the idea that many in the US government in positions that are "in the know" have "joined em". In this case, China.

The US has been stacked and is so under water financially that it can never repay the principal debts and has to print dollars to keep up with interest on that debt. In other words, the hole in the ship of state is so large that the pumps can't keep up. The insiders know it

So, what do you do? As an insider, you plan for the life boats, not for everyone (there are not enough) but for yourself. Thinking that it's a hopeless fight, you capitulate. Secretly of course.

This union if eastern nations is the iceberg ahead that the west is heading for at cruising speed as it is sinking. The people (I didn't say the captain as we have none) are not changing course. Why? All this could end tomorrow if sane people sat down and decided to make rational fair decisions for future prosperity, security and trade for all. Why not?

Something more is at work here. It it the solar cycle change? Is it some grand cycle catastrophe that is upon us that will change conditions such that many will not survive the coming changes?

I guess the question is who will control the new world after the fact. A new dawn is rising in a new less populated earth. Two power centers are fighting over who will run the new world order when the dust settles.

I think those in the know have decided that it will be the century of the east. China is Communist/Socialist. What do we see here in the US? What is the government directed trend? Need I say more?
+4 # The Perfect Storm.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-30 11:02
I Have Built a Lifeboat. It is in my Front Yard. My HOA is Calling It a Nuisance and Suing Me. My Idea is to Put a Male and Female of Each Species Onboard.
-6 # Hum?MildB 2023-03-30 10:29
Your thinking is sound, take a read.

One can only put so many in a life boat.

How The Sinking of The USS Indianapolis Became The Worst Shark Attack in History
The tragic sinking of the USS Indianapolis

By Chukwuebuka Published 10 days ago • 3 min read

Nine hundred men who had survived the first attack were left in the middle of the Philippine Sea to wait for help. But three different Naval commanders didn't pay attention to the ship's three distress signals. One thought it was a trap set by the Japanese, another asked not to be bothered, and the third was drunk.

Note: reminds me of a Bible story Luke 10:30 -37
I personally will not help a robber except to find Jesus. Charity is a Spirit directed endeavor.

That is all.
+6 # █▓▒░ Government Plans for Cataclysmic Space Weather ░▒▓█Palehorse 2023-03-30 10:17

Celeste Solum March 30, 2023
+2 # RE: █▓▒░ Government Plans for Cataclysmic Space Weather ░▒▓█Utah1 2023-03-30 12:34

Thank you for sharing. Celeste is so special and wonderful, wish I had the means to support her cause better.

Had no idea that the red aurora are a harbinger of space weather ahead, but it makes sense now.
+2 # Good videoLegionPrime67 2023-03-30 10:34
Point made... Watch space news, we could lose everything with the sun cycle, we have been close lately a few times already.
Also add in Suspicious0bservers on ScrewTube.
-2 # Red auroras descend to Florida, marking first sighting since 2003 and 1989MildB 2023-03-30 10:45
A G4 – Severe geomagnetic storm on March 24, 2023, caused red auroras to appear over Florida and other low-latitude areas, marking the first such sighting in nearly 20 years. Numerous unusual phenomena were observed during this geomagnetic storm, including “aurora dunes” over Alberta, Canada.
+1 # RE: Red auroras descend to Florida, marking first sighting since 2003 and 1989PastorK 2023-03-30 10:57
Quoting MildB:
A G4 – Severe geomagnetic storm on March 24, 2023, caused red auroras to appear over Florida and other low-latitude areas, marking the first such sighting in nearly 20 years. Numerous unusual phenomena were observed during this geomagnetic storm, including “aurora dunes” over Alberta, Canada.

The auroras are being seen in many places where they should NOT be being seen. You Tube video channel The Master's Voice shares whats this means in the video linked below.
+1 # RE: Red auroras descend to Florida, marking first sighting since 2003 and 1989Utah1 2023-03-30 12:37
Pastor K,

Thank you for sharing Celestials video. I feel blessed having come across videos for two women whom I pray for daily; Celeste and Celestial, with such proximity this morning!

There are, after all, no coincidences, just math and science we so not understand.

;also, I was just saying this morning that I have but a few females and mostly male warriors of Christ whom I pray for. If I'm not mistaken, you're in Texas, correct? I ask because I see you're to be added; math/proximity event, and, I remember where everyone is by going state to state, nation by nation.

Blessing !

# "GREAT SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS"-MildB 2023-03-30 11:34
Yes indeed.
+2 # Your world is not your reality?acturner067 2023-03-30 10:10
Winnie-the-Pooh is going to take action for those that rule over him? Puppet actors they are on a stage for those in the audience too asleep to realize it.
-4 # Dams are supposed to prevent floods. Some may make them worseMildB 2023-03-30 09:59
As the river continues to dump sediment into the reservoir—it’s already 75% full—the dam will have less room to contain floodwaters.

“We need to start thinking how we should re-evaluate the flood risk, not only for the Yellow River, but also for other rivers,” Ma says. The team estimates that new dams would exacerbate large floods on more than 80% of lowland rivers.
+3 # What is in my stir-fry?Stefanjunior 2023-03-30 09:40
Thank you Hal for more info. This information tells the truth about China and how behind they are. If it was not for foreigners they still be knee deep in rice fields living like rats. They can barely make a good knock-off spoons. Any advance technology is given to them, even the kind to make those knock-off spoons. Less then twenty years ago (Oct. 15, 2003) they put their first astronaut in to space. I wonder who gave them that technology? Way behind Russia and the USA. Remember that misdirection is part of warfare and we are great at misdirection.
# RE: What is in my stir-fry?Stefanjunior 2023-03-30 09:57
-4 # HellMildB 2023-03-30 09:31
Make? All they will have to do is walk into America and take charge of ours.

Maybe thats been the plan all along.

Just my opinion. Fumble, fumble, fumble!

Have any of you wondered WHO HAS THE football?

It be real easy for Flash~bang to fumble it in the end zone?

Note: Jacob's Ladder ( Hebrew: סֻלָּם יַעֲקֹב Sūllām Ya'aqōv) vs Biden's staircase.
+3 # Re: HellMushFace 2023-03-30 09:56
I've been asking for 3 years now, "Who has the nuclear football????"
+2 # Rem backMildB 2023-03-30 09:40
What US General called China as Trump left?

Was that not open TREASON! Why is that man still there?

WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The top U.S. general secretly called his Chinese counterpart twice over concerns then-President Donald Trump could spark a war with China as his potential election loss loomed and in its aftermath, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

U.S. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called General Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army on Oct. 30, 2020 - four days before the election - and again on Jan. 8, two days after Trump supporters led a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol, the newspaper reported.

In the calls, Milley sought to assure Li the United States was stable and not going to attack and, if there were to be an attack, he would alert his counterpart ahead of time, the report said.
+4 # A preemptive strikesupporttheblue 2023-03-30 09:17
Is looking more and more like the only course for the USA.
+4 # RE: China's President Announces "Preparing for War"croco 2023-03-30 09:14
this whole thing is starting to stink....nothing makes sense anymore..they have enough nuclear bombs to destroy this world several times over. Clearly the only thing they don't need is more nuclear bombs. It's rhetoric controlled and meant to throw us, the simple people, into the cruelest despair, to bring us to the point of accepting anything in the name of peace... peace that they screw up, with every action. When I say THEY I mean all of them, the USA and the EU and the Chinese and the Russians... it seems that they have a war between them, but the only coherent explanations of everything that is happening now, come to the surface when we place ourselves as their enemies.. .or vice versa. Make no mistake, their war is with us, with our freedoms with our beliefs with our way of living.....the rest is sham.
# Bingo.White Lightning aka Raptor 2023-03-30 11:33
We Have Our Nuclear Winter.


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