China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"

China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"

China has issued unprecedented war threats against the United States and Taiwan through the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party. As China finds itself more isolated, it is becoming belligerent.  


# The 2021-07-19 21:33
When the stock market crash happens and dealing with the aftermath of it,thats when the chinese will probably attack.How you gonna back an army when you have worthless cash.Sooner or later the chinese are gonna have to deal with america;s real masters.Large chunk of them are in europe.
+2 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"bleedingblue 2021-07-18 17:58
If you give in to China over Taiwan your just gonna let them take over the world then. They are wanting to conquer the world.
+2 # China Joebcatstone 2021-07-18 11:09
I don't think there's much question that China will take over Taiwan. When China makes their move, the US/NATO may wring their hands & gnash their teeth uselessly, but they will not seriously defend Taiwan against the country they depend on so heavily for trade and investment. Besides, Comrade Joe Bidumb is on the CCP's payroll. He's not gonna interfere!
+1 # As one of my correspondents noted:Harnaś 2021-07-18 23:08
A couple of million dollars of “art purchases” by agents of Communist China from Hunter Biden will apparently ensure that Biden will not fulfill U.S. commitments to Taiwan required by SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, the Pacific version of NATO).
+3 # IF YOU THINK THATDevilDog 2021-07-18 09:37
After arming the communists and putting Mao in power and building their economy and military and selling our national debt and half of our national assets, that the US is going to defend Taiwan and risk nuclear war your a special kind of stupid.

Odd Man Out Truman, Stalin, Mao, And The Origins Of The Korean War
+2 # 9th of Av today. Jews pray on Temple Mount to commemorate the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD while tensions remain high. No one killed or shot yet among Palestinians!Harnaś 2021-07-18 08:38
Police disperse Muslim protesters as Jews pray on Temple Mount
Jul 18, 2021 @ 9:17
Muslim protesters from Al Aqsa Mosque threw rocks at police forces on Temple Mount as Jewish worshippers were admitted to the shrine on Sunday morning, the 9th of Av, to observe the solemn day of fast and mourning in remembrance of the destruction of the Jewish Temple. No one was arrested but tension on Temple Mount remains high.
# RE: 9th of Av today. Jews pray on Temple Mount to commemorate the Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD while tensions remain high. No one killed or shot yet among Palestinians!daniel_beyond 2021-07-18 11:03
theres no palestinians. They are arabs from Jordanian origins. 95% if 'palestinians"have jordanian surnames. The other 5% have egyptian surnames. Same language same religion. Even the flag is the same. The name Palestine comes from the ancient Israel archenemy, Philistine. After the 70 ad revolt, Rome renamed the region to chastise the israelites. So the palestinians myth is a fallacy
+1 # Sounds very erudite, but its is an ancientHarnaś 2021-07-18 23:13
Israehell lie that Palestinians do not exist any more and are in reality all Arabs, who have moved to Gaza, Israel and the East Bank from neighboring countries.
+2 # Be The 2021-07-18 02:46
+6 # Unfortunately...SheilaRae 2021-07-17 20:08
The simple fact is that China has been planning this move against Taiwan for a very long time. They took over the island shoals in the South China Sea and placed military assets and air strips there. This was done to establish dominance in that area (China territory) and block the US Pacific fleet from getting to Taiwan. If China takes Taiwan, it will be so fast that by the time the US fights their way up to Taiwan to render aid, it will be too late. So, I believe Taiwan is on their own. The US will bluster, posture, talk big but they will not invade Taiwan to free it without facing the full might of the Chinese military and their nuclear missiles. Remember, the US has been taken over by the communist NWO globalists. The "plan" is to weaken all countries that are not yet under 'control' and ready for "reset". They may have the US and China exchange some rounds here and there, but overall I believe it will be for show. The future of the planned new earth order is the communist Chinese system where you will "own nothing and be happy." So, they don't want to destroy China, and I am sure China was assured that they can have Taiwan when they are ready. Just look at our military leaders and the state of the nation. Can you imagine what the economy would look like if China stopped all trade with the US? Wal-Mart would be 90% empty. Almost all auto parts, electronics, you name it now comes from China trade. Do you think the US is willing to go down that path? I doubt it unless the plan was to have this happen to hide the crimes of the bankers / Wall Street gang by blaming the up coming collapse of confidence in the dollar and markets. That is coming when the FED decides to pull the plug. A Chinese war and scrap would fit the bill nicely. However, Taiwan is probably a goner. Just like Hong Kong. Everybody just sat back and watched China move in and take it. Taiwan will be no different.
+1 # You are right of course, but the outcome of this war is irrelevant, since it is going to be the last war ever. It will be extremely short and destructiveHarnaś 2021-07-17 21:33
although not a big deal for those already in deep undergrounds shelters in far reaches of the solar system awaiting Jesus's second return (Mathew 24) and the re-creation of The earth which will be completely destroyed by the wars and subsequent cosmic catastrophes.

How is your Italian?
+4 # "... unless the plan was to have this happen to hide the crimes of the bankers / Wall Street gang by blaming the up coming collapse of confidence in the dollar and markets."Pierre Derelicto 2021-07-17 20:55
On a more elementary level: the booty has already been stolen, so the pirates are sinking the ship. The parasitic thieves who've presided over Wall Street, DC, the Vatican and City of London (inclusive of Big Corp) need diversionary cover. Most all of the wealth has already been siphoned out of this country, and what we are left with is a mountain of hopelessly unrepayable debt with which to present the up-and-coming generations.

The globalist plan has ALWAYS involved the wholesale dismantling and disintegration of the US (at least in its 'republic' form), as our nation would never voluntarily submit to global governance. It also serves to bury a lot of skeletons.

Make no mistake: 'modern warfare' may come masked behind the public veneer of various motivations, but at its root -- pulling strings, and orchestrating covert ops -- sits an amoral group whose true objectives are to cover crimes and consolidate (or even 'further facilitate') mass theft.
# RE: "... unless the plan was to have this happen to hide the crimes of the bankers / Wall Street gang by blaming the up coming collapse of confidence in the dollar and markets."Harnaś 2021-07-17 21:22
You got it exactly right. The Big Reset is the transfer ft quadrillions of the banker's derivative and government debt onto the backs of the taxpayers, who will be enslaved paying it back in mines and sweat shops for the next one thousand years. The Old Testament Super Shemitah of 2022/2023 is the final Shemitah of the era! Bankers are planning to forgive themselves their debts by transferring it to us!
+7 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"Canis Major 2021-07-17 18:23
China's strategy and tactic:
-Appear where you are not.
-Appear strong when you are weak, appear weak when you are strong.
-Sound resolute when the will is not on the an open issue, but on the one no one sees or hears.
-A distraction to draw attention away from the real issue and or action taking place.
+4 # Good PointPierre Derelicto 2021-07-17 20:58
"The Art of War" is always worth bearing in mind -- especially as it pertains to China.

Perhaps behind all of their recent bluster is a genuine panic, as they witness a huge chunk of their country potentially turning to complete ruin, via recent weather warfare strikes.
+4 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"JFY 2021-07-17 19:33
So are you suggesting that they will act on their border with India? ...Or here?
# Paerl Harbor times trilliondaniel_beyond 2021-07-18 11:24
you americans are sooo concerned with Syria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Korea, Yemen, Afgnistan, Venezuelan etc etc that you are probably forgeting to guard your Homeland, and thst is what Armed Forces are all about. Your cities are sitting ducks. Your ports are the most crowded in the world, that means enemies subs can navigate beneath cargo ships to simulate stealth. You have already nuclear mines seeded in your seabed since late 70 or early 80s. Thats a badly kept secret. Like Israel Nukes. And constantly threatening Russia and China doesnt make things any better. These Giants are out there for thousands of years. They have seen everywhere. Invasions, revolutions, famine, civil wars. extermination wars etc. America have what 200 years? Trust me you cant outsmart them. You trust too much on tech. But in the end of the day men win wars
# Us AmericansCornstarch4 2021-07-18 21:28
Listen, there is only a few of us in America who understand what it took for freedom and our beautiful constitution. Which is a republic not a democracy. Ask our young what those mean you'll get a blank stare. Heck they don't even know what the star spangled banner means and why we have that song. We have Henry Kissinger and his goons to thank for selling us to China, and every president PASS JFK are traders. Ugh!
# PEARL HARBORdaniel_beyond 2021-07-18 11:12
The heart of every enemy plans is your worst nightmare. What is America worst nightmare? That is what they are planning. Forget Taiwan.
+2 # Potential war with China...Lexie 2021-07-17 16:40
China is all talk and sneaky actions ...If by chance and finally China puts its money where its mouth is I back the west and fully expect the CCP to get the whipping it deserves ...So are they ready to take the chance ? I think the CCP are evil enough to go for a first strike scenario..I fully expect the UK to go jumping in alongside the US, should anything happen...At this moment, however, the CCP is fully backed by the globalists so perhaps it is riding high and a tad over confidant...I think the dems support China though, being the traitors they obviously are , I`m uncertain of the game these globalists are playing however and part of me wonders if the globalists just want the US to hurry up and die already ?
+1 # I TOTALLY AGREENZ KIWI 2021-07-17 18:33
WITH everything you just said , with one little EXCHANGE . REPLACE THE LETTERS CCP WITH USSA
-2 # I can see themLassieLou 2021-07-17 16:00
Doing something...they might have some trouble seeing a "target" in the west right now..........all the fires..the smoke is so thick you can chew it. The the resources are so slim,because nobody wants to work.Then reading a MT newspaper article last night,that said they may have to ground the helicopters & retardant planes because of lack of really all they have to do is wait.............
-4 # And once againSerpa@82 2021-07-17 15:52
Just in case you missed it Harnass goFuck yourself
# We do the get the whole gamut of high society here, don't we you buggerHarnaś 2021-07-17 21:14
and a courtier from a burnt-out king's palace!
+2 # subscriptionjroot 2021-07-17 15:39
How do you unsubscribe from this website? I have found no icon or unsubscribe area to stop the Hal Turner website from charging my card $13. I sent an email 1 week prior to an auto renew date with no response and my card was still charged the $13. Any help?
# call your card co.cowgirl 2021-07-18 10:38
you can ask your credit card co. to not honor the charge.
+1 # Leave a voice msgthunderclap 2021-07-17 15:49
Call the show and leave a message with your contact info and all should be alright.

Hope this helps. Have a gr8 day.
+1 # It was Simon from FLBnew1971 2021-07-17 15:32
It was "Simon from Florida" that called into The Alex Jones show the other day. Alex liked him and invited him to come be on the show sometime. The guy has some knowledge but I understand that British accent gets old.
+7 # Back in 2000 ,I warned George BushMax S Stofle 2021-07-17 15:31
Yrs ago ,I read about Clinton ,Sold the Chninese the Tech to Target our Cities,I Then Wrote George Bush ,Junior ,I met him in Texas at a VFW ,So He knew who I was ,I told Him it is a Mistake to Let China Aqiure our Military Technoliegy ,I told Him one Day We would Regret it ,He sent me a Letter official and Unofficial ,But ,THEY KNEW What they were Doing ,It's all about The Beast Satan and His comming onto the World Stage ,Thank God We have Jesus Christ ,God Bless you takecare ,Peace Max
-2 # It is definitely going to go-off at any time and very soon.Harnaś 2021-07-17 13:57
The moron in Vatican who pretends to be a pope and is just a "bishop in white" of the Fatima 1917 prophesy (well known even to heretics), ie Jorge Bergoglio just had effectively tried to close down the Tridentine Mass, which is the only thing left that keeps the world going in any king of order.

“TRADITIONIS CUSTODES” encyclical letter was published yesterday as was widely anticipated by everyone. No one has read it yet and there is nothing specific and specifically legal in it, yet local idiot pastors are already using it as an excuse to close down all Latin Masses that have been uneventfully celebrated IN PEACE all over the world for the last 13 years. The Pope Benedict XVI Mass of 2007 locked up hands with the Mass of the Ages which was closed in 1970 by Vatican but continued to be celebrated all along in France by adherents of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. All you heretics do not try to understand and keep out of this discussion!

What it means that the real Mass will die very quickly on the vine and the world will descend into the Primordial Chaos!

Here is a typical group-think response to a long and specific query from a local Novus Ordo heretical/schizmatic Roman Catholic pastor:

Pope Francis issued a Motu Proprio restricting the Latin Mass yesterday. I owe no one an explanation. I am the pastor of St. Sulpice-Clotilde, and if people do not like it, there are other churches in the area.
# RE: It is definitely going to go-off at any time and very soon.The Deplorable Renegade 2021-07-17 15:01
Harnas, this article is about Red China, not your beloved Catholic Church. The Chicoms will get their clocks cleaned out if they’re stupid enough to try something. And Taiwan has already been an independent nation known as The Republic Of China since 1949. We have more nukes than the Chicoms have so if they’re groggy let them jump.
-2 # Thank you for pointing it out, butHarnaś 2021-07-17 15:18
I have warned you in my post that you will not understand it now, but maybe in the next world. Nowhere in my post do I mention that the Catholic Church is my beloved, which I only reserve for my beautiful wife. In fact the deeply troubled and Protestantized Catholic Church, the only bastion in the ancient struggle against evil and Satan, has just torn down its own ramparts!

Consequences of this are enormous and will be imminent. The count is down to 300 hrs after the impending attack/destruction of Rome and Vatican, prophesized on this site by numerous Jews and ZEs! Men with long beards will be ISIS, but the men with long beards behind them will be Khazars, who consider Rome to be the Babylon Harlot of the Book of Apocalypse! All coming to you on 7/21/21, we anticipate.
-2 # Well...Serpa@82 2021-07-17 13:26
BLOW us then China.
-4 # HmmmHarnaś 2021-07-17 14:40
Right, another know-nothing heretic. Did you not read that heretics are not invited into this discussion because their mental faculties are clouded by an ill-conceived pride? I will not blow you but still, screw you!
-4 # Hey harnassSerpa@82 2021-07-17 15:51
Go fuck yourself. You really are special dude.
+13 # Biden owned by ChinaDoug Brown 2021-07-17 13:10
One way to continue the Biden farce is to
start a war. No mid-term. Biden gets to stay.
Election recount meaningless with casualities. China and Biden probably have it it all worked out.
Bottom live?
Democrats are not going to relinquish their hold.
Recount or no recount.
-2 # Nothing happening.Doug Brown 2021-07-17 13:02
CCP talks big talk.
Thw world laughs.
+3 # TedTed 2021-07-17 15:59
Ah, haiku! But only nine syllables. Add: God rolls up His sleeves
He laughs, too.
-3 # you are nothing more than Rip van Winkle moronHarnaś 2021-07-17 13:28
+12 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"Anthony Schneider 2021-07-17 12:46
Things are going down hill quick. The powers that be know that the economy is crashing and they need a diversion as to not blame the real culprits for this mess.
+2 # AmericaSrmay72 2021-07-17 12:46
every world leader knows the only thing stopping satans plans are american patriots . Extending the time to attack, makes Americans more apt to back a war that the sole purpose is to destroy millions of patriots world wide first.
Very soon they know they have to tell the world whats coming. Even nasa is warning the moon is going to wobble when , they say a comet, They all say watch Mars what happens there is going to happen here. When the moon wobbles our entire coast will flood. If you are still thinking this has nothing to do with space, I mean for ten years they said this, well the next sunny day put a red shirt in direct sun light for a couple days then look at it side by side radiation is so bad that it makes your skin tingle. If you are outside you better cover up your skin. They push anything to keep your eyes off the truth. We already have record flooding around the globe .
I'm a follower of Jesus, not christian. My Bible tells us how this ends I believe the Bible before the news
+4 # "american patriots...?"Palehorse 2021-07-17 14:40

"...For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.
2 Thessalonians 2:6
-2 # RE: AmericaHarnaś 2021-07-17 14:00
Quoting Srmay72:
every world leader knows the only thing stopping satans plans are american patriots .

Definitely an original, but incorrect statement. It should say "the Real Mass" (ie Tridentine Mass)
+3 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"arcace 2021-07-17 11:42
What's with all the posturing from China recently? Letting your rivals get ready for a fight doesn't seem like a winning strategy.
+5 # RE: China Tells U.S. and Taiwan: "Prepare for a Blow at any moment"ChristianProChrist 2021-07-17 12:36
Appear strong when you are weak, appear weak when you are strong. - Art of War
+2 # Yes; What happened to.....wardoc 2021-07-17 12:21
The Art of War? Has the ccp decided to give up on that set of war principles because it's old and of the prior generations? Strange behavior.
+4 # DistractionHeather Adkins 2021-07-17 11:57
Maybe they plan on striking somewhere else, because it's not common for China to reveal their plans like that.
+2 # Maybe that unstable Three Gorges Dam ?Cynthia Lee 2021-07-17 15:25
The highest dam in the world is deforming (poor quality concrete?) and when it goes the CCP might try to blame it on a foreign military strike. They will need land to place people on so that issue encourages expansion. They wish to retain power and a major catastrophe might set off revolution. The CCP controls the release of information when it is detrimental to their survival. How to get their population educated as to the danger of the dam and the need to move away now? and blame the CCP?, double edged sword. Any ideas? I say the West needs to go on the record blaming the CCP for mismanagement and discouraging targeting it as a war target. The fury of their PLA if a foreign entity destroyed it versus their fury at the CCP for endangering their families?
+17 # RE: DistractionGunner 2021-07-17 13:02
The chinks will invade the U.S. before all is said and done folks. In fact we are surrounded, from Canada, Mexico, Cuba and various in Central/South America - NOT good for us. And the military is worried about promoting and pushing for all the gay queer, he/she pukes and all of the other rotten deviant shits.
+3 # Welcomemiller1787 2021-07-17 14:15
Unfortunately our West coast and East coast will probably welcome them. Until they see the horror that follows, then they will call to be liberated by our troops. Much like Antifa and BLM call for the police after they get pummeled.
+5 # RE: WelcomeGunner 2021-07-17 16:53
Wait until they start Slaughtering by the MILLIONS. They have made it clear they do Not take prisoners but let the dummies learn for themselves... You just can't fix stupid you know.


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